DJ Whoo Kid

DJ Whoo Kid - Pryme Tyme: Tyme Is Money

| | whoo kid intro [00:20]
02.freestyle [02:24]
03.die like a man [02:46]
04.bronx [02:46]
05.bx to tx featuring bun b [03:10]
06.wanna be friends [03:39]
07.untouchables featuring base [03:09]
08.roll that [02:29]
09.freestyle [02:12]
10.face down [03:12]
11.make money [03:13]
12.make me a believer [03:03]

G.A.G.E - Crack, Murder & Missed Meals (Hosted by Whoo Kid)

| |

01 Doc - Doc As The Godfather
02 Straight Spittin - G.A.G.E. Feat. Yo and Chill
03 Pack the Club - G.A.G.E.
04 Nephew - G.A.G.E.'s Nephew
05 2 Gangsta - G.A.G.E. Feat. Thi Thi
06 Mike China - Yo
07 Cream - G.A.G.E.
08 Dress to Impress - G.A.G.E. Feat. Biggie
09 Ox - Ox
10 Hands Up - G.A.G.E. Feat. Chic Raw and Chill
11 Pet Cemetary - G.A.G.E.
12 Hustle Hard - G.A.G.E. Feat. Chic Raw and Chill
13 Don't Come Down - G.A.G.E.
14 Busta Rhymes - Busta Rhymes
15 Cannon - G.A.G.E. Feat. T.I. and Busta Rhymes
16 Ox - Ox
17 Street Code - G.A.G.E. Feat Chil, Brass, And Chic Raw
18 I Know - G.A.G.E.
19 DMX - DMX
20 East Side Story - G.A.G.E.
21 G.A.G.E. - G.A.G.E.
22 Talk About Me - G.A.G.E.
23 Free Family - Whoo Kid
24 Llama Coka - G.A.G.E.
25 Philly Full Time - G.A.G.E.
26 Twista - Twista
27 Gettin Some Head - G.A.G.E.
28 G.A.G.E. & Will Chill - G.A.G.E.
29 Ox 3 - Ox
30 What We Do - G.A.G.E.

DJ Whoo Kid & DJ Cut Killer - Mixtape Evolution

| |

01.Booba - Freestyle [01:36]
02.50 Cent ft Tony Yayo - Heartbeats [02:49]
03.Bubba Smiff - It’s My Turn [03:55]
04.Sefyu - Molotov [02:56]
05.Young buck feat. mobb deep - project niggas [03:57]
06.Rohff - C’est Comme Sa [02:57]
07.50 Cent - Just Too Much [02:03]
08.Youssoupha - Bomaye Music [01:54]
09.Lloyd Banks ft 50 Cent - Hands Up [04:00]
10.Diams - Warm It Up [01:07]
11.Freeway - PA shit [03:27]
12.Akhénaton - ya rien de personnel [03:36]
13.Young buck - ridin on ya [03:46]
14.Kanye West ft Consequence - Couped Up [03:46]
15.50 Cent ft Ol Kainry - I Come Thru [03:08]
16.M.O.P. ft Beanie Sigel - Murder Rate [04:07]
17.50 Cent ft 113 - La Vie Dans La Ghetto [03:11]
18.Mega Man - Intro [02:22]
19.Psy 4 De La Rime - bienvenue a massilia [02:59]
20.Sinik - De Nous Jours [01:46]

DJ Whoo Kid - 50 Cent: G-Unit Radio Pt. 22: Hip-Hop Is Dead

| |

You're all invited to the funeral for something we all used to love: hip-hop. 'Hip-Hop Is Dead'
is theme of this mixtape. It was taken from us over time and it's time to give it its proper due.

Leading the eulogy will be DJ Whoo Kid and 50 Cent aka. Rap's Grim Reaper (the two have a few
special shout outs before they get started). With some recent developments, the G-Unit ringleader
has taken up a disliking for Diddy, and he's willing to explain if you'll let him...We thought
you might.

This mixtape features a slew of new music from Curtis Jackson aka. "The Man That Killed Hip-Hop"
(that's what the mixtape's Intro says, we ain't say it!) as he takes aim at Bad Boy's main man
(and old enemies) and debuts new G-Unit music from Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Hot Rod, Prodigy &
40 Glocc.

1 - Hip Hop Is Dead Intro
2 - 50 Cent - Hip-Hop (Dissin' Diddy)
3 - 50 Cent feat. Prodigy, 40 Glocc -Serial Killer

