Trap-A-Holics & DJ Rell - ATLiens (Young Jeezy, T.I. & Shawty Lo)

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1. (00:04:07) Young Jeezy Feat. Jay-Z - I Put On (Remix)
2. (00:02:50) Young Jeezy - Translator
3. (00:01:51) Young Jeezy - Prime Minister
4. (00:02:31) Young Jeezy - Like Its Legal
5. (00:00:59) Young Jeezy - Entertained
6. (00:00:58) Young Jeezy - Black Dreams
7. (00:01:23) Young Jeezy - Out Here Grindin
8. (00:01:15) Young Jeezy - Hustle Remix
9. (00:01:16) T.I. - Hi Hater Remix
10. (00:03:38) T.I. - Whatever You Like
11. (00:04:59) T.I. - What Up
12. (00:03:11) T.I. - Swing Your Rag (Produced By Swizz Beats)
13. (00:03:23) T.I. - A Better Day
14. (00:01:06) T.I. & Young Jeezy - She Can Get It
15. (00:01:18) T.I. - Aint I Remix
16. (00:03:28) T.I. - Life Of The Party
17. (00:01:24) T.I. & Mariah Carey - Love You Long Time
18. (00:03:18) T.I. - Done It Now
19. (00:01:29) Shawty Lo & Tank - Popping
20. (00:01:42) Shawty Lo - Born & Raised
21. (00:01:00) Shawty Lo - My Bumper
22. (00:00:54) Shawty Lo & Slim Of 112 - So Fly Remix
23. (00:01:02) Shawty Lo - My Way
24. (00:01:37) Shawty Lo - Shine Like Mine
25. (00:01:02) Shawty Lo - Trappin Draws
26. (00:04:05) Shawty Lo, Birdman, Rick Ross & Jim Jones - Foolish Remix

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old shit

old shit


how the fuck can you title a mixtape with these faggots ATLiens when thats the name of one of the greatest albums by one of the greatest rap duos of all times? OUTKAST!!!!!

Cuz u stupid fuck all them

Cuz u stupid fuck all them from ATl...its not sayin alll the ATLiens


nano wrote:
old shit
not only thai they are copying waynes martian shit get a life atl fags

ATL Fags?

ATL Fags copying Waynes martian shit, are you serious? How about Wayne copying Outkast whole theme for that BS crap..Shut the fuck up dipshit you sound like ya 15 years old and learned rap music on MTV Europe...Old Music fuck the D/L fag ass niggas wanna talk shit..

wayne's a skinny ass 4-foot

wayne's a skinny ass 4-foot tall bitch that is nuthin but talk...he couldnt fight his way outta a wet paper sack, what he raps about he sure as fuck dont live...he laughed n some dudes face awhile back at a club n thats why his ass got flatend hes too cocky for no reason and hes way too overrated...really listen to somma da shit he be sayin while ur sober ull be like wtf dis nigga talkin bout cuz everything sound better bent but neways da nigga a bitch


if u dont like him den stop listenin 2 da nigga den!!!!!!!! aint nobody puttin a gun 2 ya head everytime a wayne track come on HOP OFF HIS DICK!!!!! LOL -ca$h ave boi

yo weezy always be putin

yo weezy always be putin some fresh shyte out all dis album is old an ols vs new u already loos so get off ti shawty lo and jeezys dick jus cause dis ablum is new don mean da songs r all it is some new ablum art so fuck you


they ju$t bit my boyz OutKast whole concept huh?

you ppl on weezys dick need

you ppl on weezys dick need to fuck off and die only 1 out of every 50 tracks he puts down are worth listening to.. he gets lucky every once in a while the only reason i liked his last track is cause of that stupid vocal machine thing. his lyrics have no meaning it's kinda like he's stuck on stupid!!! I know i'm goin to get mad haters for this comment but fuck it. weezy is trash...


u betta shut yo fuckin dick slobberin mouf and listen to wat u jus said weezy is the fuckin best rite now everything is fresh an new all these other bitch niggas keep puttin out gay shit about blah blah nothing. weezys songs and rymes is hard no body can touch his rythm if it aint weezy u shuldn listen to it cause it prob has no bass no rymes and def no hard ass lines. EAT A DICK U BITCH NIGGA. beside u wouldn say that to weezys face


the artists have absolutely no say what goes on these mixtape covers. in fact they don't even know what's being put on them half the time. that's all in the DJ's court

dis is funny

weezy isn't on one track yet every comment is about him no matter if u hate him of love him he's dat nigga rite now -ca$h ave boi

He is

Wayne is dat nigga. Hes there for those people that dont really know hiphop. So peeps like you have a place in the hiphop industry. Its ok cash will understand how wack that clown is one day. Wayne got good producers...ryhmes nah.