Mick Boogie - Fish N Chips (Hosted By Ghostface Killah & Trife Da God)

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01. Mick Boogie - Intro [0:45] │
│ 02. Ghostface - Intro [0:28] │
│ 03. Ghostface - Staten Island Murder Goons [2:21] │
│ 04. Ghostface - Return Of The Ironman [2:39] │
│ 05. Ghostface & Sun God - God To God [3:16] │
│ 06. Trife - Interlude [0:20] │
│ 07. Ghostface - 4Th Chamber (Live) [1:49] │
│ 08. Jay - Z-Speaks About Ghostface [0:42] │
│ 09. Ghostface, Raekwon & Nas - Verbal Intercourse 2006 (Mick Boogie Mix) [2:02] │
│ 10. Ghostface & Ag - 2K7 [2:18] │
│ 11. Ghostface, Styles P & Trife - The Dodgers [3:21] │
│ 12. Ghostface & Trife - Good [3:52] │
│ 13. Ghostface - You Know I [3:45] │
│ 14. Trife - Interlude [0:25] │
│ 15. Ghostface, Trife & Sun God - Man Up [4:05] │
│ 16. Trife - Niggaz Wanna Get Me (Produced By Moss) [1:28] │
│ 17. Ghostface & Raekwon - Coke & Bitches (Mick Boogie Mix) [1:36] │
│ 18. Ghostface - Josephine [3:52] │
│ 19. Ghostface - Interlude [0:13] │
│ 20. Ghostface & Lludacris - Poo-Poo Burglars (Mick Boogie Mix, Produced By Garbs) [1:49] │
│ 21. Ghostface - Charlie Brown [1:53] │
│ 22. Ghostface - Ghost Is Back (Juice) [2:13] │
│ 23. Wigs, Theodore Unit - Interlude [0:19] │
│ 24. Ghostface & M-1 - Been Through [1:40] │
│ 25. Trife & Termanology - Think It Over [2:57] │
│ 26. Ghostface - We Dem (Clips Of Doom Remix) [2:57] │
│ 27. Ghostface & Raekwon - Never Be The Same (9Th Wonder Remix) [1:45] │
│ 28. Ghostface - Mighty Healthy (Live) [2:12] │
│ 29. Trife - Outro [0:58] │
│ 30. Ghostface & Kanye - Back Like That (Remix) (Bonus Track) [3:55] │
│ 31. Beyonce Ft. Ghostface - Irreplaceable (Remix) (Bonus Track) [4:47] │

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why is the sky blue? why is water wet?

definitely in the top 5 of rappers doing it right now

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sky blue water wet

ghostface is a killa!! just got more fish.
anyway the answer to his questions is gravity.
people say the sky is blue because the ozone reflects the 80% water thats on the earths surface. this is a theory, the sky is blue because the sun shining and it has massive gravity and when its on the other side of the earth the sky seems black or redish purple in some cities. the colour the sun attracts is also aplified because the sun is a huge light. so u lose a lot of colours when the sun has really gravitated the to the other side of the planet. blue has the shortest wavelength of colour and is the fastest travelling true colour (yellow red blue) so the suns is attracting alotta outer light to it and because blue is fastest moving it is more often u will see or attract blue and least often red. red and blue are opposing ends of the spectrum not including purples (mmm purple) (red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet)

so what im saying is waters a liquid that looks(reflects) blue from the outside (the deepest penetrating colour seen when in water or anything is red, blood diamonds anyone? this is because of its long wavelength) the liquids gel together ina smooth fashion due to gravity(earths gravity is one type, but waters wet because its got its own gravity just like everything but because its a liquid with minimum enrgy output the main thing it does is pool and grow a skin or surface so the more it can "wet" the less skin it has touching the "dry" air. gravity... and light is curved and so coloured due to gravity. i mean what colour is the sun?? hehe. it leaves me seeing none. the thing is... is the ozone reflecting blue from the water or the water reflecting blue from the ozone?

simply your eyes see and reflect blue waves into ur brain which originate from space and are amped by the sun. n waters wet so its got less skin to form. the colour is blue because it can escape gravity better than the other visible colours and the waters wet because it escapes gravoty in a manner of making less of a skin. if ghostface can now go do a song with all the answers jus like his one with all the questions i'll be real impressed.

post from the gravvitti akadinmme of Reano

i dont think you understood

i dont think you understood the nature of ghostfaces questions. you havent really answered them in the same nature that they were asked. ghost wasnt looking for the chemical reasons why the sky appears blue or why the water is wet. i take it you've never dropped acid lol. and water isnt wet because of gravity, molecules are lossely bound and slide over each other, this is what defines a liquid. a solid has sturdier molecules so it maintains a uniform shape.

ghost was asking about the nature of the universe and why we percieve things the way they are. the sky is blue for a reason other than atmosphere and sunlight, grass is green for a reason other than the chemical composition. its philosophical questioning, not scientific.

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the more people find this place the more fkd it gets. Please keep your science essay shit to yourself - ghostface questions be deep meanin not on some lab ish: what we see is limited by what a brother's eyes let him see so how you know the sky aint some pyscho mix of colours - and if that's true imagine all the possibilities. Ghost tryin to open your eyes and all you wanna see is your textbook. Try listenin to the words not the beat cos you losin the message completely.

ive been here since it

ive been here since it opened u retard.

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i wasnt talkin to you, and

i wasnt talkin to you, and so have i, ever since raphustle stopped workin. Im talkin to science boy, if i was replyin to you then my shit woulda been indented

Water Blue & Wet Sky

Is this the Mr. Friggin-Wizard show?


You guys are droppin KNOW-ledge up in here! Keep up the discussion ... stimulate yo miiiiiiind, Craig!