J-Love & The Game - West Coast Rebirth

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01 The Game - Compton
02 The Game - No More Fun And Games
03 The Game - Why You Hate The Game (feat. Nas)
04 The Game - No Mercy (feat. Cuban Link)
05 The Game - Growing Up In The Hood (feat. Obie Trice)
06 The Game - 1970 Something (feat. Notorious B.I.G & Faith Evans)
07 The Game - Dead Bodies (feat. Prodigy)
08 The Game - Gotta Get It (feat. Jay-Z & Dr.Dre)
09 The Game - Hustlers (feat. Nas)
10 The Game - Wouldn't Get Far (feat. Kanye West)
11 The Game - Hate It Or Love (feat. 50 Cent)
12 The Game - Doctors Advocate (feat. Busta Rhymes)
13 The Game - Still Crusin (feat. Eazy E)
14 The Game - Where I M From
15 The Game - Runnin' (feat. Tony Yayo)
16 The Game - Behind Us (feat. Kanye West & Ludacris)
17 The Game - Dreams
18 The Game - Street Music (feat. Sheek)
19 The Game - Black Wall Street (feat. Jim Jones & Juelz Santana)
20 The Game - Never Be Friends
21 The Game - Hard Liquor
22 The Game - Too Much
23 The Game - Crack Music

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Bugsy wrote:
So I see some internet gangstaz here... O.G. Kush ? What the fuck, so u r Orginal Gangsta right? Who have you killed man? I bet that you neva eva been in popo's car, and u r talkin such a shit.. game's clown.. you wouldn't say this to his face but you can post it..yeah, fuckin og.

And what's up about game.. I respect that nigga, he was street dude, but he got outta there, and it's good, every street man would like to do this. Maybe now, sometimes he acts like a idiot, like a some big gangsta, but.. I just listens to his rap, don't give a fuck what man he is, I'm not fuckin gay.

Otherwise, C-Murder, Yukmouth all that rappers... mates, you rly belive that mainstream rappers are in da streetz? are gangsta? fuck, they have much dollaz, they don't give a fuck. C-Murder... hm, maybe he is real (fuckin maybe), but he aint got skillz. Master-P ? Comee oonn, you gonna be kiddin me.

Buuuuuuuut, if u rly wanna some straight hardcore rapper from the street, check Uncle Murda, probably he is the real one.


gotta agree with this dude half the peeps on here don't like game but if he was next to them they'd act like a fan, and JL u got a LOT of comments on this shit
A True Mixfiend Uploader, Fuck The RIAA all day


all you fuckaz is crazy yo!!!

welcome to compton

yeah i have this welcome to compton mixtape part 5, but only part 5 (and yeah, it is dope) so you can upload some..

and Uncle Murder is the new king of brooklyn, like u said - Respect the shooter and Say Uncle 2 Hard 4 Hip Hop... fuckin crazy mixtapes (but Once Upon Time In Brooklyn and Murder Capitol are damn good too).


and i can't wait for some new shit from Uncle, somebody know smth about it?

btw, listen to this interview wit Uncle Murda and Green Lantern,shit is craaaaazyyy -

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havent seen those Murder tapes

Cant get enought Uncle Murder, go the up load on those and i'll do the w.t.compton thing.
I'm listening to w.t.Compton now, full cred to Game, tigh,t tight, tight.
Shame on this 50/Game beef, some of the best G-Unit Radio, tapes were ones the Game was on, No. 8 has to be amongst the best mixtapes made.

uncle murda

Murder Capitol is hard to find and I don't have it anymore.
But "Once upon time in brooklyn", you can download it here - http://www.datpiff.com/Uncle-Murder-Once-Upon-a-Time-in-Brooklyn-mid836.html ;)

You don't need to upload Welcome To Compton series, I found it here ;)

And I don't like 50, whole G-Unit.. Snitch Unit ;)

Check bugsy

for real, im no crim anymore,why cuz i got shit to loose, but i done my dirt so fuckin what,of course shit is real without sayin!
A dum fuck with cash would be up in the street doin dirt, but for real do u rap about shit that u USED to do and pop off about what u USED to do??!!!!
That shit is wack!!!but like i said in the 1st comment that started all this shit!!!

ITS ALL Entertainment like we all entertaied each other on this pc forum shit!!

