DJ Kay Slay - Papoose: The 1.5 Million Dollar Man

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Send The Armored Trucks. And send them fast. Cuz Papoose and Kay Slay are gonna need 'em. A mill and a half doesn't just fit in the Benz trunk, but don't sweat that figure cuz the Streetsweepers mixtape killer isn't settling for that. That's what's on the table. Labels, pony up! By the next mixtape, who knows what Pap could be looking at.

Back on his mixtape grind after a short vacation (only Pap can drop 10 mixtapes a year and go on "vacations"), Pap brings you another round of sweet 16's and all-new music. The 1.5 Million Dollar Man spits over 20+ new tracks on this mixtape, including joints with Beanie Sigel & M.O.P., Mike Jones & Paul Wall, Busta Rhymes, Remy Ma, Akon, Isley Brothers, Clinton Sparks & more.

1 - DJ Kayslay & Papoose Intro
2 - The 1.5 Million Dollar Man [produced by Havoc]
3 - Publicity Stunt [produced by 10 From Triad]
4 - Ghetto Soldier feat. Akon [produced by DJ Green Lantern]
5 - Law Library Part 3 [produced by E-Dubb]
6 - Brotherly Love feat. The Isley Brothers [produced by DJ Kay Slay]
7 - DJ Kay Slay Skit
8 - DJ Kay Slay & Greg Street feat. Papoose, Mike Jones & Paul Wall – Live From The Block [produced by Emile]
9 - The Take Over feat. Busta Rhymes & Spliff Star [produced by Clinton Sparks]
10 - Out In New York [produced by DJ Green Lantern]
11 - Murder Rate feat. M.O.P. & Beanie Sigel [produced by KY]
12 - The Influentials feat. Remy Martin [produced by L.V.]
13 - On Site Beef [produced by The Alchemist]
14 - Troubles feat. Jug-A-Not [produced by Klassik]
15 - Thug-A-Cated 4 Life feat. Thug-A-Cation [produced by E-Dubb]
16 - Haterz feat. Maino [produced by The Heatmakerz & DJ Kay Slay]
17 - Sexy Girl feat. China Black
18 - DJ Kay Slay & Papoose Skit
19 - Gotta Be Me feat. Chelsea & Busta Rhymes [produced by Night & Day]
20 - To The Rescue feat. K-Salaam [produced by Beat Nicks & K –Salaam]
21 - DJ Kay Slay & Greg Street feat. Papoose, Bun-B & Shaq Diesel – Cant Stop The Reign 2006 [produced by Emile & DJ Kay Slay]
22 - Gangster Hustle feat. Riz [produced by Headbanger]
23 - DJ Kay Slay Outro

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yo papoose is the king of

yo papoose is the king of this mixtape game believe that.


true, I hated on the kid at first when I heard the a-z freestyle ... thought the track was alright, but I just wasn't convinced; I'm a believer now after hearing the tracks with busta and other artists ... he's got a bright future.

Hated on a-z?!?!

what r u saying?! the a-z was insane! his older shit was MUCH better then his new shit


Where did the old Papoose go? why all the calbs? i like Pap by himself why all the choures? the last 14 werent liek that Dont get me wrong i am a die hard Papoose fan. everything from "What the fuck is a Papoose" from that Steet Knowledge to "Boyz N Da Hood" from that Boyz N Da Hood Mixtape. From "Bullet Proof" to "Flash Back" where did that Papoose go?


The reason there weren't as many collabs back in the day is because no one wanted to be on a track with him. Other rappers thought he was either a nobody or that he would outshine them. Now, he's getting ready to sign a $1.5 million dollar deal and open his own clothing line, so of course everybody is coming to him now trying to eat off him a little bit. Papoose, being a good sport and smart businessman, made the right move in getting more collabs. The main point is that this mixtape is FIRE. A lot better than Boyz in the Hood for sure.

Streetsweeper Footwear? ;)

Streetsweeper Footwear? ;)

it's to be expected

he got signed
he's already been on 2 or 3 R&B songs
this always happens
mixtapes will still be fire though
but expect a LOT of radio hits. . . .

On Second Tough

I Still Dont liek the fact that there half of the songs are calabs. It is a good tape and Papoose will always be the "Mixtape KIng"


Pap is killing homeboy said earlier. Now that pap is killing it, all these other kats wanna jump on-board. Keep doin ur thing Pap, Keep saving hip-hop from this half-ass southern dudes. k
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No one is touching pap

Papoose is the most lyrical m.c on the planet bottom line no one is touching him he's too versitile, i do like his older stuff better but the mix tape is still sick.
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I'm feelin' it...

he's aiight, but Immortal Tech is better than him. but yeah, this mixtape is fire. Max P aka da Reebok Young'n
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immortal technique is good

tech is good lyrically, but if that was the case i could just say canibus is better too but the fact is pap can spit on that level and can approach tracks from multiple ways, the only reason i think he's better than canibus and tech is because he's versitile besides that they're pretty even but versitility is huge.

immortal technique has only

immortal technique has only got like one style of flow,pap changes his style depending on the song thts why hes makin it soo big

Da Coming of Saigon...

maybe im buggin... but i hear yall talking about Pap, Tech and Bis so i'm assuming that Hov, Naz and Em are already a given but WHAT DA HELL HAPPEN TO SAIGON!!!! Truly... is there anybody nicer than Saigon. How can any of the mcs be as versatile as Sai-Giddy

Can Some Of Yall Please Tell Me If This Mixtape Is

Can Some Of Yall Please Tell Me If This Mixtape Is Fire,Good,Ok,Or Bad Because I Really Want To Know Before I Get It So Please Post Your Opinons

This mixtape is hot

This mixtape is straight Fire worth the download if you know real rap. Papoose is runnning the mixtape game.

Honestly, i think this is

Honestly, i think this is papoose's worst mixtape. After listening to this, i was hella dissapointed. Like he´s saving his best rhymes for his album.

isn't as great as his other tapes

this mixtape is good, but not papoose quality, i have heard better than this from pap


what is the name of the track dat pap did over az's so sincere beat