The Cartel & Slick Pulla - Voicebox Unleashed (Free Slick Pulla Pt. 2)

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1. Voicemail Freestyle (Intro)
2. Checkin' Bank Ft. 211
3. What You Want From Me
4. Gutta Butta
5. Cruisin'
6. Look Like Money
7. Is It All Worth It
8. I'm From GA
9. CTE 4 Life Ft. JW, 211 & Boo
10. Legend
11. D Boy Clean Ft. PTR
12. Voicemail Freestyle 2 (Interlude)
13. Breathe Easy
14. Ready To Roll Ft. Young Jeezy
15. It's Slick Ft. Mannie Fresh
16. Roll Da Dice
17. Arrogant Shit
18. Why You Over There Freestyle
19. I Got This

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gandhi142's picture

dis cat rt here got some

dis cat rt here got some weak ass flows. "young jeezy cold", but his crew aint.

Wens he Last Time You

Wens he Last Time You Actually Heard Good Tracks From Somebody Trying To Promote Their Beats Round Here???! If Your Tired Of The crap, then get at me, SkuF'L!