Tech N9ne - Red Nose


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all old as fuck, K.O.D. comes out soon anyway. i wanna post my tech unreleased rarities compilation but i donno how...

Demonic Ass Nigga WTF ?!?!

aint seen this nigga since ... since..... damn..

this is old but this nigga

this is old but this nigga deserves 2 be all over this site its weird i searched his name 2day and noticed not one thing from him then they put this out thats weird but this nigga truly doesnt give a fuck and can flow a lot better than MOST rappers this site has put up in the last few months incuding that washed up nigga gucci poochi who seems 2 put out 3 tapes a day HMM...

oh an krown put that shit up!

oh an krown put that shit up!

Fuck What Ya'll Talkin

I've been fuckin wit Tech since The Gang Related sountrack and all the shit he did with Yukmouth.I bet don't no body remember that shit.