DJ Delz, Styles P & Ghostface: Twin Ghosts (A Tale Of Two Families)

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1. Styles p,ghostface-star of the state
2. Ghostface,styles p,beanie sigel-barrell brothers
3. Styles p,ghostface,nas,raekwon-verbal intercourse-delz mix
4. Ghostface,styles p,sheek-mental lungies
5. Ghostface,sheek-blue armor
6. Ghostface,sheek-movie niggas
7. Styles,gza,inspecktah deck-cold world-delz mix
8. Jadakiss,ghostface,comp-run
9. Jadakiss,raekwon,papoose,talib qweli,hi tek-new york
10. Styles p,methodman,fat joe-ya mean
11. Styles p,methodman,redman-i get high
12. Jadakiss,raekwon,big pun,fat joe,nas-john blaze
13. Raekwon,sheek,big pun,fat joe,armegedden-fire water (delz mix)
14. Ghostface,raekwon,large amount-criminology-delz mix
15. Ghostface-mighty healthy
16. Ghostface-cobra clutch
17. Styles p-here why they call me the ghost
18. Styles p-super gangsta
19. Ghostface,superb-ghost deni
20. Ghostface-soul controller
21. Cans-no competition

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Twin Ghosts

OK, now this one should be REAL good. The cover is on point, and I've noticed in the past Delz has been workin' on his mixing skills. There's a couple of them on here I can't wait to hear. Retail wise, I heard the new Ghostface is better than the Styles but personally, I'm waitin' for Wu's 8 Diagrams....Keep up the good work DelZ, and thanks 'jada1212'. "You hearda me dirty, I be up early wit' da pidgeons/ and you're neighbors be here wit' me too, listenin' through the kitchens" -Juvenile Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

good lookin pimp

good lookin pimp

who the hell is cans, on the

who the hell is cans, on the very last track, the song is awesome but i cant find anything on him...

Cans is a rapper from

Cans is a rapper from Poughkeepsie NY... his myspace is