DJ Kay Slay & Papoose - Second Place Is The First Loser

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1 - Intro (The Street Crown)
2 - Gangsta Around Your Way (Produced By E-Dubb)
3 - Wake Up Everybody (Produced By DJ Kay Slay)
4 - Second Place Is The First Loser (Produced By Emile)
5 - Prisoners Of War (Produced By Kanye West)
6 - Where It Started At (Ny) (Produced By Hi-Tek)
7 - Interlude (Live At Hot97)
8 - Air It Out (Produced By Webstar)
9 - Stuntin' Feat. Remy Ma (Produced By Mannie Fresh)
10 - Pop The Trunk Feat. Yung Joc & Chamillionaire (Produce
11 - Line 'Em Up (Produced By DJ Speedy)
12 - Broken Language 2006 Feat. Vein (Produced By D.R. Peri
13 - The Hardest Out Feat. Hell Rell & Remy Ma (Produced By
14 - Monsters Ball Feat. Thug-A-Cation (Produced By E-Dubb)
15 - 15 Minute Freestyle (Live At Funkmaster Flex Show At H
16 - I'm From NY (Remix) Feat. Mike Beck, Maino, Jae Millz,
17 - Watch How It Go Down (Remix) Feat. M.O.P. & Termanolog
18 - Interlude (Live At Hot97)
19 - Can't Stop The Reign 2006 (Remix) Feat. Busta Rhymes,
20 - Take Me As I Am (Remix) Feat. Mary J. Blige (Produced
21 - Sexy Back (Remix) Feat. Justin Timberlake (Produced By
22 - Outro

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Mixtape is crack. Concepts are insane. Pap is still doin it. He'll promote songs he just released 3 mixtapes ago and I'll still listen.


crack crack crack... papooose is fire.............. damnnn homie..

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DOES ANYBODY ELSE (BUT ME) REALIZE THAT THIS DUDE SUCKS? At least Kay Slay (slightly) stepped his cover game up...the past Papoose CDs have had some of the most hilariously whack covers in the history of mixtapes.


man whoever thinks papoose sux must like garbage ass shit...guys like papoose are the future of hip hop. i dont understand how someone could think papoose sux then say that jim jones is dope.


Yea these rappers need to stop putting out lyrical mixtapes and start workin on the cover art. Thats why I buy mixtapes. If a rapper isn't doing a sick pose on the cover I ain't feelin it.

Amen its all about da cover

Amen its all about da cover if da nigga aint lookin sexy how u posed to bop to him

lmao this kid must be

lmao this kid must be downsyndrome if he thinks papoose is wack because of his "cover game" its content that matters retard.. go buy a 50 cent cd, his covers are pretty decent music must be better

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Y'all make me laugh...

YOUNG BUCKS: For the record, dude above totally misunderstood my previous posts...what I said about JIM JONES (and LIL' WAYNE) is that they're both HOT GARBAGE.

haha ah man u wildin u goin

haha ah man u wildin u goin say sum1 suk cuz of his cover pics i dont no but dat sound kinda gay if u goin say sum1 suck plz say its cuz of da music he make papoose is overrated he aint garbage though but lil wayne is wak? cmon now just cuz u said dat im dyin to no who u b jammin 2 n i hope it aint the game wit his same gunot bullshit but im guessin its sum1 just as garbage

Real Recognize Real . . .

First of all FUCK The Pap haters!! Pap has always come out with quality mixtapes and there aren't too many dudes that can even come close to Papoose lyrically. . .Give credit when credit is due!! Pap Keep on doing you & put out good music for the real hip hop heads. . .

yo yo yo

who the hell points like that with their fingers all fucked up . . .

u kids r dumb...

i dont even look at the cover of a mixtape more then once, i dont care bout it, papoose has the best lyrics in the game, nobody can mess with the kid, talk about his cover all u want but u better know that hes gonna be the next big thing...


Papoose is still on the grind making his mixtapes after becoming the 1.5million dollar man. Can't wait to hear the heat from his first retail album.


Pap still going strong. This mixtape is sick, along with all of his other ones.

To the dude who said Pap is whack because of his mixtape covers - that's like saying Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci was a shitty painter because they couldn't sing. Totally irrelevant.

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Some Rappers aint Eating in 2007

I bet when his album drops he will release a mixtape in the same month, that's how sick Pappose is, he will probably do that...

Try Told You I Was Hot

papoose pa-poose

papoose pa-poose


I think we all agree, cover pictures of a mixtape means nothing bout a rapper's skill... How is Lil' Wayne and Jim Jones garbage? y hate on em?

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papoose is da truth

he is already a beast before da album , , put em again yo best in the game right now

stright Flam

This kat is what niggas want to hear, time to smoke to this flam again.