Atliens (The Mixtape)



7. Young Jeezy, Drake & Lil Wayne- Goin In
8. Young Jeezy & Playaz Circle- Stupid Remix
9. Young Jeezy & J Money- 1st Name Last Name Remix
10. Young Jeezy- All The Above Remix
11. Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne & Baby- Always Strapped Remix
12. Gucci Mane- Bitches Like Me Pt. 2
13. Gucci Mane- Go
14. Gucci Mane- Problems
15. Oj Da Juiceman & Gucci Mane- Call Me Pt. 2
16. Oj Da Juiceman- Show Em
17. Oj Da Juiceman- Stylin
18. Oj Da Juiceman- Choppin
19. Oj Da Juiceman- Superman High
20.Oj Da Juiceman-I'm Livin It
21. Shawty Lo- So In Love
22. Shawty Lo- No Wifing
23.Shawty Lo-Gift Of Gab
24.Shawty Lo-As A Juvenile
25.Shawty Lo & Ludacris-Atlanta Ga
26. Yung La- Boyz In Da Hood
27. Yung La- The Block
28. J Money- What Would You Do
29. J Money- Shake N Bake (Produced By Zaytoven)

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Where is that kid thats always first?


Non ur Business wrote:
Where is that kid thats always first?
This shit was Wack from beginning to end, OutKast need to come back and save Ga from this Downward spiral.. the current artist are single handedly Killin the scene in Ga. it all started with Lil Jon, now look at the Dogs leading the sled on the Album cover.. (PAFUCKINTHETIC)

real shit

LegalizeIT wrote:
Non ur Business wrote:
Where is that kid thats always first?
This shit was Wack from beginning to end, OutKast need to come back and save Ga from this Downward spiral.. the current artist are single handedly Killin the scene in Ga. it all started with Lil Jon, now look at the Dogs leading the sled on the Album cover.. (PAFUCKINTHETIC)
thank you my nigga. Andre and Big Boi are the only ones who can go by the atliens. period point blank. they will SHIT on any of these lame ass niggas. GARBAGE tape by the way.

Pastor Troy still doing the damn thang

But Outkast was the shit. When these artist sign these contracts and flip into the mainstream, they are told to turn in their Player Card to the authorities.

?? whats the purpose ??

5 of the last 10 mixtapes have been all Atlanta Artist Compilations with the same tracks in different order by 5 different mixtape DJ's.. Im not seeing the purpose behind these drops, i mean you heard one and you heard em all.. can we get some real music on this site, im about ready to never return to this site. Far better sites out there releasing artist from all over, this site owner must be from GA or something, Lil Wayne and Trap Music almost every day..

When somebody puts out a

When somebody puts out a tape dedicated to another region nobody else comments on it, downloads it, or seeds it. ppl will download and comment on this mixtape , when other regions put out shit ppl wanna hear you'll get more mixtape variety but until then STFU

listen , fuck the trap shit.

listen , fuck the trap shit. the hardest place on this planet is the country of canada. laws here are so relaxed gangstas like me are lucky. we ball hard and pay no consequences. suck on that you wanna be fuck girls.
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wait wait wait nigga. did you say canada? naw niggA i think you wrote some kinda typo. yall bitch as niggas yall a big ass country he getting told what to do by small ass Great Britain there Queen telling yall what to do an she dont even live in canada an she got yall niggas pussy whipped. canada is just another hoe to britain. yall niggas ball hard psh funny as hell. yall need to kiss a dick we that lil ass weak shit *COOGI DOWN TO THE SOCKS*

basic knowledge fail

canada isn't under the queen's rule.. can you please go back to school and take your elementary social studies and language arts classes before you make another attempt at a political response.

We got cities that have more

We got cities that have more gun related deaths than your whole country And the tape is straight

No.. it's not good..

Guest1234 wrote:
We got cities that have more gun related deaths than your whole country And the tape is straight
The Tape is wack, i aint seedin this shit, i see why only 2 people seedin this lil shit, it was a waste of time.. find some good shit to post for a change please.

that's not something to be

that's not something to be proud of. you should let that ignant nigga be ignant.

and your proud that you have

and your proud that you have to duck bullets what a dumb statement you must go to school with someone who know someone who have a friend in the hood go kill ya self

oh and that was for canada

oh and that was for canada


Wow Canada..are u just going to every mixtape saying canada is so hard lol what the fuck if u need to talk about it u ain't about...oh this tape i wouldn't bother just download Trappin' Ain't Dead and bump that all summer



Imma go on and Say..

