Yo Gotti - Look In The Mirror

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Anyone ever seen the video

when his tour bus got pulled over. Then the cops started questioning his squad. I haven't heard that many yes sir/no sir's since I watched Roots. Embarrassing. Studio Gangtser.

i dont care what you do,

i dont care what you do, sell, hard, or not hard. talking to the fucking pigs with a little respect goes along way, even though none of them fucking deserve it, they have the guns and the power. and noone wants to go to jail, not even rappers.
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We already have Webbie, we

We already have Webbie, we dont need webster. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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'If you a real nikka look in the mirrior'

This shit was alright the beat was alright and this dude's flow alright,If i was feat. on this song it sound alot better. ...5th Ward Tx Off That Lockwood Dr.
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WTF is a mirrior??

Take your taco eatin ass back to ESL class fake bitch!

a mirror is a piece of reflective glass

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Awwww someone's got a

Awwww someone's got a mancrush on Screw
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naw yall got it wrong

screw was pointing out that southwest spelled "mirror" wrong ( he spelled it as mirrior ). I think he knows what a mirror is but if he don't then just disregard everthing i posted -$$ As Long As They Reppin It That's Wat Its All About $$
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this was just ok i like the beat more than any....
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this guy never quits

dude beat your face on pavement..

Little known fact about "rappers"...

Did you know the "Money" they show on album covers, videos, and pictures, like this one of yo Gotti, it's fake money. it just looks like money and if they throw it in the air or are throwing it down on top of each other on the ground, you can't see that it's fake. That's why in this picture, you see all of this "money", but in fact, it's not real at all. That's why you hardly ever get a real look at the so called "money"
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It's not little known..

It's well known..
Anybody with a half a brain filled with 2 bits of common sense would know that no one's going to take a picture with a large sum of real money, no one's going to go to a bank and withdraw a large sum of money to photograph just to re-deposit it, and no one is going to let an artist borrow a large sum of money to photograph..
The Picture of artist with this large sum of money is more to do with iconic than how much money they got.. they want to tell people they're going to get it or are getting it.. not that they have it.. artist that have the Money usually flaunt it with the Jewels in their face, on their hands etc.. like Baby has Black Diamonds on his hand, wrist and several chains.. Black diamonds are as expensive as White diamonds if not pricier.
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well look at this

The depiction of artists showing so much money isn't connotating that it came from a bank, Mr. Kevin Ferderline. It is pretty much a symbol that they "slang dope", but look at about 95% of rappers today. Most were on the Principal's List; Honor Roll; et cetera, whichever you call it, with absolutely NO criminal record. I wonder how they make millions off of cocaine when they haven't been arrested. Same for murder, robbing, et cetera. So, when it comes down to it, all rappers are "studio rappers". And you talk about Baby, who in my opinion is one of the worst rappers. He can't rhyme for shit, he's late on beats, he's old as fuck, the only thing he did for rap was get the spotlight on Lil' Wayne. You talk about all of the diamonds, "black diamonds",that rappers buy. Kevin, I bet you didn't know that the diamonds they floss, the cars they drive, and most of the time houses they own, actually aren't even theirs. The record companies buy them for the artists so that they can look appealing to dipshits like you that actually think they bought them. When it's all said and done, all rappers really get for their work is the clothes they spend so much on. Don't try and drop knowledge on someone when you end up making yourself look like a douchebag as well. And change your picture. Kevin has been whack since he was born.
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How the hell you get a black man confused with some stankin ass white boy? lmao! Wow your one of the dumbest fuckin people on this site, shut the fuck up.. When did Kevin start looking like a Black man?, and ya facts are fucked up.. Baby is (THE) Record label owner, he raps on shit for no reason, he doesn't have to, he just do., He's worth over 550 Million dollars, he can afford any thing he wants he has no reason to rent or have shit given to him, he is the record company you dumb fuck!, there's no argument.. im Telling you., go google that lmao.. wow. lame lil lame fuck on the net arguing about shit he half assed learned about on a google search lmao .. Aren't you glad i settled this argument? i wont be back.. keep on googling lmao!
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Black diamonds are the "most expensive available to the public"? Who said? YOU? Actually, They are cheaper than white/clear diamonds, as they are actually white diamonds that have been treated with radiation to be a dark green color, and are not very high in demand. If you want a "status symbol", black diamond isn't the what's up. Green, Red, Orange, Pink, and Blue are much more expensive. Pink diamonds have sold for over $600,000 PER CARAT. Google it. a 19.-something Carat Pink Diamond sold for over 7 million, and another 8 Carat sold for 9 million. So, rethink what you say before you say it, and watch those doublestack/quarterpounders, K-Fed. Would you like fries with that?
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Dumb ass Black Diamonds are the Same Price as Pure white diamonds..
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I'm the dumb ass, but your

