Jay-Z - Classic Gangster ( Presented By Jayswing & Flipout)


01 Intro (THOSE MFs remix)
02 Pray (THOSE MFs remix)
03 American Dreamin’ (THOSE MFs remix)
04 Hello Brooklyn 3.0 feat. Lil Wayne (THOSE MFs remix)
05 No Hook (THOSE MFs remix)
06 Roc Boys (THOSE MFs remix)
07 Sweet (THOSE MFs remix)
08 I Know (THOSE MFs remix)
09 Party Life (THOSE MFs remix)
10 Ignorant Shit feat. Beanie Sigel (THOSE MFs remix)
11 Say Hello (THOSE MFs remix)
12 Success feat. Nas (THOSE MFs remix)
13 Fallin’ (THOSE MFs remix)
14 Blue Magic (THOSE MFs remix)
15 American Gangster (THOSE MFs remix)

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don't sleep on this tape, one of the best AG remixes out there


This shit goes hard!! Nicest blend tape, I downloaded within the past few weeks!! Old school all the way!


hov waz getn money cuz dat picture from back inda day


Damn that nigga Hov looks hilarious. That pic is from like '89


WOW....!!!!! someone finally did remixes for american gangster, blue magic, success, hello brooklyn, roc boys, and no hook!!!!!!!!!! Can you seriously get any more uncreative???????????????????????????????????? SHITS PLAYED OUT I guess thats what ya get from Canadian suburbanites... DJ Giovanny & Jay-Z - I Am Legend Benzi & The Knocks Present Jay-Z - American G Funk (We Got The Remix Special Edition) DJ Dyce & Jay-Z - American Gangsta Grillz J-Love & Jay-Z - Top Of The Game 3 DJ Rah2K & DJ L-Gee Present Jay-Z The Brooklyn Gangster American Zeppelin (Jay-Z & Led Zeppelin)(Mixed By DJ Doc Rok) American Ironman (Jay-Z / Ghostface Mashup) Big Mike & Jay-Z - International Gangster DJ Skee & Jay-Z: The American Godfather Jay-Z & Von Pea - American Angster Jay-Z & MIDIMarc - American Beatmaker Stackhouse Recordings Present Jay-Z: S. Carter 3 DJ Klapton - Nas & Jay-Z: American Legends. Don Cannon - The American Legend Jay-Z & Tapemasters Inc: An American Gangster (Re-Loaded) DJ Cashis Kay - Blends For That Ass 3 (American Gangster Edition) Tapemasters Inc & Jay-Z: An American Gangster AMERICAN SAMURAI:RETURN OF THE GANGSTER(JAY-Z MEETS SAMURAI CHAMPLOO) MIXED BY DJ KAY-RIS etc....etc.....etc.....etc

jay z

what you got them all some of them are hot and you miss some out bro MICK BOOGIE presents Jay - Z featuring Marvin Gaye "Brooklyn Soul hot Jay-Z - American Gangster (Live) (Bootleg) mixfiend HOT


wow... you obviously didn't listen to Classic Gangster. your ignorance shines bright.


I dont want to listen to Classic Gangster! Do you see that list of Jay-Z American whatever mixtapes??? Shits played the f**k out! Your 6 months behind, following trends, doin the motha fu*k'in diddy bop! Why don't ya try something creative...?? something no ones done before??? How bout a Skyzoo vs. Papoose mixtape? Ghostface & Scarface mixtape??? Little brother remixes?? I can do this all day...your talkin out the side of ya mouth... N Philly aka the hood


IGNORANCE SHINES! I first seen this mixtape in january - 2 months after the Jay-Z acapellas came out. Just because you are behind the times doesn't mean this mix tape is. Like I said, there is a reason people are saying this is one of the best American Gangster albums (I agree)... again, if you haven't listened then you are speaking on something you don't know about - IGNORANCE! Is this how y'all do in Philly? You're making your town look bad Tyrone. On another note, check DJ Chong Wizards' American Ironman... Jay-Z vs. Ghostface. Might be more your thinge.

shit is super wack the

shit is super wack the blends suck, dj skee's mixtape is hot.



Thats Jay-Z head on Slick

Thats Jay-Z head on Slick Rick's body. Photo Shop!!!

jay z's head on slick rick body

I don't know if anybody told you yet but it's not a photo shop picture....that is really jay-z's pic.....from back in the jaz-o dayz.....learn the history

This is very well done i am

This is very well done i am gonna some of the tracks at the club. Thanks


I liked thys shyt!! just those beats alone tuned out his lyrics. Too bad this wasn't one of the first that came out. It is kind of dead after you heard 5 or more of these blendz. This is worth listening to though.

Def. not Slick Rick's

Def. not Slick Rick's body...Rick had better rings and hella more chains.
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best rmx tape EVR!

JIGGA MY NIGGA --no nutz no glory--