Lloyd Banks - Blue Friday


01 - Lloyd Banks - Start It Up Feat Fabolous Swizz B
02 - Lloyd Banks - Celebrity Feat Akon
03 - Lloyd Banks - So Forgetful Feat Ryan Leslie
04 - Lloyd Banks - I Dont Deserve You
05 - Lloyd Banks - Take Em To War Feat Tony Yayo
06 - Lloyd Banks - Best Kept Secret
07 - Lloyd Banks - Payback Ps Qs Feat 50 Cent
08 - Lloyd Banks - Feel Like You Feat Eminem
09 - Lloyd Banks - Sooner Or Later
10 - Lloyd Banks - 730
11 - Lloyd Banks - Stuntin Feat Swizz Beatz
12 - Lloyd Banks - Make Money
13 - Lloyd Banks - Haters
14 - Lloyd Banks - Reach Out
15 - Lloyd Banks - The Get Back Southside In Da House
16 - Lloyd Banks - Lights Camera Action
17 - Lloyd Banks - See Me Bright
18 - Lloyd Banks - Big Voice Bigger City
19 - Lloyd Banks - Finish Line
20 - Lloyd Banks - Greenday

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is this all new?

is this all new?
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Who Knows? All I gotta say

Who Knows? All I gotta say is I gave hunger for more 2 a Try And it Sucked! I dont see how yall listen to this type of shit..Just Saying.

How are you going to say

How are you going to say that about hfm2 and lloyd banks when you have a gucci pic? SERIOUSLY? Banks has way more substance in one song than gucci has in every one of his songs.
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I know this is unrelated but

I know this is unrelated but where Joell Ortiz at?!!? Him and Banks have that clever style that is still raw and deadly at the same tyme!!!

all the new shit ive heard

all the new shit ive heard from banks if dope as fuck. hes better than he used to be fasho
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been off thkis since hunger for more part 1

EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)
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Some new some old,but a good

Some new some old,but a good mix if you not up on the PLK
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Some new some old,but a good

Some new some old,but a good mix if you not up on the PLK


nice mix of recent songs but this is 50 has the whole bluefriday and idk why niggas hate on banks;; he's definitely better than most RAPPERS out with way nicer raps and has the best mixtape series than any other RAPPER with the 5 and better and mo money in the bank series... lyrically;; plk has been top 5 for sure!
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I cant believe that i really used to like Banks when now just the sound of that voice annoys me. I cant even listen to his old stuff anymore, theres no pitch difference to his voice just sounds like a long drawn out drone to me now! FIX UP LOOK SHARP!


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My earlier comment not wrong just my opinion!
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Damn, the eastcoast really fell off..

Nikki Minaj is really the only one holding it down for the east rightnow.. Thats sad.

WRONG AGAIN! message to

WRONG AGAIN! message to everybody do a lil research before spoutin off. banks's voice fluctuates, and there is plenty people holdin it down for the east.
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C thats what people don t

C thats what people don t understand every body look at what a person have or record sells instead of skills. Its Plenty of MC's not rappers still holding down the east. D Block, Ghostface, Reakwon, Fuck it the whole Wu, KRS One, Vado , Lloyd Banks, Ransom, Termanology, Talib Kweli,Immortal Technique, Joell Ortiz Etc I know its more out there just naming the MC's I fuck with on the daily. O N Fuck age it doesn't matter about age if u still have skills Word Up!!!! "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang

ortiz is a muthafuckin

ortiz is a muthafuckin BEAST. in the middle of alaska he'll write a heater lol
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WTF!!! I just scrolled down

WTF!!! I just scrolled down and u already said somethin bout Joell Ortiz!!! I was just thinkin bout him and how raw his style is and how the same shit that makes me like banks is the reason i luv Joell Ortiz.