I'm the dumb ass, but your fuck boy lookin ass with a flanka grill said that black diamonds are the most expensive diamonds available. i never said anything about baby getting shit given to him, theres no argument that he started cash money, but lil wayne has done more than he for the label. baby is a telentless, dipshit that needs to go on and pull the trigger on hisself. now, get your shit straight before you try and talk shit, cause your ignorant black ass dont know what the fuck youre talkin about. so just stop. and i was gonna ask you, you say youre from new orleans, are your black and gold socks dry from ka/rita yet?
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that's not cool man,

that's not cool man, thousands of americans lost their lives in katrina and here you are talking lightly of this event. what if some kind of natural disaster happened where you live and half of your family died off, you were left homeless, and the president just turned his head looked away and acted as if nothing happened.
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Looking beyond.

looking beyond the fact that what you said was fucked up...no one ever said any color was the most expensive diamond available. He said they cost AS MUCH AS. Go ahead and (re)read for yourself.
-For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.
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don't worry about what this fool talkin about

Katrina jokes are outdated by 5 years, upgrade ya jokes if thats all you got, yet you fail to post where your at, ashamed? lol.. nevermind keep it to yourself.. dude can't even spell "baby is telentless" lol. what is telentless? and you call blacks ignorant when you reach from under your ass and pull out some lame ignorant joke about a storm? go sit your ass down and think before you post on here.. your way over your head, next time growns talkin you shut up and listen, speak when spoken, thats how fools get their grill knocked loose in real life openin up their mouths when they aint told to open it...
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that was a little out-dated,

that was a little out-dated, that was one typo, and im from Monroe. how the fuck would you feel towards a fucking natural disaster where several hundred if not thousand people were evactuated to your area, coming to your school/city acting like they have earned respect in an area they probably havent visited for more than a holiday at a time, and seriously 9 times out of 10, ended up getting put in their place. i just honestly cant stand the general attitude of most new orleaneans, not to be racist, im not, but most of the people that did act fucking hard and treated people in a condesending as fuck way and talked the most shit were of the african american denomonation, and they got put in their place real fuckin quick. just because you did some shit in new orleans doesnt fucking mean people in the place you evacuated to give a fuck. shit. i just came on here trying to say something aimed towards the picture of yo gotti, and here comes a nigga from n.o. talkin bullshit for no fuckin reason. so really now, whos the fuckin person that opened their mouth when not spoken to? take your own advice. next time some water comes your way and you have to leave, think about how the persons in the area are going to feel towards some lame ass dudes that earned respect somewhere else, and have the most fucked up attitude towards people that try and fucking help you. when you wanna be a dick to someone there trying to help, think about how they may have helped you even though you didnt know they did.
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You sound like one of them

You sound like one of them dudes fucked your girl, why dont you get one of your friends to drive you to another city that you've never been to and drop your ass off on the corner, see how it makes you feel

no, none of them fucked my

no, none of them fucked my girl, but how the fuck would you feel towards people you spend thousands trying to help and numerous hours of your time to try and help them just for them to give you some shitty attitude. you dont know what the fuck ive done for new orleaneans to help them, so dont try and sit here and disrespect me because i highly doubt youve even donated one fucking penny to help them. and ive had a friend murdered in new orleans just because he had a nice car with some nice rims. go look it up. Ryan McClure. do me a favor. just go to this link a read this article. imagine if this was a friend that was pretty much a brother to you, and tell me how you would feel with all of this going through my mind. http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/11/21/btsc.neworleans.crime/index.html Read this comment, go to the website, and then tell me you wouldnt have some animosity towards thuggish ass people from New Orleans. enough said.
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what i don't understand is

what i don't understand is if you got so much against blacks and rap, why the fuck are you here, me personally i think you should have came out your father your mothers chest lomb.
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I just finished reading all that shit. Wow what a waste of time that was. Lacoste you one ignorant fuck! Nuff said.
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Racist faggot azz cracka!!

