Young Jerz - No Gimmicks (Hosted By DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

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01. No Gimmicks Prod By Jahlil Beats
02. Costume Feat K2 Prod By Mylkeyz
03. After This Feat Young Simmons Prod By Young Jerz
04. Angela Yee Show (Interlude)
05. I Like Her Feat Sickpen & Neako Prod By Mo Chedda
06. I Can Hear Ya Heartbeat Feat Rockstar & Nu Jerzey Devil Prod By Young Jerz
07. 30 Minute Commitment Prod By Young Jerz
08. Where'd The Love Go
09. Let Me Explain Prod By Young Jerz
10. Pardon Me Prod By Kajmir Royale
11. Wanna Be Prod By Mo Chedda
12. Feelin Life Feat K2 Prod By Young Jerz
13. Chasin Money Feat Chad-B & Kertasy Prod By Scott Summers
14. Help Me Get Home Prod By Young Jerz
15. Shake The City Prod By Mo Chedda
16. Outro Prod By Young Jerz

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Taylor Gang or Die!

Taylor Gang or Die! considering how bad music releases have been recently it would be foolish to not listen to this---smoke up and let the music hit u
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U ALREADY KNO* Taylor Gang

U ALREADY KNO* Taylor Gang or Head Butt a Knife *
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not bad

Everyone who likes to argue on here join ocw!!! tape is decent not bad at all.