DJ F.A.T.E. & Trey Songz - I Be Like...YUUUP!!


1. (00:00:27) Trey Songz - Intro
2. (00:04:13) Trey Songz - Best I Ever Had
3. (00:03:42) Trey Songz - Patron
4. (00:00:47) Trey Songz - Every Girl
5. (00:03:31) Trey Songz - L.O.L. (Feat. Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy)
6. (00:02:12) Trey Songz - In Love (Feat. Al Fatz)
7. (00:03:59) Trey Songz - Last Time (Feat. Fabolous)
8. (00:01:00) Trey Songz - Speaks
9. (00:02:40) Trey Songz - Guns Up
10. (00:03:07) Trey Songz -
11. (00:02:18) Trey Songz - In Ya Phone (Feat. Fabulous)
12. (00:00:33) Trey Songz - Freestyle
13. (00:02:34) Trey Songz - Just Wanna Love You
14. (00:02:53) Trey Songz -
15. (00:00:18) Trey Songz - Speaks To The Ladies
16. (00:02:18) Trey Songz - First Date Sex
17. (00:03:23) Trey Songz - Invented Sex (Feat. Drake)
18. (00:03:45) Trey Songz - You Belong To Me
19. (00:02:15) Trey Songz - Bed, Bath And Beyond
20. (00:03:48) Trey Songz - Not My Girl (Feat. Sammie)
21. (00:00:57) Trey Songz - Freestyle
22. (00:02:56) Trey Songz - My Name: Trey Songz
23. (00:01:07) Trey Songz - Outro (Feat. Trey Songz & DJ F.A.T.E.)

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spookz's picture

good tape...

he gotta couple repeated songz but trey go kinda gettin sik of hearin dat yuup! shyt tho, sometimes dat just fuk up the vybe-(Spookz)-
spookz's picture

good tape...

u missin track names 2 bruh.....
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I Be Like....... NOPE!!!!!
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Eh.. Dunno why i can't get into Trey Songz.. I keep hearing good things about him but everytime i listen im like.. (Turn this shit off now and put some real music on), I guess he makes a good Radio Mainstream artist to fill in the gaps of the top 20 they play all day.. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
Upsouth804's picture

Damn Cuz

I'on know why u can't get into Trey Songz either. I think he one of the best young R&B cats out. I might be a lil' biased because he rep that 804 but dude be killin' niggas over their own tracks on the mixtapes. You trying to tell me you ain't feel either one of his albums either? Well to each his own I guess but I GOTTA disagree wit' u cuz. Peace.
dninc's picture

Naw, previewed his albums

It's hard for me to get into anything thats mainstream really, i sometimes bounce around to see what the big deal is and usually it's some over marketed bullshit that made it out of a Disney Studio or something the industry crafted up.. But i previewed his first album ( it was decent), not my forte' to listen to but it was decent, and i bootlegged his second album for somebody else and listened to it and it was just aiight from what i heard, but yea i'd be biased too if he was from my area........... I wont knock his talent, he hasn't really put down anything that would turn me into part of his regular listening audience. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
Dots 718's picture

They Next R. Kelly if he work at it

His albums be wack. he stated they pick his songs and have them do them for his album. his remakes of other people shit is better than the originals at time to. check out that first date track, remix he did to ego (better than kanye garbage verse) and trey day wit drake if you can. that was on point. he ok when he creates his own shit. Brooklyn Born
dninc's picture

I'll look for it

Imma look for it. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Why make a "mixtape" of crap that is already on or will be on the radio anyway?Thats why Hip Hop mixtapes are dying, all this blended Lil wee wee audio tune cRap & bullshit this should not even be uploaded
Dots 718's picture

he is better

to show you that he is better than your favorite rapper or person who made that song. since everyone heard the radio version, they can hear his shit which at times be killin the radio version .. lol