Trey Songz - Already Taken


01 Trey Songz - Mojo
02 Trey Songz - I Want You
03 Trey Songz - Bottoms Up (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
04 Trey Songz - Take You Home
05 Trey Songz - Flatline
06 Trey Songz - All I Need (Feat. Rick Ross & Birdman)
07 Trey Songz - No. 1 (Feat. Rick Ross & Diddy)
08 Trey Songz - If It Ain't About Money (Feat. Fat Joe)
09 Trey Songz - Let U Down
10 Trey Songz - Kitty Kitty (Feat. Plies)
11 Trey Songz - For The Sake Of Love
12 Trey Songz - Let's Chill (Feat. Amerie)
13 Trey Songz - Already Taken
14 Trey Songz - Til The Day I Die
15 Trey Songz - Yo Side Of The Bed
16 Trey Songz - Sex Room (Feat. Ludacris)
17 Trey Songz - Over

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i try this, ready was good,

i try this, ready was good, then there been 2 mixtapes that i enjoyed, jacking for beats and rob e rob, but they were like 60 joint a pop, this must be full songz, and i got a bitch coming from NY for a week, this might be the memory tape
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some are old and some are finna be on his new cd


i rather listen to usher
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Studio artist

This nigga can't sing live, heard him at the Essence festival and that was shitty, then saw him on BET fuckin up every song, i don't even understand how he got a singing career, that tells you the industry can push whatever they want on you by using some simple computer tweaks to clean people up or auto-tune em and give people the illusion they are listening to a great vocalist..
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Yuuuuup! I saw him a couple months ago, he was on for maybe a half hour and sounded awful. He needs to stop making songs about R Kelly and learn a little something from him.
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He is not a great vocalist. I saw that shit too. I was VERY disappointed! Trey was my go to for rnb. but I like his shit. True its cleaned up but I like his flow. Dude gets creative on his mixtapes and most of his music has a nice vibe. So vocalist, no, but artist, yh I fuck with Trigga. I just have to take it with a different grain of salt now. Will I ever pay for a concert of his? LOL, Hell nah...
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The 'Ginia Boy Is Official

Trey CAN sing live, sometimes after repeatedly singing & being in the studio it will put a strain on your vocal chords & your voice. Most artists would cancel a performance for those reasons but I give the lil' homie props for giving his fans an opportunity to see him despite the minor setbacks! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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i dont do sweaty concerts, but i don need some rnb in the car, so for me its about retail and mixtapes with no drops, this is an ok mix, i dont like rap and rnb mixed in unless its jigga and kelz, however sex room is on fire, the two albums with jigga and kelz are fuckin untouchable. I wish kelz drop a second tape in his career, guess he dont need to. when i saw kelz did a track with luda i was excited thinking its like the sex room or better, but tongues was dispointment, for me at least, it is not a banger
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This nigga is like Akon and

This nigga is like Akon and T-pain he can make niggas song sound better because of his hooks ..King Of The Golden State..