Trap-A-Holics & Bigga Rankin Present Bo Deal - Real N---a Campaign

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01 Bo Deal - Intro [Prod. By Judo]
02 Bo Deal - I Ain't Runnin' [Prod. By Lokey]
03 Bo Deal - Hate On [Prod. By D Bwoy]
04 Bo Deal - Ima Opp (Remix) (Feat. Waka Flocka, King Samson, Killa Kellz, I.L Will, Leoski D & Co-Still)
05 Bo Deal - On Me (Feat. Leoski D) [Prod. By Ricco On The Beat]
06 Bo Deal - Tweakin' [Prod. By Track Surge]
07 Bo Deal - Loco (Feat. Mello G Blanca & Co-Still) [Prod. By Southside]
08 Bo Deal - Real Vs Fake [Prod. By Judo]
09 Bo Deal - Take Off [Prod. By Paris Bueller]
10 Bo Deal - I Got (Feat. Parkside Slim, Mack Mecca & Bfn) [Prod. By Iceberg]
11 Bo Deal - Good Timesbad Times [Prod. By Donye & Maybach]
12 Bo Deal - My Homeboy Baby Momma [Prod. By Smitti Beats]
13 G Count - Shoot It Up (Feat. King Samson)
14 Bo Deal - Robbing Niggas [Prod. By Yk Beats]
15 Bo Deal - No Smoke [Prod. By 2K]
16 Bo Deal - What You Sayin' (Feat. Paperboy) [Prod. By Dt Productions]
17 Bo Deal - Fck Up The Game (Feat. Bfn) [Prod. By Smitti Beats]
18 Bo Deal - I Love Em (Feat. Marc Alonzo) [Prod. By Marc Alonzo]

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