The Committee & Muzikfene - Sour Diesel 6


1. Oj Da Juiceman Who You Talkin To
2. Rocko Ft Rick Ross Soulja Boy Maybe Remix
3. Roscoe Dash Flexed Up Prod Nard & B
4. Shawty Lo Tunnel Vision
5. Yo Gotti Ft Bang Bang
6. All Star Ft I Go Ham Remix
7. Yo Gotti Bmf Freestyle Prod Lex Luger
8. Juicy J Ft Waka Flocka Back Then
9. Waka Flocka Live By The Gun Prod Lex Luger
10. Talib Kweli Poltergeist Prod Zaytoven
11. Young Jeezy Ft Big Meech The Real Bmf
12. Juicy J Styrofoam Cup
13. 8-Ball & Mjg Blunts & Broads
14. Oj Da Juiceman Homer Prod Zaytoven
15. Trina Vampire Prod Zaytoven
16. Roscoe Dash Ft Waka Flocka Girls Go Crazy
17. Chris J Ft Jumpshot Money Prod Zaytoven
18. Rich Boy Ft Lloyd Drake To The Floor Prod Polow Da Don
19. Drake Do It All
20. Rick Ross Ft Ti Jadakiss Erykah Badu Maybach Music 3 Prod Justice League
21. Young Dirt Whud Up North Cak

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You already know this is a...

HEEELLL NAAHHH! Only thing tight on this is the Green BIC on the cover art...
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The cover don't do this tape any justice

It have about 4 pretty decent tracks mixed in here, it's like picking through a barrel of rotten tomato's to get the good one's, they in there you just gotta dig.. unfortunately they all old.
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thats the best analogy! i

thats the best analogy! i feel like i have to do that for every mixtape. they all got about 2 or 3 good tomatos in there. 50 mixtaps and 30 days later you might have a decent play list
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Yh like the Talib joint...

But its been out for a minute...


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I don't think so, this ain't

I don't think so, this ain't shit ill slap if i was smoking {Golden State Approve}
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terrible cover on the

terrible cover on the real...say i i will
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yea 4 new songs i dont think

yea 4 new songs i dont think ima dl this