DJ Envy & G-Unit: Bad Guys 18

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1. Lloyd Banks - Death Wish
2. 50 Cent - So Serious
3. 50 Cent feat. Diddy & Jay-Z - I Get Money (Remix)
4. 50 Cent - Come & Go
5. 50 Cent feat. Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks - We On Some Shit
6. 50 Cent - Don't Want To Talk About It
7. Havoc - Get Off My Dick
8. Lloyd Banks - I Don't Break
9. 50 Cent - Smile (I'm Leavin)
10. Young Buck - Put Me In The Game
11. Prodigy feat. Nina Sky - Key To The City
12. 50 Cent feat. Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks - Southside
13. Young Buck - Personal
14. Lloyd Banks - Go Hard Or Go Home
15. Young Buck - 26 Inches
16. LL Cool J feat. 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Tony Yayo & Kool G Rap -
17. 50 Cent - What Do You Got
18. Hot Rod feat. Young Buck - Don't Like Me
19. G-Unit - World War Three
20. Havoc - I'm The Boss
21. M.O.P. - Sharks
22. 50 Cent - My Gun Go Off
23. Young Buck - So Krispy
24. Havoc - Be There
25. Young Buck - Riding Down The Freeway
26. Prodigy - I Know
27. Havoc feat. Prodigy & Nyce - Set Me Free
28. 50 Cent - Officer Down
29. M.O.P. - Ordinary
30. Young Buck - Where You From
31. Young Buck feat. Trey Songz - Gone In The Morning
32. 50 Cent - Mama Africa
33. 50 Cent - Can't Leave Em Alone
34. Hot Rod feat. Tony Yayo - Rock To It
35. Lil Fame - Hardest Out
36. Hot Rod & Young Buck - Freestyle
37. Lil Fame - Ring Di Alarm
38. Hot Rod - Hustlin

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WAT THE FUCK I HATE WHEN THE FUCKING UPLOADER DOESN'T SPLIT THE TRACKS 4 US, THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE FOR. FUCK! Just Kidding, props to blackout. :) This shit is lookin good, but I only fuck with young buck. tony yayo should be retiring tommorow, 50 cent turned into a bad R&B artist but when he started off he was nice(i still bump get rich and beg for mercy), lloyd banks' old shit is real good, idk about his newer shit. their young team isn't that bad but it doesn't seem like anything special to me either. "all u need is a hook n a beat, no talent" Tha Ghost

Hearing aid

Naw, your right about somethings. G-unit was hot as hell back in the day. But your dead wrong about them being hasbeens. THey are the only group out there worth listening too. Seriously, the beats are hot as hell, the lyrics don't get no better (they will chop up and serve any nigga who looks down on them), and they got more money and guns then the United States army. These are the real deal niggas. But I wont take shots at you for nto noticeing it, just get this mixtape, sit back and vibe because G-unit is forever. And PS. Banks' new cd "Gang Green" will be out soon, so look out for that because its gonna be sick. Just a heads up, Nas and Jay-Z apper on one of his tracks. DON'T SLEEP ON THE UNIT NIGGAS. THEY ARE WHATS HOTT. Fuck all the other wack, rap about out problems, no talent, ass clowns now-a-days. Crown the Unit and move on. Or G-UNIT will move to GUN-IT, and its on.

I agree

Young Buck is the only somebody in G Unit that is hot. 50 is offically the Ja Rule that he was talking about on his first album and Yayo just sucks, Mobb Deep are two hasbeens and Banks has his spurts when he is okay.
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Garbage... as what i suspected.

I listened to hear the hand full of Young buck songs, they were aiight he still holding it down though but he seriously need to consider doing his own Label and get from under that G-Umbrella, 50 Cent has cashed in and is now just doing bull shit Albums because he knows his Cult Following is gonna buy his shit no matter what he does, Lloyd banks must have stopped Sucking on 50's Dick because his tracks are startin to sound less like how 50 cent use to sound when he first started out and sounds like he's doing his own thing finally but i still can't stand his flow it's always been kinda throwin me off. These lil Mixtapes 50 is doing may perhaps end his Regime finally and some real talent can finally spur out and give us something better to listen to, We just gotta wait for that ATL Wave to go away as well because they are single handedly turning Rap into Pop and destroying what it was meant to be and how it got popular in the first place, thanx Georgia!.

Dont blame ATL....

How you gonna blame the ATL for the current state of Hip Hop....You dumb ass, one region cannot destroy music, its comin from everywhere. It's all this bullshit thats being recycled and passed from artist to artist, thats why everything sounds the same....just look at half the shit you downloadin, every damn mixtape has the same 5 songs on it and sometimes they're just re-mixed differently. It's all garbage but you gotta listen to something....and I sure as hell aint turnin to Rock or Country. I'm just tired of clowns hatin on 50 or the south, its the damn music industry as a whole and the wack ass DJ's who keep droppin the same shit on every tape

Heads up punk

Now you, I will address personally. Because you just left the stupidest comment I have ever read. Get informend. Buck is doing his own thing. Hes the President of G-Unit south if you didn't know, and 50 Cent hasn't put out a mixtape of his own since 2003. So watch your ignorant mouth before you say anything else stupid. He may put his name on the G-UNIT Mixtapes, but make no mistake, those are G-Unit and not 50 exclusives. The man is 32 years old and comming off one of the most succesfull careers a rapper has ever had. So if you got something against him, you've got something against rap, so try country. Now to Banks, one of the best punchline rappers ever. The Punchline King has ALWAYS, and still does, had a vice that sounds like 50 Cent... What are you trying to do? SAy he flexed his cords so they sound diffrent? I don't think so. Hes still down with 50, and that means still making money. You wanna talk about his flow being off then I suggest you get with the North-East style of Rap. You've got a real sound reconization problem when you start calling the G-unit shit ATL and southern sounding. You've got Young buck, the ONLY southern rapper in the G-unit core, and his crew. So pretty much Lil Scrappy. And thats where the ATL starts and ends in G-unit. By the way, idiot, if you can't reconize northern flow, and you have a problem with the Southern style, what exactly are you listening to..? Blood.
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You emailed me so i can read your post to me and you didn't even read my post right and commented on it so your whole reply looks retarded, typical G-Unit Listeners, Simply Ignorant to the rest of the world.. Pick up a book and leave that Gay-Unit Shit alone.