Taylor Gang Music Presents JR Donato - Why So Serious


01 Jr Donato - I'm Back On It [Prod. By Ap Kush'd & Steve Lean]
02 Jr Donato - Can't Tell Me Nothin [Prod. By Mike Oh]
03 Jr Donato - Movie Shit [Prod. By Sledgren & Rmb Justize]
04 Jr Donato - The Boat (Feat. Sosa) [Prod. By Ricky P]
05 Jr Donato - Trust No More [Prod. By Amp On The Track]
06 Jr Donato - Pull Up (Feat. Levi Carter) [Prod. By Capcom & Cyht]
07 Jr Donato - Lemme Show You [Prod. By Ricky P]
08 Jr Donato - Trap Never Closed [Prod. By Ricky P]
09 Jr Donato - Rotation (Feat. Wiz Khalifa) [Prod. By Ricky P]

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