DJ Whoo Kid & DJ Spin - Young Buck: Best Of G-Unit Radio

| |

01 Intro
02 The City
03 I'm So Sorry (Feat. 50 Cent)
04 No More Games
05 Kill 2 Birds
06 Get Shot The Fuck Up (Feat. 50 Cent)
07 300 Shots
08 Baby Get On Yo Knees (Feat. 50 Cent)
09 Loyal To The Game (Feat. 50 Cent)
10 Eye For An Eye (Feat. 50 Cent)
11 Y'all Ain't Fuckin' Wit Us
12 Feel It In Da Air (Feat. D-Tay)
13 Why We Livin For
14 Everybody In The Club Get Wit Me (Feat. 50 Cent)
15 Just Gimme Mine
16 Bornifide Hustler (Feat. 50 Cent)
17 Dirty Dirty
18 Game Over (Remix)
19 Prices On My Head (Feat. D-Tay)
20 Hold U Down
21 Thuggin Til I'm Gone
22 I'm Ready For War
23 Where I'm From
24 High Than A Muthafucka
25 Man Down
26 They Taking Pictures
27 Bitch What You Know About (Feat. 50 Cent)
28 I Shoot You Shoot
29 Snake
30 Baller Baby (Remix)
31 G'd Up
32 Right Thur (Remix) (Feat. 50 Cent)
33 They Don't Bother Me
34 You Know How I Get Down
35 Two Bricks
36 Help Me Change
37 Fuck Bitches Pt. 2
38 Got 5 On It
39 So Wrong
40 I Luv Da Hood
41 Ho's Ho's (Feat. 50 Cent)

DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Spin - Lloyd Banks: Best Of G-Unit Radio

| |

01 - Intro.mp3 480.52 KB
02 - G-Unit AD G6.wma 686.59 KB
03 - I'm So Sorry.wma 1.61 MB
04 - No Peace Talks.wma 1.48 MB
05 - 300 Shots.wma 2.01 MB
06 - NYC Where I'm From.wma 2.20 MB
07 - Get Shot The Fuck Up.wma 1.66 MB
08 - Baby Get On Yo Knees (Feat. 50 Cent).wma 1.84 MB
09 - Clips.wma 3.86 MB
10 - Eye For An Eye.wma 1.93 MB
11 - Niggaz Betta Move.wma 1.81 MB
12 - Y'all Ain't Fuckin' Wit Us.wma 1.04 MB
13 - Slowdown.wma 832.46 KB
14 - We Don't Give A (Feat. Oliva).wma 1.51 MB
15 - Beautiful (Remix).wma 1.83 MB
16 - Motherfuckin' Star.wma 2.80 MB
17 - These Niggas Aint Hood.wma 1.64 MB
18 - You Already Know.wma 1.89 MB
19 - True Loyalty (Feat. 50 Cent).wma 1.84 MB
20 - Fire.wma 2.78 MB
21 - Warrior.wma 2.56 MB
22 - Hands Up (Feat. 50 Cent).wma 3.99 MB
23 - I'm Back.wma 1.46 MB
24 - Think U Know Me.wma 1.85 MB
25 - Prices On My Head (Feat. Young Buck).wma 1.78 MB
26 - Freestyle.wma 3.18 MB

DJ Whoo Kid, 50 Cent & Samuel L. Jackson - POW! Radio Vol. 3: Mixtapes On A Plane

| |

A couple years ago, the pairing of movie mogul Samuel L. Jackson and mixtape monster 50 Cent
was unlikely, if not impossible. L had said he wouldn't work with Fif on Get Rich Or Die
Trying because he had an aversion to rapper-actors.

Two years later the two have settled their difference, says the recent announcement that
the two will star in an upcoming movie together.

Along with DJ Whoo Kid, Samuel L. and 50 announce their upcoming project Home Of The Brave
and spin the latest hip-hop from 50 Cent & G-Unit, Mase, Stat Quo, Prodigy & Nyce, Beenie Man,
Ali Vegas, Akon, Hot Rod and more. As a special bonus, POW! Radio, vol. 3 receives a surprise
visit from pin-up model Meagan Good.

1 - Samuel L. Jackson - Intro
2 - 50 Cent - London London
3 - Lloyd Banks - Ride
4 - Young Buck feat. Jazze Pha - If You Want Some
5 - 50 Cent - Ghetto Superstar
6 - Mase & RL - Lets Go, Lets Go
7 - Lloyd Banks - Me Too

DJ Whoo Kid - 50 Cent: G-Classics

| |

This one's a G-Unit CD for all fans. The old school ones are gonna love it:
this one will have you reminiscing 'bout the good ol days. For the G-Unit
riders, this joint will school you in 95 ways.

With DJ Whoo Kid and 50 Cent co-signing this authentic G-Unit mixtape, the
production boss Sha Money XL also steps up to the plate to endorse this
seemless mix of G-Unit classics, samples and exclusives. Check out the
tracks G-Unit has sampled beats from in the past.

G-Classics features hits from Barry White, Danny Rivera, Willie Hutch,
Nina Simone, Aerosmith, Joe Simon, Dido and Bob Marley, mixed with
exclusive freestyles and hot joints from the G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath family.

By nature, this CD does not have an official tracklist, however this CD
contains more than 90 tracks of "break-beats" mixed with G-Unit classics and

DJ Whoo Kid - Obie Trice: Bar Shots (Hosted By Eminem)

| |

Keep the tab open, 'cause it's gonna be a lot of shots! You might as well call it Happy
Hour the way Obie Trice be throwing shots around the bar. With his sophomore release
on the way (Second Round's On Me), this mixtape has been a long time coming.

The first go-around, DJ Green Lantern took the reins. This time, DJ Whoo Kid is piloting
the Shady Records promo joint for host Eminem and the Shady family.

