COMING SOON: DJ Drama & Young Jeezy - The Real Is Back

Drops Saturday at 1:03PM!


1. The Real is Back
2. How You Want It
3. Dram & jeezy Speak
4. Win Win
5. All The Money ft 211
6. SnowGo ft Slick Pulla
7. Broads ft Scrilla & Slick Pulla
8. Dram & Jeezy Speak 2
9. Flexin ft Yo Gotti
10. Ballin ft Lil Wayne
11. Rollin ft Fabolous
12. Slow grind
13. Hoodstar ft Slick Pulla
14. Count It Up ft 2Chainz
15. Talk About It ft Boo & Scrilla
16. Run DMC ft Freddie Gibbs
17. Count It On The Floor ft Scrilla & Slick Pulla
18. Four ft Alley Boy
19. I Ball I Stunt ft Scrilla
20. Dram & Jeezy Speak 3
21. Do It For You ft Freddie Gibbs


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O Really

Gotta see it to believe it "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang
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i agree gotta see it to

i agree gotta see it to believe it
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I though this nigga stopped

I though this nigga stopped workin wit Drama


Another Young Jeezy mixtape OH YEAH!! .........Sike! Where the fuck is TM103??? DRop that shit and stop stalin' bitch!
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Say what you want bout tha homie Jeezy, but I fucks with him to the fullest, wish this nigga go head N drop TM 103 but can understand the delays... ~Mr. Helmick~
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Dont get ya hopes up

This will most likely be another USDA promo plug tape, he tryin to push that lame ass group on us.. admiral effort but USDA just sucks. Drop ya damn album and stop playin possum with the damn shit ol' scary ass.

I won't be 1 bit surprised

I won't be 1 bit surprised if TM 103 sucks,but i will be surprised if its atleast 75% good...seriously doubt it tho.He'll probably have a bunch of niggas on tha album tryin' to keep him a-float.

yall dudes get off his dick

yall dudes get off his dick thats thats why he probably aint drop it yet bcuz niggaz want to ntalk shit about it before it hits the streets. just let the nigga do him
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Jeezy Multimillion Dollar ass is really logging on to a Bootleg Mixtape site to read 2 cent comments, I really doubt Millionaires are concerned or that insecure to check a fuckin free mixtape site.. c'mon nah! ya'll! damn.
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hope this is will be worth

hope this is will be worth the wait.....