Young Buck - Do It For Ya (50 Cent Diss)


$FuCC^ wit me$ fuckin

$FuCC^ wit me$ fuckin murdered
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buck 50

wow now thats the young buck i remember, this track is hot. get at that nigga buck !!!
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join hip hop website...3 singles in 3 days wheres the mixtape hiding at
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wut im saying?
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hell yes. bucks raw. i hope

hell yes. bucks raw. i hope he dont keep tryin to battle too much tho. i know fifs got his contract still but dissin g unit gets old after awhile. but till then, get em buck!...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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Buck is a BEAST!

Buck is a BEAST! He's like a lose pit runnin the block draggin the chain!
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i thought game.........

growth & development... i thought game went in on g unit......but damn i cant keep up with buck marley.......this nigga dont give ah fuck he pulling them niggas hoe card on the real.....this nigga hungry he ready to make some paper and 50 grind blocking buck and cashville records hot track wheres the cd shit.... {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
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SHiiit.. Buck !! Calm down my dude!! !LMAO!

Buck gone make 50 hire an assassin if he keep this shit up, HOLY SHIT! This nigga off the fuckin chain, it's like he verbally threw a brick through 50cent windows, dragged him out and stepped on his forehead and forcefully spit flames down his ear!
50 can't say shit, and probably wont say shit back, Buck went and spilled out some inside truth on the shit thats going on
And it's true 50cent already peaked, nigga'z just aint listening to him no more, he aint got shit else to say that anybody want to hear nowadays but his lil diehard fan-base thats clinging on to his nuts like crabs after diggin out some dirty pussy. He better start investing wisely and stop puttin his money on putting out his own music, nigga'z aint even wearin that G-unit clothing line anymore, that shit a popular item in the goodwill now.
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Nigga I'm A Fan Of 50

Nigga, An what?! I bought all of 50's shit, But this nigga right here ain't never EVER dug into some dirty pussy! Matter of fact its safe to say that i get head while downloading mixtapes off this site! My point Is Don't Be Dissing Muthaphukkaz Just Because You Don't Agree With The Artist, The Fan Base Has Nothing To Do With It! An Yes 50 Is Still Very Much Relevant "Curtis" Album Just Fucked Him Up A Lil! ~W1nt3r 1c3~
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All these new Buck songs are

All these new Buck songs are fire, I had over 10 new loose Buck songs not on mixtapes and I wanted to sync the shit on my Zune so I made a mixtape with all these new Buck songs, recent features and a couple classics on it, and I figured Id share it...
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appreciate the link chop

I was thinking of doing that myself but you beat me to it. Good work!
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thats 2 hot files uve linked

thats 2 hot files uve linked me to yo --good looks..btw on the subject of zune--y the fuck is there no equalizer
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The Zune its self used to

The Zune its self used to have an equalizer, but it was presets like rock, talk, classical type shit but one of the updates took it away, and I have a 120 gig so its not cause Im out of date or anything. I wish I could make mine pick up HD radio like the new ones do but the HD zunes are too small for me right now, Ive got 96 gigs of music and movies. On Pirate Bay if you click browse torrents, then under video click handheld, all those movies sync right on your zune with no work for free!
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yea i just got a new 120gig

yea i just got a new 120gig zune for christmas and i was hoping they'd have an equalizer i dont think i can come up with a single other music program that doesn't have an equalizer--its common sense and yea the HD zunes are tiny...i cant even fit my music on a 120 gig
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Ive never really noticed the

Ive never really noticed the equalizer, I dont use head phones too much, I plug my Zune into my radio when Im in my truck, I have a FM transmitter in my work van, and when Im here at the house I have one of those radios that is made for the Zune, I pretty much just hit "shuffle all" and only use the zune to switch songs. A cool thing about it is if you go into the settings and go to display, then hit out to TV if you have the cable that plugs into the headphone jack and has two audios (red & white) and a video (yellow) RCA jacks on the other end, you can hook it to your TV and play music and it puts the album covers on the TV. Or like I was saying download movies on piratebay and play them on your TV, you can pretty much find any move a few weeks after it comes out in theaters on there, way before it comes out on DVD