Featuring instrumentals from Swizz Beatz, including the hits ("Ruff Ryders Anthem,"
"Money, Cash, Hoes") and sleepers ("Jurassic Harlem").

1 - Eminem - Fuck Obie Skit
2 - Obie Trice feat. Kuniva (of D-12), Bobby Creekwater , Cashis, Stat Quo - Cry Now (remix)
3 - Obie Trice Big Herc, Trick Trick -There They Go
4 - Obie Trice - What You Want From Me [produced by Mike D & Juggnaught]
5 - Eminem - Public Service Announcement
6 - Obie Trice - Don't Be Switchin It Up
7 - Obie Trice feat. 50 Cent - Everywhere I Go

DJ Whoo Kid - Young Buck: Chronic 2006 (Hosted By Jamie Foxx)

| |

Relax and take notes, while Young Buck takes
tokes of the marijuana smoke. Fired up with his
G-Unit family, including DJ Whoo Kid and
special guest and extended family member
Jamie Foxx, Buck Marley takes you on
smoker's journey.

In anticipation of his 2nd album release Buck
The World (due out later in 2006), the
Tennessee titan laces this almost entirely
exclusive mixtape with clouds of mixtape

Young Buck is joined by friend Jamie Foxx on
this hazy mixtape journey, breaking out new

1 - Jamie Foxx Chronic 2006 Intro
2 - Young Buck - Doin' My Thing
3 - Young Buck - Thug Til Your Death Day
4 - Young Buck - Ride
5 - Jamie Foxx Skit
6 - Young Buck feat. 50 Cent -Do It Myself
7 - Young Buck feat. Tony Yayo -Dont Make Me Hurt You !
8 - Young Buck - Return Of The Project Nigga
9 - Vibe Awards Skit
10 - Young Buck - Niggas A Change On You
11 - Young Buck - Gettin High
12 - Young Buck - Married To My Gun

DJs Whoo Kid & E-Rock w/ E-40 - Bay Bidness Part 2

| |

The first time that DJ Whoo Kid was ghostridin' out in the Bay
Area with DJ E-Rock, it was right before the Bay Area's Charlie Hustle
E-40 dropped his album My Ghetto Report Card. From the Bay to LA and
across the nation, the hyphy movement was catching on.

With the single "Tell Me When To Go" tearing up the Billboards in early
'06, the Bay Area was finally being recognized as a mainstream hip-hop
harbor. Or as Forty would put it, they were finally getting their propers.
Three months later, Whoo Kid joins E-40 and E-Rock (40's DJ) to put down
the sequel to the Bay Area's official mixtape.

This mixtape features Bay Area slumpers from E-40, Keak Da Sneak, Balance,
Too Short, Mistah F.A.B. (Dow Jones, Mistah F.A.B. & MixUnit mixtape
coming soon!), Turf Talk, The Federation & El Dorado Red, The Team, Big
Rich, Bailey & Keyshia Cole and more.

1 - E-40 Freestyle [produced by D Cyde]
2 - E-40 feat. Keak Da Sneak & Turf Talk - Muscle Cars

DJ Whoo Kid & 50 Cent - G-Unit Radio #21: Hate It Or Love It

| |

To be fair, nobody is spared on this new mixtape assault on the G-Unit nemeses.
But to be honest, nobody gets it like you-know-who (look left) . You might not be
able to judge a book by its cover, but a mixtape? That's a whole different story.

On the latest and perhaps most-anticipated G-Unit Radio mixtape ever, DJ Whoo Kid
and the G-Unit ringleader 50 Cent bring you this renewed assault on their enemies
as Fitty spits mad exclusive freestyles solely for this mixtape.

Pinging off satellites from Lebanon, Israel, 50 Cent takes his hip-hop beefs global,
sending home a mixtape full of tracks going at everybody who's declared an alliegiance
against his team. With the man G-Unit calls Mr. Potato Head bearing the grunt of that
assault, the countdown to the next Game mixtape has already begun. Don't expect a good, clean fight.

1 - The Hurricane Game Stripper Skit
2 - 50 Cent - Make A Movie Out Of 'Em

DJ Whoo Kid - BET Awards '06: It's All In The Stars (The Mixtape)

| |

This DJ Whoo Kid mixtape is the official 2006 BET Awards mixtape, with more than 5,000 of the CD's handed out to attending press and select attendees. If you weren't able to accept your invitation to the BET Awards, you will have to cop this one to check it.

Fans will get a chance to hear not only some of the most exclusive music, but also drops and skits from BET personalities Big Tigger, Julissa, Mad Linx, the very sexy Melissa Ford - who gets really crazy on the mic - and even the venerable Mr. Stephen Hill, senior vice president of Music Programming.

This is the second BET Awards mixtape for Whoo Kid, with all-new music featuring 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Boyz N Da Hood, Beyonce, Ciara & Chamillionaire, Mary J Blige, Mase, Peedi Crakk, Consequence and more..

1 - Big Tigger 2006 BET Awards Intro
2 - DJ Whoo Kid feat. 50 Cent - Misdemeanor
3 - Stephen Hill Skit
4 - Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent - Hands Up

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