2Pac - One Love, One Thug, One Nation


Disc.1 Westcoast

101.2pac - The Struggle Continues Ft.Syke, Hussein, OFTB
102.2Pac - Last Ones Left Ft.The Outlawz
103.2pac - Fright Night
104.2pac - Um Dumpin Ft.Young Assasins
105.2Pac - Don't Go 2 Sleep Ft.The Outlawz
106.2Pac - U Don't Have 2 Worry Ft.The Outlawz
107.2Pac - Let's Fight Ft.Tha DPG
108.2Pac - This Life I Lead Ft.Nuttso, Gonzoe & Tha Dogg Pound
109.2Pac - Catchin Feelings
110.2pac - Everything They Owe
111.2Pac - Confessions Ft.Bizzy Bone
112.2Pac - Just Watchin Ft.Snoop Dogg & Daz
113.2Pac - Is It Cool To F***
114.2Pac - I'm Losin It Ft.Big Syke, Spice 1
115.2Pac - Tattoo Tearz Ft.The Outlawz
116.2Pac - Die Slow Ft.The Outlawz

Disc.2 Eastcoast

201.2Pac - B****** World Wide Dime Piece Ft.Greg Nice & Snoop Dogg
202.2Pac - Military Minds Ft.Bootcamp Click
203.2Pac - Brothaz At Arms Ft.Buckshot
204.2Pac - My Own Style Ft.Greg Nice
205.2Pac - Trying To Make It Through Ft.Freddie Foxxx
206.2Pac - Where Ever U R Ft.Big Daddy Kane
207.2Pac - Let's Fight Ft.Bootcamp Click, Greg Nice, LS
208.2Pac - Thug Nigga Ft.Greg Nice, LS
209.2Pac - Throw Your Hands Up
210.2Pac - Raise Up Off These N***
211.2pac - The Government Ft.St Laz Pottersfield
212.2Pac - Tounge Kissin
213.2Pac - U Can Be Touched
214.2Pac - Lifes So Hard
215.2Pac - Thug 4 Life
216.2Pac - Pac's Life

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2 pac album

Ramikhalsa coming!!! its cool again 2 pac. mfizzle keep going on. thx!!!

This is a slap in the face

This is a slap in the face to the man who put west coast on everyone. A discrace of a mixtape....who ever put this together needs to go to school and learn about musical arranging. He murders each verse with an off tempo simple repetetive loop....cheap and no class....dont even waste the time downloading this. RIP pac and much love and respect to his legacy.
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shutup its a mixtape its

shutup its a mixtape its done for experimental purposes this shit aint nerli as bad as this dude makes out and it deffo worth the download fukin bitch ass always complainin

heads up bro.... no one is

heads up bro.... no one is complaining...if you were old enough you would see it as it really is....a opinion. Stop flippin just because some one doesnt not see it your way.... its how i feel about it. As for the whole mixtape expirimentation... my opinion is as stated above...a really bad ameture mix.... guy needed to work on it a bit before he relesed it. as for your catty ass line on complaining...man get it straight in the 6 months i have been a member i have never posted anything negetive towards anyone or any mixtape. As i said this is my opinion....and you need to cool off son. By the way...sorry for not mentioning...thanks fizz...you the best for all the mixtapes.
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yer spose reply was bit

yer spose reply was bit strong however ya dint give n e oe props for uploadin the shit n e way(u just have) also i was refering to lots of members complaining not jus u peace brotha ps fuk that old enuff shit

Alright bro you got a point

Alright bro you got a point my bad. Hats off for the reply, well writen...and your right i take back the age shit..... respect and love to a fellow Rap game phenom..... check out Pac Biggie dead poets...that has some really tight production values, clean and inovative..... IT is hot.
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thanks bro i supplied mfizzle wit the dead poets society mixtape i love it... its quite hard to get a hold of
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Many Many 4 these mixtapes.Their MINT