Swishahouse - The Official Smoke Break

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01 Mystikal Still Smokin'
02 Cypress Hill I Wanna Get High
03 Ricc Ross Ft. Wiz Khalifa & Currency Super High Rmx
04 2Pac Krazy
05 Scarface Mary Jane
06 Fam 420 Lean Flow
07 Hawk Ft. Big Pokey & Big Moe Roll Up A Blunt
08 Wale Ft. Wiz Khalifa Tha Breeze
09 Paul Wal Ft. Devin Tha Dude & Z-Ro Smoke Everyday
10 Lil Young & Coota Bang Freestyle
11 Beat King Big Moe
12 Yung Redd Colorful
13 Gucci Mane Ft. Bun B & Devin Tha Dude Kush Is My Cologne
14 Tru Smokin' Green
15 Wiz Khalifa Still Ballin'
16 Devin Tha Dude Nothin To Roll Wit
17 Ricc James Mary Jane
18 Lil Young Smoke Break

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Grizz TTU's picture

Real Shit!!!

automatic dl for me. DONT HURT EM WATTS! o ya fuck baylor and rbIII. tubbie better get it together this week. O ya and fuck mr. southwest

I see u out here on that TTU

I see u out here on that TTU bud blowin type shht...
dninc's picture

Ki Kii Kiiillled iitt!

Ki Kii Kiiillled iitt!
d wEEZY 1's picture


This tape is nice...

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Watts did it again. Jus got thru listenin' 2 it and dis hoe jammin' 4 real. TEXAS STAND THA FUCK UP

Might Be screw, Might Be

Might Be screw, Might Be Watt's hoe. SWISHA - HOUSE, nice to see a smoke mix tape for the weekend, thanks!
Mr.Southwest's picture

Grammar Please! Learn how to

Grammar Please! Learn how to Type.Before posting a comment.
Jack.Herer's picture


Shut the fuck up, fat fucking Urkel. -Smokyo-

Houston don't really got

Houston don't really got anything good to listen to


I cop diz 2 weekz ago on another site.. Itz a banga.
Mr.Southwest's picture

Thatsthatshit Fake Account

Word? 2 week's ago? I thought you said you just got out the Pen, like 4 or 5 days ago? Kinda Makes no sence if you cant keep up with your lie's..Geta Life bitch.
Screw_ wrote:
I cop diz 2 weekz ago on another site.. Itz a banga.
thatsthatshit's picture

Lol u really is

Lol u really is retarded. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
Mr.Southwest's picture

Yeah you aint thought i

Yeah you aint thought i didnt notice That? You been switching accounts on here, Tryna Stir Shit up. I aint stupid.

Mr Fatwest

Shut tha fuck up. You fat gordita piece of shit! And quit tryin to diss me just to take a lil pressure away from you. Everybody here knows you the biggest FRAUD in mixtapetorrent! I dunno why you even comment when you get shitted on by everyone! If you this much of a loser online i can only imagine how much of a joke you are in the real world.. HAHAHAHA! You fat chalupa.
henderson's picture

i agree! watts still doing

i agree! watts still doing his thang. this is the only wat to listen to music unless its the taylor gang
Grizz TTU's picture

Its Official Instant Classic

Im sayin this is a one of the best mixtapes ive heard all year, i realize that some of the these songs are old, well some of them real old (Ric james) but the way watts collaborates all of these together and chops & screws, while incorporating the best of new old and just good rap. After a long day of class mixted with a rillo and some espn on mute this mixtape registered as probably one of my favorite swishahouse mixtapes and def top 15 mixtapes as a whole in my book.But then again it could just be that i cant get enough of TEXAS shit, ya thats prolly it. 5 star on itunes.
PurpleNGold4Life's picture

Dick Rider

Man Get the fuck off that fools dick
Grizz TTU's picture

I Know I have a problem

haha i know but just cant get enough screw dawg i cant explain it. lol
The Holy Grail's picture

smoke something

ready to relax with some bongs hits to this one devin on this bitch ha ha!
mr oak cliff tx's picture

A smokin mix with no Bone

A smokin mix with no Bone Thugs???Oh well...still should jam.
blueberrykush's picture

i want a watch like that!!

i want a watch like that!!
Americas fav goon's picture

great smoke mix

great smoke mix

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ominaewu's picture

pretty decent

this mix isnt as good as some of the other session tapes but its worth a play through or two. i'll be that...