Evil Empire, Trap-A-Holics & Digital Product Present Young Wine - Mission To Mars

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01 Intro
02 Knock Me Down (Prod By_ Four Corners)
03 Dont Work Don't Eat (Prod By_ Magtynes)
04 Super Liars Ft Keese Cobain (Prod By_ Davinci Skillz)
05 Love Is Gone (Prod By_ Midi Marc)
06 Rollercoaster Ft Jwalt (Prod By_ Jwalt)
07 Looking Forward To The Future Ft Keese Cobain, Micheal Terrific (Prod By_ G
Major Productions)
08 Direction (Prod_ Four Corners)
09 Runnin Scared Ft Keese Cobain (Prod By_ Chris Hightower)
10 From The Bottom (Prod By_ Four Corners)
11 Love Your Way (Prod By_ Dj Double A)
12 Thru The Roof Ft David Black, Micheal Terrific (Prod By_ Marcus Williams)
13 1,000 Gramz (Prod By_ Jibba)
14 Wait Ft Jwalt (Prod By_ Jwalt)
15 Good Karma (Prod_ Chris & Velli)
16 I Ain't Worried (Prod By_ Marcus Williams)
17 When U See Me (Prod By_ Yaye Beats)
18 Stack My Doe Ft Young Wine (Prod By_ Saih)
19 All Outta Love (Prod By_ Jibba)
20 Outro
21 Young Wine-Ya Name (Single No Dj Cdq) (Prod By_ Four Corners)

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lets go wine!

wine the future of Florida www.twitter.com/wine3000

one of my hom

one of my homeboys down here produced a track for him