How many of u out there really spit rhymes and do the music anyway!!!
Oh yeah uncle murder is the shit,

I only listen to dope shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u mean uncle murda is da

u mean uncle murda is da dope shit? :D yeah he is.
and yeah, its all entertainment, and that's all, but some of ya r talkin like it is ur life, u dont even know any rapper so why the fuck are u talkin about them like u know them. i won't judge anybody (besides 50 cent xD snitch! and in my hood ppl don't respect snitches, bitches!), just listen to their music.


yeah alot of cats talk like they know the rappas but with so much artists out there u gotta sift through the shit,and as a rapper i'm even more critical!

Rap these days is like coruption/ u gonna win if u got the best production
we can take it back to 93 but we fitted to a new era
I been down before then so they dig me like buried treasure/
i spit it underground and flow it commercial or flip it in reversal
and make em frustrated like the colour purple/u back packers can stray from the street/thats like tryin to stray fom ur feet
i been underground and will stay elite


Overrated and rubbish

Overrated, rubbish, and has nothing to say apart from "Impala, Chevy, and westcoast" all the time in his tracks.


Ya'll dudes are crazy

You know what the funniest part of this whole damn convo is? Its the fact that you dudes are still arguing about the dumbest shit there is in hip hop... Thats whats fuckin this game up. Does anyone remember when there was more than Gangsta this, Crack that, drugs guns drugs guns drugs guns. I mean I enjoy a good song with a catchy beat, and a nice hook, a funny line, maybe a little jig i mean dance too, but c'mon this ish is getting over the top.

And for the record, if we put all these so called gangsta in a room by themselves, I bet wouldn't shit happen. Maybe a broken nail or somethin... haha

Hip Hop is about more than this petty shit...

I feel dumber for reading all that shit... Except for the ude mentioning Common, COnsequence, GLC and all them...

Put Some Mos Def - True Magic in ya ears, some Lupe Fiasco, damn if you cant get down with that then listen to the new Luda.

Rise above


all this shit happened cuz i gave an opinion on game,everyone has given an opinion at some time,u got an asshole don't u????
I got everything from 3rd bass lp's,Cage & Mf doom original 12's on fondle em,Young jeez to Punk shit from the Misfits

No its the pigon holing faggots weather gangsta/backpaker or not!

Its all about culture and entertainment!!!!Struggle and expression!

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fuck game...listen to some

fuck game...listen to some real West Coast shit...

wat west coast shit you

wat west coast shit you listen too

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West Coast...

I like C-Bo, Brotha Lynch, E-40, D.J. Quik, Mac Dre, The Team, Andre Nickatina, Bailey, Big Rich, Messy Marv, Mitchy Slick, Strong Arm Steady, Crooked I, Sly Boogie, Murs, Living Legends, San Quinn, Mykill Myers, Zion I, Dilated Peoples, Defari, Mac Mall, Spice 1, Yukmouth, Gonzoe, Roscoe, Planet Asia, Self Scientific, M.C. Eiht, Jayo Felony, X-Raided...and the list goes on...but I'm from Cali so of course I listen to alot of Cali shit...but I like shit from everywhere.

dats hella bay shit damn lol

dats hella bay shit damn lol you kno i like club bangin shit n dat gangsta theme you kno i like lyrics too but i like bass dats my shit but my favs are doze g funk rappers n hella death row shit like snoop n dre n i like dat bay area shit too i fell all of kali you kno i like game but im not into da shit in da radio like lets ride n one blood i like hiz underground shit n dat song california vacation wit x n snoop

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Fa sho...

that's wassup...Game has a few joints that are bangin', but I really ain't feelin' dude much as u can tell...yeah, I bump alot of bay shit, but I love southern cali too...I didn't say Dre and Snoop just becuz thats who niggaz always mention when they talk about the west, but them niggaz are legends in this game.

yea but i dunt really like

yea but i dunt really like snoops new shit i like hiz old shit back in death row like hiz doggystyle lp dat shit was hot n dre's crhonic album n i was feelin eazy too n yea dey are legends in dis rap game but if game wanna be on der level he need to step it up a bit more kuz his doctors advocate only went gold compared to da documentary

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back in the early 90's, Snoop and Dre were the shit...I kinda miss them days...the music was alot better then...I think game would be aight if would calm down and just be himself...u don't gotta act hard all the damn time with your face all screwed up...I don't even wanna get started on his name-dropping...I'm lookin' forward to hearing more of Bishop Lamont...he's the next big thing from Cali man...dude's got skills...wut u think?

bishop yea i heard of da

bishop yea i heard of da dude but i havent heard hiz shit yet so imma check it out n yea i wish doze dayz were back...wen pac was alive n death row was runnin dis westcoast shit but i ain trippin bout now kuz i mean dis bay area shit iz tight n yea game gotta stop name droppin i mean i think he koo n all but he stop all dis dre dis n dre dat