DJ Mello - The Game: Hurricane Game Pt. 2

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Always the bearer of Badd N3uz, DJ Mello is back with the sequel to his monster mixtape
from The Game titled Hurricane Game.

Profiling the West Coast 'Chuck Taylor,' this mixtape brings you all the recent tracks
from The Game and his crew. With Black Wall Street's most recent mixtape recently dropping,
this is the perfect supplement to that batch of tunes.

This mixtape features recent music from The Game, including joints with E-40, Dr. Dre, WC,
Eazy E, Ya Boy, Juice and more.

1 - The Game - One Blood
2 - The Game feat. Juice & Ya Boy - Be Easy (Dissin' G-Unit)
3 - The Game - Hard Liquor (produced by Dr. Dre)
4 - The Game - The Face Of La
5 - Dre feat. The Game, Pusha T, Fat Joe, Rick Ross - Chevy Ridin High Rmx
6 - Chamillionaire feat. The Game - Ridin Dirty West Coast remix
7 - The Game - Never Snitch
8 - The Game feat. E 40 - Tell Me When To Go
9 - The Game feat. Techniec - G-Unit Crips
10 - The Game - 240 Bars aka. Spider Joke
11 - The Game - 360 Bars
12 - The Game - 120 Bars
13 - The Game - Never Be Friends
14 - The Game feat. Sheek Louch - Street Music
15 - The Game feat. Techniec, E-40, Paul Wall, WC, Chingy, Ice Cube, Crooked I & Lil Rob - Low Rider
16 - The Game feat. Dr Dre - Here We Go
17 - The Game feat. Eazy E - Still Cruisin'
18 - The Game - 200 Bars & Runnin'

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old as hell man..1-2 tracks

old as hell man..1-2 tracks are "new"...but the rest is history :)

^then dont download it...i

^then dont download it...i dont make the tapes, I post em, and this is a 'new' mixtape regardless of when the tracks were released


Yo big up your self large mfizzel 4 hooking me up with some fat mixtapes. im from the uk and u cant get any thing like wot u been putin on.keep putin em on man

lmao nigga

if you look at the bottom of the cd cover it says "the best of game" so of course its gonna have old songs as well as new, anyway big props to mfizzel for the post
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Ungrateful SHIT

I cannot take these ungrateful bast$%ds, If you want fresh shit take money outta you GOD DAM pocket and go buy some, or as mizzel said don't download it, you damn fool Thanks for this mfizzel and keep up the good work
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But why does evry1 lik ur ass so much.Yeah i know u hook uz up wit da illist mixtapes propz 4 dat but its like n e 1 sez n e ting 2 u in da slightest bit of negativity evry1'z like "u mess wit fizzle,u mess wit me"!

i dont think its like that

i dont think its like that at this case they just happen to agree with me, peeps are annoyed with the dumb complaining

Let em talk

Hey man, much love for all the work you put in... you know what you gotta do Just shake off the haters and keep doin your thizzle