Lil Wayne - The Carter Collection



01. I'm Greedy
02. The American Dream
03. Eat You Alive
04. Red Magic Feat. Game
05. Trouble
06. Scarface
07. Bitch Named Nina
08. Mic Fiend
09. Shot Thru The Heart
10. It's Killin Me
11. Million Dollar Baby
12. Never Get It
13. Fix My Hat
14. I
15. Did It Before
16. Help
17. Lalala
18. Cush
19. Cry Out
20. Pray To The Lord

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All This Shit Is Old ANd Ain't Non Of It Classics....Ey3z
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dumbass niggas

It Says COLLECTION you stupid FUCK !

It also says "Rare &

It also says "Rare & Unreleased". i have ALL of this shit. This is fucking whack.........Live your motherfucking life. and fuck those haters!
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Rare-not widely known. Unreleased-not made available for publication or closed jonas.

fuck off

fuck off
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eat you alive is the

eat you alive is the shit,still haha but i got everythin,,guna use dat cover for no ceilings on my ipod haha---Jay ElecRamadaan Muhammad Asalaamica RasoulAllah Supana Watallah through your monitor
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lol yeaa

eat you alive waz bumped in my ride for like 2 monthz man it came out around October so it waz good Halloween type shit then I scared the fuck outta a bunch of kidz and they parentz when i had it turned all the way up and the hook came on just in time!..