The Empire - Southern Slang 14

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01 Lil' Wayne - No Love
02 T.I. - Here We Go Again
03 Lil' Wayne - Light Up (Remix)
04 Shawty Lo - Birds (Remix) (Feat. Gucci Mane)
05 Young Jeezy - Killer
06 Young Jeezy - Stop Playin' With Me
07 Lil' Boosie - Can't Hold It No More
08 Outkast - Lookin' For Ya
09 Alley Boy - What They Talkin' Bout
11 Lil' Boosie & B.G. - Fresh
12 Pill - On Da Korner
13 Young Jeezy - Illin (Feat. Clipse)
14 Plies - Model
15 Gudda Gudda - Extraordinary
16 Roscoe Dash - Call Me When You Need Me
17 Young Cooley - Exactly (Feat. Jose Guapo)
18 Money Savage - We Straight
19 Killer Mike - Ready Set Go (Feat. T.I.)
20 Tity Boi - Tity Boi Swag

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damn it.

man my lil daughter got one of them swords and i was sleep all high and shit, an she let me have it on the forehead with it i seen stars in my sleep, shit was funny after i calmed down...hahah kids

Ha Ha....My inner nerd just

Ha Ha....My inner nerd just came out when I saw the cover....Ohhh shit I just realized what I said...Sounded kinda gay...Lolz that be sweet as hell for rap artists to do a short little Star Wars spoof Lolz
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1 Rapper does the Jedi spoofs and shit

He always talks about jedi and photon torpedo's and shit in his rap songs, he goes off tho lol.. that nigga throw you in one world and leave you in another world the next couple of seconds the way he flow, and it all has a story intertwined, It's Jay Electronica if you aint been on em.
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yeah...but don't forget lupe be on it too tho!

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Fucking amazing mixtape,

Fucking amazing mixtape, didn't get bored start to finish, Ready Set Go is amazing. Don't understand how this isn't fucking everywhere.