And how you gone throw a whole city in a basket because you got disrespected by some nigga'z? FUCK OUTTA HERE!! i can't stand bitch azzez like y'all, you sit and generalize everybody because you got yo azz beat down, i bet you joined a Nazi group for protection afta!.. lol Thiz dude probably afraid of New Orleanz thatz why he in some country city.

and no,

he edited the comment. when i first read it, he said they were the most expensive diamond available to the public. read the comment i left under that. what i said would have made n sense had he not said it. then he talked shit about me googling it because i honestly didnt know, when i bet thats what the fuck he did. or just read my comment, felt like a dick, and changed it. he said that talking about how expensive babys chain and rings and shit were, then got his monkey ass corrected/

read all of the comments in

read all of the comments in chronological order, and what i said and what he said makes no sense. i replied to what he said about babys chains and he made fun of me googling it, he didnt say that he never said that until later after he edited it. this dude felt like a jackass and then changed what he said to try and make me look like a jackass. this dude is trippin. read the comments, they make no sense me going and looking all of this shit up for something that was supposedly never said. what an ass
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You cant change a comment

You cant change a comment after its been replied to so try that again

i never replied, i just

i never replied, i just added the comment. so, try again.
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LacockBoy take yo ass to wal

LacockBoy take yo ass to wal mart and get a new fuckin bib and some baby wipes and powder. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

so im the ignorant one, but

so im the ignorant one, but i never said i was against rap or blacks. i said i was against the attitudes the fucking people from katrina brought to my city when i was working trying to help them. did any of yall fucking dicksuckers donate a penny, much less countless hours making sure the evacuees had food to eat and shelter to sleep in? yall are so quick to point a fucking finger and call someone racist, but in my opinion, black people are the racist fuckers. get over the roots shit, cause not ever white person is racist. just so yall fucking know, i donate a good fucking bit of money to the Red Cross and donated food, time, energy, and sweat to these fucking assholes from new orleans giving me fucking attitude. why dont you point your goddamn finger at myself, cause while you sit on your asses and watch about katrina and shit, i was helping to accomodate these people just to get talked to like im a piece of shit? all of this over some fucking diamonds. i bet these fucking people talking all of this shit to me havent had a quarter the experience i have with katrina, so before you want to talk shit to me, check your goddamn facts. and the guy talking about baby wipes, who the fuck are you? you look like your picture should be on a fucking call of duty cover. go kill yourself.
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Shut the fuck already nobody

Shut the fuck already nobody cares about what you have to say anymore. I didnt even reall that shit you just wrote. Im just talkin shit for what you said upthere^. You get no respect around this parts so keep it movin to another site brah.

read the last comment i just

read the last comment i just fucking posted and thats all i want you to see. read that and then talk shit to me. and i dont give a goddamn about respect from people ive never met and never will meet. and youre not going to tell me what the fuck to do, "Brah". read the comment and think about all of this and tell me you wouldnt be at least a little pissed toward these folk
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How you gonna help somebody

How you gonna help somebody and then bitch about it later. Thats like donating a toy for a child and fuckin cry about it later. Stuiped ass fuck Maybee you shouldnt volunteer anymore since u got ur panties all twisted. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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thank you, plus red cross don't use most of the money for what is intended, they'll show some commercials and get a few photo shoots to make it look so

thats not it at all,

thats not it at all, dipshit. its that ive done all of this, and then the people turn around and disrespect me and treat me like im a piece of shit. thats what pisses me off. if you knew how to read and comprehend, you would know this, and 2 people from new orleans murdered one of my best friends in cold blood for no reason other than he had some money and a nice car and shit. read this and try and comprehend this and tell me you wouldnt have some ill will towards the people that have done this to you after all you triend to do is help them http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/11/21/btsc.neworleans.crime/index.html
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fool, a lot of us done lost

fool, a lot of us done lost a homie or friend to a shooting, i lost a couple for no reason, but im not gone blame the city they came from and everybody in it that was the same race as the shooters, katrina effected everybody, what about people who lost their lives for less than a car, you can't blame new orleans for somethin 2 knucleheads did, your over generalizing. Some of the people appreciated the help, but you let the damn television tell you how everybody is and how they act, OK 2 people from new orleans did ya boy in we get it but that that don't make everybody from new orleans bad or in your case every black from new orleans bad
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Probably one if not he most ignorant piece of shit ass posters..

This is probably one of the most ignorant poster's i've seen since Godbody, This country uppity ass dude is on a site that celebrates the "BLACK ARTS" (Rap Music) talking about blacks because he got fucked over by a couple of Knuckle heads he probably tried to molest or something and they wouldn't put out so they killed his dog and robbed his ass and now he's on the rampage to slam an entire city for his stupid ass not having street smarts.. Bitch all on a website whining about shit 5 years later like anybody here gone give him a Sympathy shoulder.. WAAAAHH WAAAHH i got fucked over WAAHH I HATE NEW ORLEANS WAAAHHHH! lmao..
and Bitch Monroe aint SHIT! it's a fuckin dead zone, nothin but a Dirt road airport and schools in a overgrown Suburb nobody gives a fuck about, in other words its (Metairie North) -Less any real rich history.
I don't one person that left and went there so i personally have no feelings on the matter, and how you automatically assume i was in the storm? i was already out of the state and i took family and other peoples into my home here in FL, my family and their friends ain't do none of that shit you talkin about, you can pull up all the articles you want but thats still less than a fraction of the people in New Orleans, if one person in Monroe get killed that goes on as a High stat because of "per capita" in that small ass city you dumb fuck, thats why New Orleans has as high as a crime rate as NY and LA, because "Per Capita" Ratio crime count, For instance if New york has 120 Murders in a Month and New Orleans has 20 Murders in a Month, New Orleans Crime stat will still be higher than New Yorks because New york's Population is several millions more than New Orleans, so the perception is worse than reality..
LOL@ Lame ass country fucks in slow ass fuckin cities talkin shit.. New Orleans was destroyed and swallowed up and only in 5 years already puts Monroe to shame, hell when it was flooded it looked better than anything in Monroe.. how does that feel?..
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *

