Trey Songz - Anticipation


01. Famous
02. Showerlude
03. Scratchin Me Up
04. Does She Know
05. Infidelity
06. You Belong To Me
07. More Than That
08. On Top
09. It Would Be
10. Make It Rain
11. Yo Side Of The Bed
12. She Aint My Gurl
13. Successful (Live)

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jrock101's picture

week ass shit

week ass shit
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It's past yo bed time

jrock101 wrote:
week ass shit
Man, this is DECENT as fuck.. If you got a ol'e Lady you would feel every track.. so i guess that say alot about you.. Go get youself off the net and go find a girl and come back to Trey Songz Tapes and i bet you'll have a whole new feelin about them, that man tell a story about mostly everybody relationships, not just about Fuckin and Romancin... ... Now if that Dude Jermaine get on here, you can call him weak.. that nigga can't sing and everything he sing about is Generic.. Just a wanna be pretty boy with a Record deal. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]


jrock101 wrote:
week ass shit
this shit is weak as fuck if i wanted to listen to shitty r&b i would grab a lil wayne mixtape i only listen to rap u niggaz are senstive ass pussys im keepin it street u niggaaazzz is pusssyyyss


Ok if you a gansta then how come u all about talk? And last time I checked Lil Wayne has bank to pimp ur mama dude.
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What the fuck has happened

What the fuck has happened to rap? This site is FLOODED with shit. I understand keeping your selection wide for different listeners, but holy FVCK. This is SO weak. It's like, what the fvck is everyone doing? Where is the music? I'm so sick of Weezy B singing, when he raps his shit is so fly shark niggas bite his swag. His new shit is FVCKED. Fvck Drake, Tyga and all those little boys who think they rap. Shit is weak. I'd punch those kids in the face and rob all those lab grown diamonds... fvcking WEAK. I'm so tired of hearing T-Pain's autotune bullshit... his career revolves around autotune. Get a job, go sell rocks, your rap is weak. Niggas are sick of hearing about the club, your obnoxious no-style chain, your so called "swag" is gay as fuck. It's like to listen to real rap, I gotta through in a SP the Ghost tape. Everyone is so pvssy. Like supapussy Mixtapes should be this site's new name. The Wu put out some fire lately, but they actually live the shit. The DJ's all blow now a days. As a community of rap/hip-hop fans, we need to stand up and push the trash out of here. Don't be so pvssy. Do something nigga. "I don't fuck with you, then I'm knockin' yo fitted off. Figured I'd get it all, being I did it all. Shoot niggas, stand there watchin' em shit and all". - Ghost
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fuckin goof ball kids man

dog, whats wit all the "FVCK" shit, are you not allowed to curse of something? Nobody is gonna suspended your account on here for typing FUCK, you must spend to much time in a AOL chatroom or something, and I like the gangsta rap myself, honestly if it aint hard I dont really listen to it, but you cant flood a mixtape website wit D-Block & Wu-Tang mixtapes LOL, this site is cool because there is something for everyone, did it ever cross your retarded mind that maybe chicks come to this site for R&B tapes? If you dont fuck wit something just skip it and keep it moving bro, you acting like you pay to be a memeber of this site or something, you cant complain about FREE SHIT DOG, ok now go FVCK yourself lol
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fuckin idiots this is a mixtape website not a rap site

***127 STaND uP*** its sad niggaz dont kno shit about music, didnt even download the shit and wanna pop off


Trey songz new tracks on this mixtape is FIRE!!!! the very first track explains what im going through and his lyrics are fresh and new. most r&b now a days all sound the same. Trey deserves more hits and more credit for the music he's put out since 2003?! if you need music too get you n your lady in the mood you download this shit right now! im a listener of all r&b and he's tryna do it like an avant, musiq soulchild, and even a donell jones.. thats what he sounds like to me and they been around for a long time. i hope trey can keep this music comming out correct. i've been sayin the best r&b right now is trey and this mix tape is exactly why. 10/10..
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Fvck you nigga. Go kill

Fvck you nigga. Go kill yourself. For real. Must download. Trey Songz? Must download, hot damn boy... your retardeddddddd. You prolly bump Rick Ross too. Fake Ricky Ross. Fat ass, sloppy mess. He's a correctional officer in Florida, passed the test with a fucking A plus my nigga. 50's shit is wack now a days too, since Power of the Dollar actually. So don't think I'm riding NY's dick. Where's GAME at? Juice? Banks? Ghost? Sheek? Jada? Cassidy? A few of the dome. What the fvck ever. I'm making it known. This shit is weak. Please, stop uploading stupid ass tapes. FREE SHYNE! WE NEED YOU BACK HOMIE! FREE SHYNE! FREE SHYNE for gangsta rap!


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THATS WHATS UP!!! this shit tight sounds like you got that R KELLY flow going on trey whats up with that trey gone diss the man then try to sound like him come on dude>>>>>but this shit hot i bolted that bitch head 2 the headboard last nite with this one trey keep it up homie!!

Trey Killed it on this one......


If this shits for sensitive

If this shits for sensitive niggas, then why the hell are you even downloading the tape? Lol.
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THATS WHATS UP!!! here we go we got weak niggas think that bumbn hardshit makes them hard hahaahaha....ok ok nigga i know some mutha fucks that bumb the temps, ojays, smokey and marvin and shit like that straight cutthroat dont judge no nig by what he ear full!
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go h.a.m

man dis shyt go hard.. trey da illest. da 5 is mad offical.. dat shyt fa u & ya ol lady early!! niggasz hate on trey coz dey cud neva do wat trey do
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804 All Day- U A Wannabe Thug!

First of all, everything Trey drop is official. He has the hottest R&B mixtapes around. The boy make other artists songs sound better than they do! As for what jrock101 said, he must be 1 of them dudes who love jail - no pussy and a bunch of hardheads around. Even a REAL thug knows that u gotta lay it down with a female now & then. Trey reps Petersburg and all of Central Virginia 2 the fullest just like I do, keep doin' ya thang cuz - 804 4 Life! Peace.

this shit is hot. only some

this shit is hot. only some traks sound a litle too much like drake.
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The Other Way Around

Well since Trey been doin' his thang & makin' mixtapes since 2003, I think Drake sounds like Trey & not the other way around...


Trey been "doin' his thang" since '05, not '03. Drake released his first tape in '06, though, so you're still right about who sounds like who. :-)
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i'll put this 2 use tonight fosho!
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trey is tht dude right now

trey is tht dude right now you can tell he worked hard to get where he's at exclusives
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hell yes trey go ham!
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This is a decent mixtape,i bin followin Trey for a while now and evrythin the guy puts outs is jus too damn slick!I gave this 2 a girl i know and shes lappin up this ish!

Feelin it

Im more a hip-hop listener but i gotta play some rnb for the females ya diggz and i feel if you cud fuck your lady to this shit then i consider it a good mixtape....don't be one dimensional niggas, you get no where like that