Ace Hood - The Statement 2


01 - Intro (Prod By Dj Khaled)
02 - The Realist Livin Ft Rick Ross (Prod By The Renegades)
03 - Free My Niggas (Prod By The Renegades)
04 - Luv Her Ft 2 Chainz (Prod By The Renegades)
05 - Shit Done Got Real Ft Busta Rhymes Yelawolf (Prod By The Renegades)
06 - Forgivn (Prod By Dj Khaled)
07 - My Speakers (Prod By The Renegades)
08 - Yuup (Prod By Schife)
09 - Be Great (Prod By The Renegades)
10 - Check Me Out (Prod By Ke On The Track)
11 - Pay Her Bills (Cardiack Beats)
12 - Dreamer (Prod By The Renegades)
13 - Bonus Body To Body (Remix) Ft Rick Ross Wale
14 - Bonus Emergency Ft Movado

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This nigga is underrated...

This nigga is underrated... Tape is fire

This shit is

Wick wick WAAACK!!
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gottta check this

Ace always bringin the fire gotta check this shit out.PACAVELI.

Do not Do It!

U read the subject line..#nuffsaid

This tape over new 50,any

This tape over new 50,any day.
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Good shit right here 8/10

Good shit right here 8/10 "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang
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i fucks wit it

last album was trash but dude made up for it with this tape.. i fucks with this 4/5. $ Growth Development $

Sounds way better than that

Sounds way better than that bullshit retail album he put out
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He does what he does...

Not bad if you're into this type of stuff. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~
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ace hood got it!

Not bad

This mixtape aint too bad but these Niggaz need to ezze off that hard bass sound its fucking all the tracks up.