Freddie Gibbs - Str8 Killa No Filla


01 Freddie Gibbs - Dollar$ 4 Dope (Intro)
02 Freddie Gibbs - Face Down
03 Freddie Gibbs - National Anthem (Fuck The World)
04 Freddie Gibbs - Born 2 Roll
05 Freddie Gibbs - Str8 Killa No Filla W Big Kill
06 Freddie Gibbs - In My Hood W L.E.P. Bogus Boys
07 Freddie Gibbs - Rep 2 Tha Fullest W Jay Rock
08 Freddie Gibbs - Slammin'
09 Freddie Gibbs - Live By The Game
10 Freddie Gibbs - Serve Or Get Served (Interlude)
11 Freddie Gibbs - P.S.A. (Pussy So Amazin')
12 Freddie Gibbs - Personal Og
13 Freddie Gibbs - Best Friend
14 Freddie Gibbs - Do Wrong W Pill
15 Freddie Gibbs - My City W V.P. & D-Edge
16 Freddie Gibbs - Crushin' Feelin's
17 Freddie Gibbs - Goon Shit W Sick Jacken & Planet Asia
18 Freddie Gibbs - The Ghetto
19 Freddie Gibbs - Rock Bottom W Bun B
20 Freddie Gibbs - 4681 Broadway
21 Freddie Gibbs - Slangin' Rocks

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bout damn time!!

i been waitn on this shit forever, yo gibbs mad decent if any never checked him out you need to he can spit...i cant wait to ear this shit even tho most been leaked already but fuck it...
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Yh Sir...

Gibbs is nice... Ill check this one out.

its gangsta gibbs!

hardly ever comment but i gotta come out to show love to some real music. if you havent heard any of gibbs work already then you need to cop this joint, dont sleep on this one!!!!!! its straight fire from start to finish, studio quality shit too.
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start2finish bumb

this nigga gibbs straight ripped this shit from start 2 finish dont sleep, ear this before you turn it down worth a d/l ill rate this a 9/10 no doubt....but he got dropped by his major label cause he was to gangsta they wanted more radio music. dont we enough kanyes tpains and weezys, fuck them labels they on some fuck shit...big ups gibbs, gary stand up midwest stand the fuck up!
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Never heard of this guy before but I'll def check it out. The best cover art I've seen for a mixtape thus far, hands down. -R.I.P. Guru (Gang Starr)-
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this cover is identical to a

this cover is identical to a peter tosh cd I have

Just got done with the whole tape,

and goooooooddddaaaaaamn gibbs went off, this definately got me wantin to cop his EP next tuesday. it also made me sad tho cuz this tape will most likely not get stickied to the top and get lost with a number of other good tapes, but the second some new gucci, waka or oj bullshit comes out it gets stickied instantly. hip hop aint dead, but it for damn sure is in a sad state. FUCK THE BULLSHIT SUPPORT REAL MUSIC
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The ep is out too, it only

The ep is out too, it only has 2 songs that aint on this mixtape
bole420's picture

any bun b yet?

have anybody found that trill og yet? chop or anybody?
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Found out theres going to be

Found out theres going to be another disc to make it a double disc, and hes doing some shit in Houston tonight giving out signed copies so it will be on the net by morning
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i hope so im ready for that bun album, and this gibbs it will hold me down for a minute
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Shits right here!!!!!!!![NoFS] Theres a link in the comments to the bonus disc **I dont smoke phillies, pass me a swisha**
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Ima check dis out it got

Ima check dis out it got some decent reviews hope its some real hip hop like yall sayinM.O.B.
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ive heard this guy on a few

ive heard this guy on a few mixtapes. he is good!
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Gibbs is that dude

In all honesty, at this stage in 2010, if you haven't at least HEARD of Freddie Gibbs - you're fucking up as a hip hop fan. Flat-out, no way around it. If you've never heard anything before look up "The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs" and get that first. Then you'll be hooked. I just saw dude in chicago last weekend at a music fest and he KILLED it. Easily the best unsigned rapper around.
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Been waiting months for this. Already know its fire. -what you smoking smell like pine, no that ain't dro-
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This is up there for one of the best tapes of the year so far. In my opinion. Where's that Laws 5:01 at?? -what you smoking smell like pine, no that ain't dro-
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ill be bumbn this for a long time its up there with one of the best this doubt, there that laws link....
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Thanks for the link man, quality tape from Laws. -what you smoking smell like pine, no that ain't dro-
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Dis shit fya statik seletah mix da joints. Real Midwest shit 9/10. His album drop next week gon cop dat M.O.B.
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jones/// fiya gibbs

topPAIN this sum fiya for da hiphop scene jones/// killed every beat 8/10!!


This shit was a nice suprise made me smoke up all my dam weed bumping dis shit


Now that's what im talkin about , Gibbs!!! The guy go's hard !! Period. * No Such Thing As Sobered Up *
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Gibbs is that Nigga! Indiana

Gibbs is that Nigga! Indiana Stand Up! "Miss me wit da dumminess- i'm all about the money bitch!"