A. Pinks - Will Rap 4 Food


01 Think Pinks_ Intro
02 Problems
03 Jumpstreet Hero
04 I Go In
05 Put On
06 In My Own World (Prod. By Astronote)
07 Who Got The Juice_
08 Colors Feat. Sha Stimuli & Malik-16
09 Mocha Soul Feat. Nobody Famous & Rymz Well
10 Meatloaf Feat. Film Skool Rejekts
11 The Illest Feat. Canibus (Prod. By Grand Larceny)
12 X-Complex (Prod. By K-Salaam)
13 Politics As Usual
14 Buy You Some Feat. Emilio Rojas (Prod. By M-Phazes)
15 On Fire Feat. Skyzoo (Prod. By Cookin' Soul)
16 Held Me Down (Prod. By Frequency)
17 Hold My Ground (Prod. By Boulawan)
18 What's Happenin' Feat. Skinny C, Rymz Well, Nobody Famous
19 Incredible Feat. Mickey Factz, Skyzoo, Torae
20 Think Pinks_ Interlude
21 Jumpstreet Family
22 Hit The Lights (I'm On) (Prod By. Baritone)

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East coast is staaaaaaaaaaaarving. Wack as fuck.


yeah believe that fat nigga WOULD rap for food

ay fuck both yall

ay fuck both yall haters yall probally some fuck boys dancin to tpain in ur rooms get some pussy get high and listen to this shit