Swishahouse Presents Surreall - Real Recognize Surreall

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1. (00:00:35) Surreal - Intro
2. (00:03:02) Surreal - Somebody Call N.A.S.A
3. (00:00:23) Surreal - Break
4. (00:00:30) Surreal - Break
5. (00:04:17) Surreal - I'm Ah Model
6. (00:03:25) Surreal - Turning Me On (remix)
7. (00:03:18) Surreal - One Night Stand
8. (00:00:12) Surreal - Watts Scratch Break
9. (00:03:01) Surreal - I Run (remix)
10. (00:02:53) Surreal - You Don't Want It
11. (00:00:25) Surreal - Break
12. (00:04:06) Surreal - I Know ft. DJ Chose
13. (00:04:02) Surreal - Haters Everywhere
14. (00:03:21) Surreal - What You Think
15. (00:02:42) Surreal - She Killin' You Hoes - Beat King ft. Surreal
16. (00:04:00) Surreal - Skinny Jeans
17. (00:01:16) Surreal - Outro
18. (00:03:51) Surreal - Step Ya Game Up
19. (00:03:56) Surreal - Wow OK ft. Candi Redd & Khrama

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Yung Screw 817's picture

Good lookin Nano

Been waitin on diz one.... Wutsgood with dat Yung Redd & Lil Keke "the cost of livin" and OG Ron C & 5000 Wattz "return of the realest"??? or dat Archie Lee?
DJ Smoke-A-Lot's picture


She Is tha first lady of swishahouse,and damn she so hot,id tear that shit up,i wonder if watts been hittin it.
Mr.Southwest's picture


But This Is.Blah..
bole420's picture

bitch music

growth & development...what real nigga wanna ride around and bumb this bitch music rapping about suckn dicks and shit!
Mr.Southwest's picture

Bole Bitch!

Nigga you Stupid 4 Downloading This Shit Ya Dum Fuck!
bole420's picture

slap this nigga^^^^^

growth & development... you must be slow or cant read i had to stop yo sugar foot ass from D/L this bitch music fag ass nigga whats your favorite verse when she give the rent man some head!!
Yung Screw 817's picture


this two here remind me of my two lil nephews when they arguing about who got next on guitar hero... they only 6 & 7.
TexasRaised's picture

bout time

this bitch can wreak big ups 2 her
Upsouth804's picture

She Reppin' Swishahouse

Yo, I could see pullin' up 2 the light hearin' a chick bumpin' "Wow OK" wit' her shades on & the car windows down, bouncin'. Shawty is fine & she can carry a song. She get props from me cuz. Represent! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
Upsouth804's picture

I Wonder How Her Voice Would Sound Screwed...

...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
Yung Screw 817's picture


if you wana know how she sounds screwed you should check out "overdose" by swishahouse.