Young Jeezy & DJ Drama - The Real Is Back 2

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Young Jeezy with the help of DJ Drama drops the official precursor to TM103. Look for TM103 September 20th!

01 - Real Is Back 2 Intro
02 - Trump Ft Birdman
03 - Chickens No Flour
04 - Gotta See This Ft Freddie Gibbs Jw
05 - Rough Ft Freddie Gibbs
06 - Bandana Ft 211
07 - All The Time Ft Slick Pulla
08 - Nicks 2 Bricks Ft Freddie Gibbs
09 - Sittin Low Ft Scrilla Freddie Gibbs
10 - Grizly Ft Yo Gotti
11 - The Real Ngga Anthem

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dninc's picture

Way to be lack-luster

Shit, all that pumpin up for this mixtape and his album you'd swear the next tape was going to be epic as fuck, I listened and didn't even want to listen again.. I don't think Jeezy have anything left to talk about, Im hopin he saved his best for his Album but if this is any indication of how it's going to sound imma be nawl with that shit..
patcol's picture

Yeah I think he flopped a

Yeah I think he flopped many mixtapes ago, his material seems to play out quickly


U two niggaz usually know what ya talkin bout so ima take ya word and save space on my hardrive. PASS!

{SMH} Swag 101

It's safe to say that it's over for Jeezy. I can already tell you this shit is whack jus from lookin at the cover. Nigga still talkin about releasin' an album that he was suppose to drop TWO YEARS AGO. I gave up after he dropped Trap Or Die II. All that hype and BOOM, he bombs again. I am no longer a Jeezy fan and I haven't been for the past two years, It's Over! USDA is dead and so is the CTE movement. If you lookin for that good old fashioned dirty south trap music I advise yall to fuck wit Gucci and Future. Don't bump no fuckin Jeezy, let them corny ass white boys do that. ...@young_pimpin ...PS that edit button's crack, ain't it?!


i see he trying to have gibbs on most the tracks..he need help

Jezzy nevers needs help ma

Jezzy nevers needs help ma nigga....All his shit is a hustlers handbook..(real nigga shit)

No help

He dont need help he just trna put his team on and get that dream team like Y.M.C.M.B & M.M.G
BarThaRipper's picture

nothing special

Its nothing special but damn I didn't think it was that bad its just alright but tm103 is gonna be hot

dont get ur hopes up

Im sure TM103 is gon be weak az fuck. That new C4 and Game's RED Album were also weak. It Seems like my stereo only plays Curren$y & Krit nowadays cause thats all its been playin for the last month and a half! Haha..

nigga u crazy the RED Album

nigga u crazy the RED Album is good hiphop. What the hell u listen too....soulja boy dick suckiin asss nigga.
BarThaRipper's picture

The RED album was sick ,like

The RED album was sick ,like you said its good hip-hop , you can't say that bout a lot of the shit that's being put out today


down1plus2 wrote:
nigga u crazy the RED Album is good hiphop. What the hell u listen too....soulja boy dick suckiin asss nigga.
Ignat azz nigga dont know how to read. Nigga didnt i just say my stereo plays nothin but Krit & Spitta?? Learn how to read before u open them dick suckaz foo!
BarThaRipper wrote:
The RED album was sick ,like you said its good hip-hop , you can't say that bout a lot of the shit that's being put out today
The RED Album was just aite. Nothing special about it. The Purp & Patron mixtape went 817X harder than the damn album and thats real talk!
BarThaRipper's picture


Its better than the first 1 though that's forsure

DTF after I GTL

Sittin Low Ft Scrilla Freddie Gibbs ^ That shit was fucking FIRE!!

DTF after I GTL

Sittin Low Ft Scrilla Freddie Gibbs ^ That shit was fucking FIRE!!
devilspimp's picture

I said this was going to be garbage when the cover came...

