Trap-A-Holics & DJ Moondawg Present Bo Deal - Thug Education 101

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01 Bo Deal - Intro
02 Bo Deal - Thug Education [Prod. By J Moss & Judo]
03 Bo Deal - Heater (Feat. P. Rico & Waka Flocka) [Prod. By Yung Jd Beatz]
04 Bo Deal - Gettin' High (Feat. Paperboy & Don Quolione) [Prod. By C Bit]
05 Bo Deal - Snake Niggas [Prod. By Yk Beats]
06 Bo Deal - Top Of The World (Feat. Yo Gotti & Traye D) [Prod. By Dc Da Beatman]
07 Bo Deal - I Can Feel It [Prod. By Yk Beats]
08 Bo Deal - Drama (Feat. P. Rico & Waka Flocka) [Prod. By Yk Beats]
09 Bo Deal - I'm A Opp [Prod. By Deemoney]
10 Bo Deal - Pour Up [Prod. By Yung Jd Beatz]
11 Bo Deal - Jump On It (Feat. Traye D) [Prod. By Traye D]
12 Bo Deal - True Story [Prod. By Yk Beats]
13 Bo Deal - Make It Back [Prod. By Cicero]
14 Bo Deal - Everybody Get It (Feat. Jay Jay Braindead) [Prod. By Chysty]
15 Bo Deal - My Girl (Feat. Darro) [Prod. By 2K Beats]

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