Dis is Garbage.. and im from the Decatur Ga.. im fuckin Embarrassed.. Luda, T.I. and Jeezy is pretty much the only good artist on this shit and it's all old and da worst Trax dey could find.

niggas talkin bout atl aint

niggas talkin bout atl aint shit can eat a dick. if yall dumbasses wasnt out downloadin and buyin all this lame ass guccimane and juiceman shit yall wouldnt have to see they asses on all the tapes. we dont fuck with dem niggas down here. tip luda jeezy and kast is what we rockin out here. yall the dumbasses downloadin gucci thinkin that shits good, and that nigga aint even from ga! and fuck canada, them niggas aint never done shit but put out drake!!

I feel you homie. Im from

I feel you homie. Im from the eastcoast and i understand where you coming from. Im feeling luda and jeezy i think they can put some hot tracks out, but gucci is garbage. I know niccaz is gonna hate on me but I dont give a fuck im eating. anyway i gave it a chance and it was horrible he got no skills what so ever, he may got hot beats but thats bout it his lyrical game is trash and i dont understand niggaz when they say that shyt is fiya!. Stop supporting that trash nigga gucci foreal, i bet there plenty of talented rappers out there who way better than gucci but wont get the airtime and exposure. For all you niggaz that think guicci is hot u tryna tell me if he go acapella or throw gucci and some other rapper in the booth and have a battle freestlye gucci would get ate all the time. he is garbage im not hating its the truth. just listen to his lyrics. only reason y lame niggaz say he nice cuz he merked a nigga and he got locked up, that has nothing to do with his lyricaly garbage skills


I'm from the Southside of Atlanta and I'm not gonna lie, we fuc with Gucci but thats because their just isn't to much out there anymore. Luda and Outkast are the best but they also commercial now. They do more movies and tv than music. Jezzy fell off after his first album so i dunno why niggas be feeling him now. His lyrics are just as worse as Gucci Mane's. I hate that niggas like Solja Boi, Shawty Lo and Juiceman represent the south. They are horrible and I can't listen to that weak shit. What made Gucci good was that he didn't care about impressing anybody early in his career. He was on that same ole "trap shit" but it still was slightly different because he put the shit in a way that was less about flexin and more about what was happening on the streets. But now he is trying to become more and more commercial with all this fake as jewelry and flexin type shit with this Blood/1017 affiliation. I ain't feelin that shit cuz it's fake as hell. He didn't used to be like that but now that more niggas jockin, he is becoming more and more fake and you can hear that shit in his lyrics. He flexin and faking about what he has more and more in song after song. I never thought that Gucci was a lyricist but remember when Gucci came out niggas like D4l and Franchise was out with all that snap shit. At least Gucci was trying to rap instead of making a song about dances 24/7. I don't think the game can recover after this weak shit. The game has become more about expressing reality in a form of art and more of expressing what niggas wish they could be in the form of fiction. The sad part is most niggas can't see that letting these weak as rappers influence you is dead wrong.
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Imma Co-Sign, but i don't think GA Music Scene is totally dead, still got Luda making music, he might be commercial but he probably the savin grace of GA Music scene, then you have T.I whenever he get out of jail again.. Jeezy if he change his style up can definately Put on for Ga.. I dunno about anybody else.. Gucci is aiight but i got tired of him after his first Album and the first 3 Mixtapes he had out, after a while it was hard to even decide which Mixtapes were new or old, they all sounded exactly like the other one with different lyrics and titles... And i agree with my dude above you, if you stop buying and downloadind and bumpin Lame SHIT, it wont stay popular!.. Nigga's claim they hate Gucci mane etc, But download his shit and bump it anyway, Backward mindless Haters i tell you, Stop waitin on the Popular Kid in school to listen to something or dislike something for you to start listening or stop listening to something and get yo own damn mind!.. and stop relying on ClearChannel Radio, BET and MTV to tell you whats hot, Go find the talent yoself, I be going to concerts and hear all this Good Unsigned Talent go to waste because nigga's stuck on stupid with this commercial shit!

fuckin stupid niggaz get a

fuckin stupid niggaz get a fuckin life its only music


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nothign special about this tape. not really worth the download.
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actually its got 2 leaked

actually its got 2 leaked T.I. songs on here .. first 2.. live my life alone.. and the way you want it.. sound pretty good