DJ Burn One & Bubba Sparxxx - Survive Till Ya Thrive

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01. Survive Til Ya Thrive Intro
02. Trouble
03. So Money
04. Never Scared
05. Simple Gentle Man
06. Get Tha Fuck On
07. 2 Feet 2 Inches
08. Ya Know What I Like
09. The Real Easy Way
10. 99 Plus
11. Throw Away Money
12. Plenty Money
13. Bitch Please
14. Terrific
15. I Love Luv
16. None Of My Business
17. Know Shit
18. Pocket Full Of Mid
19. Boy Look

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word im bout 2 cop dis.

word im bout 2 cop dis. thanks. i hope timbaland did sum of these tracks. darealsteve-o
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highly underated mc who did some shitty music recently, but hopefully he has found his way again,...40 days and 40 nights was ill, and deliverance was ill, but his last cd was booty booty booty booty, gay as a dick in the booty

His album was "Dark Days,

His album was "Dark Days, Bright Nights" dude. Also, if you would have listened to the tracks that weren't singles on The Charm, he had some solid stuff. I HATED Ms. New Booty, but "Other Side" with Petey Pablo, "That Man" and "Hey! (A Lil Gratitude)" (which was the only one on that produced by Timbaland) were all good tracks. If he would have been promoted better on some of these songs, he could have been way bigger.

booty is right. dat last

booty is right. dat last album was wack and dis ish right here is worse. bubba think he hard now. man he shoulda had timbo on here. bad drop. darealsteve-o


throw this shit in the garbage!

I already flushed it, AND

I already flushed it, AND had my tank pumped.

This Sum Hott Shit!!!!

OK OK I Admit ..Bubba'a Last Cd was complete garbage cuz i have them all but this mixtape kinda gives him a redemption.This is sum real hott shit and as said he iz a real underrated MC who can spit on most beatz but this iz a Def. Mixtape thas gonna alwayz be close to my cd player and beatin on my system!!!
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Its Awright

I think some people arent paying attention. this country boy keeps it real and i personally think that is what its all about. he isnt trying to say hes something hes not. most the tracks are nice. dj burn one can put together a mixtape. if you like southern rap music, you might like this. if you like white boy rap, you will like this. his lyrics are put together nicely. he is on a different level. listen.