yall are some fucking

yall are some fucking internet haters. you arent shit. you probably dont nor will you ever have shit. all you dumb ass niggas do is fucking hate on each other. to people yall are never gonna meet. i bet yall are some fuckin gang rejects. seriously, talkin shit on a keyboard to everyone yall see is new on a torrent. this is rediculous. yall are some hatin ass fuck boys. if yall wanna fuckin do something dramatic, get at me. fuckin bitch ass niggas suckin or i should say ridin each others dickd like a goddamn tokyo bycicle. and mr kevin federline, you are seriously repping a city you dont even live in. hit me up if yall wanna do somethin in person instead of talkin shit over the internet. 318-366-5925
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This ol'e redneck fag ass tryin to exchange numbers and shit

bitch this ain't no damn match maker, you on a site full of dudes tryin put up phone numbers so dudes can call you and shit, ain't nobody gone call you so you can beat yo lil pecker to their voice, i bet this is as close as you get to black people lmao.. ain't no black people in Monroe thats why ya'll as got bombarded with shock at your city turning chocolate, i bet all ya'll had David Duke on speed dial when ya'll saw all them nigga's being bussed in lmao.. talkin about helpin lol, ya'll thought it was slavery all over again thats what it was, ya'll saw all them nigga's coming and thought you won lmao.. lol..
givin numbers out? LMAO!!!! HAHA This lil boy then lost his damn mind, i bet he got a hard on with all these "BLACKS" giving him all this attention right now huh? i know it you fruit cake.. ain't nothin in Monroe but a bunch of inbred, redneck, ignorant ass, child molestin pieces of shit that when pushed quick to put ya momma's best white sheets over ya head and Salute david duke.
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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LMAO! you wrong for dat shit!! lmao.. LMAO!!!! dat craka seemz pretty damn racist tho, i don't know where Monroe is or know about it but from what i read here it seems pretty country so that dude might be a Pointy head mothafucka on here callin blacks "nigga'z" im gettin mad just listening to that shit come from that country craka.. You might be right tho, he mighta tried to molest some of them people he took in and they turned on hiz azz and killed hiz homeboy and robbed his azz now he out to shoot down the whole city because he mad. And all thiz gay talk with the dick thiz and dat and then givin out hiz phone numba damn! thiz dude a HOMO!
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Yeah man

LMAO You may want to cancel that number now. I'm just sayin'...
336 ~Rum and Cheerwine~ 704

all of this is over me just

all of this is over me just saying that the money gotti has in his hand is fake, and it escalated to this from that. i didnt mean to piss anyone off or offend anyone, and im not just being a pussy nor is it anything to do with being scared, its just fuckin rediculous how quit people will be a dick to you on a website over nothing. im done on this subject, and it wasnt even a new beat, it was gotti on a beat ive heard before. i mean, what was said was between the dude from n.o. and i, and now all these other people jump in acting hard on a keyboard. so, my bad on goin that far, and i hope that Mr. Call of Duty doesnt put his 2 cents in, cause crime doesnt pay, but i bet he doesnt commit shit. so thats it. ive said what i had to say, im done replying.
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thank god

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Nigga blow ya nose on yo

Nigga blow ya nose on yo fuckin hankerchief. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

ill blow my cum on your ol

ill blow my cum on your ol girls lopsided ass titties if i ever meat her. who the fuck are you anyways? you cant spell for shit. go get a damn dickshunaire
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ol neiman marcus shoppin

ol neiman marcus shoppin leave it to beaver lookn ohhh the katrina victims treated me like a nerdy honkey and hurt my feelins dr phil dressin bitch ass. Oh since u pickin at my words and tryin to find somethin to talk about, I think its if you " EVER MET HER" stuiped ass I got your phone number now, keep runnin that dicksucker and ill google search it, find yo lacoste ass and make ur mom my fuckin bitch and ill piss on her like R kelly did that bitch. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout