Young Lace - West Up Vol 1 (Hosted By DJ Khaled)

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01 - Intro
02 - LA 2 NY
03 - Missin' You
04 - Louie Luggage Remix
05 - Touch Ya Body
06 - Got me sayin (Produced by JR Rohtem)
07 - Wake it up
08 - Am I Dreamin' Remix
09 - Wonderful
10 - Drivin' Down Tha Block Freestyle
11 - Money Freestyle
12 - Luvin
13 - I Want Those Flashing Lights
14 - Got 2 Get It
15 - Man In My City
16 - Studio Luv
17 - Take You There (Freestyle)
18 - Go Hard

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fuck you 1st sayin pussys,

fuck you 1st sayin pussys, now at least this ones ruined mixtape sux by the way. khaled of course makes you go def by the 3rd song. motherfucka has the loudest set of pipes ever.

Khaled just straight up

Khaled just straight up ruins tracks with that loud ass annoying voice, the shit he says is fuckin wack like "WE FROM THE HOOD, WE GHETTO" Just cuz u from the hood and ur ghetto dont mean ur one hardcore muthafucker, i know some soft ass niggaz that from the hood and ghetto! cuz u from there dont mean u shit

but the mixtape still sucks

but the mixtape still sucks either way

Quit hatin, this shit is dope

Mixtape is actually dope stop hating

marques houston ass looking

marques houston ass looking MudaFka.

you niggaz stop hatin this

you niggaz stop hatin this mixtape is hot.. just cause you niggaz aint got no taste dont mean he cant do his thing. Why dont you open up your options and listen to something besides wayne all the time and get off his jock nigga