A Kid Named Cudi


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Kid Cudi 2 Gunz Up !!!!

Thiz mixtape off tha hook mayne,straight fire fo tha streetz you dont like it FUCK YOU !!!!
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I wasn't feeling this one at all...his flow is straight but the music was wack as hell. Come again...
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i feel you.

copped this shit last year and i was very disappointed in the tape as well. good flow but bad music. he was all over the place.
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one of the best mixtapes iv

one of the best mixtapes iv ever heard,had this shit last year tho,kid cudi is a breath of fresh air amongst,the garbage thats out lately..
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yeah this shit hot as hell theyre usin his shit for dubstep mixes. ITS SICK!

THANK YOU..... it is about

THANK YOU..... it is about time this CD BANGS, I first heard CUDI on shade45 during DJ wonders mix and immediately had to find the song, cant wait for new stuff


this mixtape is raw. his flows gets boring at times but overall he's nice
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Well Put Together

Mixtape is sick. Kid Cudi and Wale should collab on a whole album
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that would be pretty legenday

that would be pretty legenday