(Video) Ron Paul - It's Going Down Feat Ahmaad



LMFAO! Is this a fuckin joke?! (SMFH) Yo, I swear to god, this video takes me back too those cheap late night BET UnCut joints. LOL, this shit is so fuckin dry. Yo, dude need too step his fuckin game up for'real. This nigga look and sound like shit. His voice sounds like Mike Tyson's and when I look at this video the thought of this nigga getting any kind of pussy doesn't even cross my mind. The bitches in the video look traumatized. This shit is a fuckin disaster! Nuff' said. " RACE CAR DRIVER IN MY OWN FUCKIN MIND "
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Ron Paul Raps

Know what Fly Guy? You're right the video did suck and i knew it suck before I even released it. One of my friends told me that the video look like a BET Uncut video. The video shoot didn't go well that night and the director previous work didn't look bad. But I wasn't aware that it was going to come out like this. Now I know you'll hate on me regardless if the video came out good. But I gave you a reason to hate on me cause I release it knowing the video was a disaster. But where was you when I'd put the trailer out? The trailer for It's Going Down came out good. You didn't say anything on that post. But I'm going to post your comments on my facebook page anyway
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Wow you went in on this

Wow you went in on this dude... Im not feelin the song or the video but keep at it.