I said this was going to be garbage when the cover came out and fools were hatin on me hard for stating the truth about Jeezy. Dick riders. He lost his edge and went pop. He should be able to pimp out Gibbs and make a pretty penny. Gibbs is way more gangster than Jeezy anyway. Maybe Jeezy and Waka should make an album together. They both wack as hell and they have so many male groupies its fucking sick.
BarThaRipper's picture

i agree for the most part

Cept wakas way worse than jizzle man, waka honestly has to be one of the worst artists ever all of his shit sucks he is in fact a dick riding faggot
Hi-Def's picture

This must be same feeling Nas fans got

when he dropped Street Disciple. Gangsta Gibbs carried this tape he def went in. I hope Jeezy dont 211 that nigga. This his best work since last laugh after a 4 yr wait TM 103 has to be a classic or see 50 Cent @DamiensOn1 twitter
Mustard's picture

If You Fucks wit Jeezy DL

If You Fucks wit Jeezy you won't be disappointed, I listened to this shit 2 times over...can't say i'm disappointed. ~Mr. Helmick~

Bunch a haterzz

all u guyz are is a bunch a haterz if all u kno is trappn n bein real den u gon speak on that fa errtime but i bet yall wud bump those fake niggaz like wayne ross n dem..dis nigga real all day errday hear it in da music..dis nigga shyt always fresh strait fire money all day errday
patcol's picture

me personally i just think

me personally i just think his shit is redundant, he has a few songs that goes hard but you find yourself skipping them after a while and if I listen to rappers based on their personal life, I probably wouldn't listen to music period because all rappers in main stream exaggerate their life stories to sell records
BarThaRipper's picture

ima have to say after givin

ima have to say after givin this a few listens it really ain't bad at all , this is actually probly my favorite jeezy tape, this and 1000 grams

The Real is Back II is a

The Real is Back II is a proper name for this mixtape. Jeezy comes in on the intro stating, “I was a boy in the hood before I ever new puffy/ Bitch I been a made man dare you mutherfuckers to touch me.” Jeezy still has not broken his mold of bringing the hood the type of music that makes you get up off your ass. Though the mixtape is short, the 11 tracks will keep your head banging from beginning to end. There are numerous guest appearances on the project including the rookie Freddie Gibbs, Slick Pulla and Yo Gotti among others. The track that the fellas and I being rocking round the hood is Nicks 2 Bricks ft. Freddie Gibbs... Box of sandwich bags like we making turkey clubs Told Gibbs when this drop we gonna murk the club Now if your zip then cost a nick then you smokin’ wrong Aint somking what I’m smoking than what you smoking on On my scale of 10 I give this a solid 8. Jeezy Listen to every song like it’s the first you heard.


only reason im even bothering listening to this shit is cuz gibbs is nasty. hopefully his verses are first on most the tracks hes on so i can skip through the garbage behind him
Mustard's picture


my nigga Jeezy is the Voice of the Streets, one of the most respected niggas in the rap game not to include his shit be on point... ~Mr. Helmick~
Gthang's picture


This nigga needs to drop tm103 and stop stalling already. Scary ass nigga wtf is you scare of cuh! Niggas need to get off his dick, this shit is not that nice 5/10
Terrence83's picture

I just can't

I don't know bout this but jeezy on sum other shit

nigga only got one flow...

nigga only got one flow... this dude dead.
dninc's picture

Pretty much sum's it up..

You said a mouth-full man.. You pretty much summ'ed up his career, The White boys that think they cool by listening to Commercial shit like this will appreciate their illusive MTV rapper.. because he turning pop in my ears.
His status has already lost a pulse in the streets, nikka still touring "Thug Motivation 101" and he has 8 albums under his belt including the collaborations and independent shit, how long he gone eat off that plate? it's been 6 years now, nigga'z tired of that nigga dodging the drop dates, no one wants to listen to no damn USDA shit.
Either way i still got some faith in him imma see what he gone do on his Album thats SUPPOSE TO DROP on Sept 20th.. Notice he never put a year on that date so it could be Sept 20th of 2015 for all we know lol.
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JOECLARK's picture



Jeezy sings too

Last Laugh, track 11 feat. shawty redd LMFAO ...@young_pimpin ...muthafucka


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I dont know what yall listening too, im not even big on Jeezy but this shit is TUFFFFFFFFF yall wildin
Grizz TTU's picture


I dont really like jeezy much either and all his recent tapes from like 09 to really this summer didnt really do too much for me, recycled them. But surprisingly I think this tape is about as close to old jeezy as we are gonna get. 7/10 in my book, the difference with this tape compared to his recent is beats. Too many samples were used in prior tapes and unless your revolutionizing rap in the mid 2000s by the name of dwayne carter, that "fiddle" has been played a few times. this tape (tho short at 12 tracks) had many original beats that really complement jeezys' raspy voice and work in his favor.


