Ace Hood - Body Bag (Hosted By DJ Infamous)


01 - Intro (By Felish Monet)
02 - Mr Hood (Prod By White Hot)
03 - Go N Get It (Prod By Lex Luger)
04 - Tryn Ft T-Pain
05 - Tear Da Roof Off (Prod By White Hot)
06 - Oh (Prod By Dj Montay)
07 - Real Talk (Prod By Dj Montay)
08 - Same Dream Ft Meek Mill (Prod By The Renegades)
09 - Gotta Go Ft Bali (Prod By White Hot & Vinay)
10 - Just Living (Prod By Cardiak Beatz)
11 - Real Big (Prod By Cardiak Beatz)
12 - I Know (Prod By Schife)
13 - Turn Up (Prod By The Renegades)
14 - Errrthang (Prod By Schife)
15 - John (Freestyle)
16 - Ham (Freestyle)
17 - Did It On Em (Freestyle)
18 - Yonkers (Freestyle)
19 - Cosmic Kev (Freestyle)
20 - Funk Master Flex (Freestyle)

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Lil wayne have alot of

Lil wayne have alot of influence on these wack rappers "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang
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Because he has dreads?

Other than that i don't see what you mean.
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ace hood go way harder than wayne and u know it


henderson wrote:
ace hood go way harder than wayne and u know it

Broward County in tha

Broward County in tha buildin' shit is fuckin' RAW motherfuck all ya NYC faggots mad at SOUTH cause yall weakass music gets no play in da club, go kick some bullshit knowledge to someone who gives a fuck about that bullshit...YEAH MEAN DUNNNN!!!
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CHILL LOL! im from Up top.

CHILL LOL! im from Up top. but i live in Miami. they bang this down here, but go up there and its a diff flow. i wouldnt call em faggots lol... not hating on ur comment., jus saying lol NYC is def not faggots

Don't take it like that mama

Don't take it like that mama i was talkin' bout these bitchboys always on here talkin' for no reason,see i love music i just can't stand these niggas that don't even listen to the artist then jump on the tape and start talkin' shit. I Love music whether East,West,North,South it dosen't matter as long as you keep it REAL an respect the ART.See hood music is just that but niggas don't understand that so they speak when they should analize the fact that they just don't understand why we make this music. Most of us don't have that college knowledge so we speak on what we know to make money,so what it all comes down to is just that...lets all get that dough an stop BITCHIN' BOUT NON-SENCE.
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yup i hear you . i know a

yup i hear you . i know a lot of bitchboys, lol like that. dumb as shit n only listen to their same couple of artists they like and then close they ears & talk shit about everything else while being in no position to talk shit. but guess they dont have that love for music hip hop art, watever u wana call it.. iight tho boss!305!
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Never hate on the south shit

Never hate on the south shit get ya money but the south have a hard time bein original. O Im not from new york I am from the chi bitch hopefully we bring a championship home like in the 90s "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang

Miami Heat 2010-2011 NBA

Miami Heat 2010-2011 NBA CHAMPIONS,bitchass nigga Derrick Rose a beast but he needs more help lets see if he gets those bitchass calls he was gettin' in Chicago.

ya two niggaz kill dat noize

MAVS GOT THIS SHIT ON LOCK!!! Heat can't fuck with the mavericks, it was proven in the regular season when we beat them twice!! Chicago aint shit, Rose is the only one puttin numbers on the board!! I tell u somethin tho DIRTY, a Mavs vs. Heat would be a hellava rematch!!!

Yeah it would it'll probably

Yeah it would it'll probably go to game 7 if you ask me who would win i can't say but i'll sho nuff be cheering ma team on all da way seeing that our football team ain't been shit in years im sure enjoyin' da playoff's the way like i said before reg. season don't mean shit we was gettin' our team together an we ballin' right now just like da Mavs. I think no matter what we gon pop bottle's when its all said n done.
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CHICAGO BULLS all day long

CHICAGO BULLS all day long bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AZ Southwest Gunslinger "S.S.C."
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Quit the Bitchassness

How about you two geniuses stop acting like a married couple and let the people know if the tape is worth the download redbwoii

The time it took you to open

The time it took you to open your dick sucker is the same amount of time it took me to d/l this tape so go find out for ya-self bitch.

By tha way "hint hint" if ya

By tha way "hint hint" if ya read ma first comment maybe your crusty ass mouth would stayed shut.

ace gooo stupid hard

this mixtape hella dope dude going ham on this bitch...