Young Wine - The Prince Of The South


2.American Hustler (Prod. Blaqcat)
3.When You See (Prod.Yaye Beats)
4.Make A Millian (Prod.Yaye Beats)
5..Losing Control Ft J.Walt & Fancy (Prod. Blaqcat)
6.Celebrate (Prod. Young Wine)
7.Living The Life Ft Muzik Jones Drew (Prod. V Mock)
9.I'm A Boss (Prod. V Mock)
10.1,000 Gramz (Prod. Jibba)
11.Saddle Up Ft David Black Ft Young Wine & Keese Cobain
12.Whats Happening Ft J.Walt (Prod .Heat)
13.My Fans
15.She Never (Prod. V Mock)
16.Blow Ya Mind (Prod .The Colleagues)
17.My Window (Prod. Exec)
18.Stack My Doe Prophit Ft Young Wine (Prod.Siah)
19.Twist The La Ft D.Breeze & Hunger of Grind Mode (Prod. Gee Futuristic)
20.Gangsta Party (Prod. Gee Futuristic)
21.Fearless (Prod. Gee Futuristic)
22.My Birthday (Prod. Blaqcat)

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this was a nice

this was a nice mixtape...make sure yall download!
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Thanx for self promoting your own mixtape

Thanx for letting us know your mixtape is a nice one, but it's lame, downloaded it.. It sounded like somebody quickly put dis togetha, i had to cut it short because it seem like it was just unorganized chaos, and i couldn't take this nigga seriously, Plus it sound too.. Local.. feel me?, it just got this Stationary Local Feel to it it'll never get play anywhere but florida. [ |_-DON'T GET IT FUCKED UP-_| ]


this guy is grinding and doing positive shit...and your probly sit @HOME and jack your dick all fucking lame..stop knocking somebody trying to make a difference ...your a big ass hater


goood cover! i like it