i stopped listening to jeezy when i heard his verse on in da club.....jeezy had a time when he had me and the whole trap actually rockin, but he stopped makin trap music, and started makin musical traps (the kind that you go and cop cause its jeezy, and then listen and realize ur money got trapped) and im talking like 6, 7 years ago if not more. to many handle bars got my sense of time off.


lol jeezy been trash i can see yall comments and already know not to try.....real talk tho, that killa kyleon mixtape down there is better then this, tha cater 4, and watch the throne all rolled up into one. i kno thats not saying shit, but fah real give it a try

You can please everbody all the time.

lol i cant believe some of the shit that im reading yall niggas are wild funny i swear i could see most of yall kissing ross and wayne in their mouths and all these other corny ass never seen a gram rappers the real is back 2 is short i admit that but authentic at least i been a jeezy fan for a minute especially after reading the big meech book and i appreciate real stories with good production behind it i know shit do get fabricated but at least hes not str8 lyin and yall just love dat like niggas talkin bout blood gangs and drug cartels they were never apart of and just makin a mockery of a real nigga who live dat life say what you want but i fucks wit jeezy and i hope he stays relevant and not let this bullshit and lies take over.WTF?
GayTL_09's picture

Why dont u go and suck the shit outta that nigga asshole already

GOD DAMMMN!!!! i aint never seen so many offended ass nikkas!!! did Jeezy impregnate you or somethin? all yall pussy hurt niggas cummin to this nigga rescue on a mixtape site! if dem niggas dont like the tape let them say why and leave it be, and same goes for if they like it, let them say that and leave it be, stop attackin people opinions and being all booty hurt because yo dick ridin ass can't stand yo favorite rapper being slammed!! [ |_-CHECK OUT TRAILER FOR ATL's NEW GAY REALITY SHOW!!! GAYTL BCUZ ATL IS THE GAY CAPITOL OF THE SOUTH-_| ]


dninc's picture

A lil too much

But you got yo point across, i was about to go in myself lol.
BarThaRipper's picture

Attacking peoples opinions

Attacking peoples opinions goes alon with lettin people say what they want to say so.. maybe..just maybe you should shut up and " go suck the shit outta that nigga asshole already" cuz apparently ur gay like that

I gave it a chance but this

I gave it a chance but this SHIT sound like the past 4 or 6 mixtapes beats,rhymes & style if it wasn't for Gangsta Gibbs i wouldn't listen to this again.
devilspimp's picture

Damn, Jeezy has so many male groupies!

Damn, Jeezy has so many male groupies! I bet they be kissing the cover of this Jeezy tape through the screen... I heard Jeezy has herpes, google it tricks.

That nigga dose look like he

That nigga dose look like he blowin' his groupies a kiss on his cover hahahaha
devilspimp's picture

look like he blowin' his groupies a kiss

That nigga dose look like he blowin' his groupies a kiss on his cover hahahaha
Thats too fuckin much! LOL. So true. Or he is puckering up to give lil kisses to Drama's butt hole...
pjvboy's picture

Niggas think they street but

Niggas think they street but they sidewalk mane real reconize real stop the hate cause hatin aint healthy (hah)

Call it what you want bruh

Call it what you want bruh but as far as im concerned the comment bar is for comments so imma throw mine in wheather your fuckass likes it or not, and by the way only thing on the sidewalk down here is bitchass niggas wit smartass mouths like you bleedin'
BarThaRipper's picture

Exactly man tell thos nigga

Exactly man tell thos nigga to stop preachin n shit n let people say what they want to fucking say
pjvboy's picture

my thing is why would u post

my thing is why would u post a comment or ur so called opinions on some u just dont fuck wit or like dosent make any sense jus let the shit be say u dont like pizza u aint gone order some pizza and then jus stand over it and say all the bullshit that u dont like about pizza u jus aint gone fuck wit u jus gone let pizza be pizza dumb azz nigga jus be comment killin cuz yall can so next time u wanna post ur comment or so called opinions make sure u dont sound like this definition of haters a derogatory term in reference to critics of a person or object and by the way u know u aint neva seen shit bleed but ur pussy u fukin homo