DJ Antalive - Strictly G-Unit Vol. 3



01. 50 Cent - Smile (I'm Leaving) 03:28
02. 50 Cent Ft Akon - Ill Still Kill 03:41
03. 50 Cent - Don't Wanna Talk About It (Not On Album) 01:45
04. 50 Cent - What Do You Got (Not On Album) 02:31
05. Havoc - Get Off My Dick 02:28
06. Tony Yayo, 50 Cent & Lloyd banks - Southside (Dissin Jimmy 03:45
07. Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent & Tony Yayo - I'm On Some Shit (Dissi 03:26
08. 50 Cent - Part time Lover (Dissin Lil Wayne & Baby) 03:47
09. Young Buck - Personal (I'm All About Unity) 04:44
10. Prodigy, 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Kool G Rap & Tony Yayo - Quee 03:37
11. Lloyd Banks - I Don't Break 03:08
12. Young Buck - Get Money 03:05
13. Prodigy - I Know 02:22
14. Havoc - Go Head 03:23
15. Lloyd Banks - Go Hard or Go Home 02:20
16. Lil Fame - Ring Da Alarm 02:30
17. Spider Loc - True West 02:39
18. Hot Rod & Spider Loc - Scream 02:25
19. Young Buck Ft Trey Songz - Gone Till The Morning 03:37
20. 50 Cent Ft Mary J Blige - All of Me 03:47
21. Prodigy - The Rotten Apple 03:04
22. Tony Yayo & Young Buck - Niggas 02:20
23. 50 Cent Ft Tony Yayo - Touch The Sky 02:56
24. Havoc - I'm The Boss 02:07
25. 50 Cent Ft Eminem - Peep Show 03:48
26. M.O.P - Sharks 02:48

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fuk g-unit and fuk jim jones

fuk g-unit and fuk jim jones for sellin out tha set real talk

real talk? haha you just mad

real talk? haha you just mad cause dip set hasn't sold any records in a long ass time. so even if jim jones rolls with the unit it won't affect them. it isn't going to change their music and cam'ron is missing in action. last time we saw him he was at a condo in pink boxers. at least jim jones is being honest he's doing it for the MONEY. everyone is always talking about hustling but if they don't get their money your way you hate on him.
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jimmy is a disloyal

jimmy is a disloyal mothafuka cam made jimmy and that aint hustling thats fukin sellin out its funny how people change when u throw money in they face

man fuck that nigga cam

man fuck that nigga cam jimmy doin the right thing cam switched on jimmy first were was the nigga cam at ruckers wen jim jones is fightin o yea he ran from the beef he got out of there while the nigga jim gettin rocked so who is the real disloay mothafucka if thats supposed 2 be ya man how u goin 2 run wen shit pop off i wish one of my niggas would do that we would be fightin n i wouldnt bang wit dat nigga nomore
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yo hold up homie

yo hold up homie, no disrespect but you realy were at ruckers that day? Cause i was right there when it went down and i'm tellin u it wasnt like that! As far as jimmy goes i'm in the heights byrdgang and its still all good wit him.. The nigga is handlin binness, makin some more dough takin advantage of 50's ability of makin.. Aint no-one sellin the set out!! Aint no-one mad wit jimmy round here! Jimmy is a dipset taliban soldier and so he's gonna keep.. The "Cam-Jimmy beef" is not existant, word.. Niggaz buyin their owns records now/ spend an extra 10 milion not to let u down/ don’t believe his plantinum cause he aint sell, he shipped that/ this niggas realy need NOT rap/ but lets hope they make it and doing sales so they say/ dependin on product promotion/ and u GHOST RAPPERS NEED TO TELL THE TRUTH TO US/ IF THIS NIGGAS DONT RAP U THE PROOF TO US/ cant respect wack artist wit their tats crazy/foolin children while i'm illin sellin crack baby/you the vilain cause you robbin all the real niggas/cocaine/ HOW THE FUCK U GET A DEAL NIGGA??/ WHICH A&R's FUCKIN WIT U'RE MOMS HOMIE??/ WHAT HEAD IN SALES REALY WAS U'RE AUNT HOMIE?? St Laz Dipset niggas!!

no i wasnt there but on the

no i wasnt there but on the camera he ran i fuck wit cam on the rappin tip but if i was doin anything with him i wouldnt trust his loyalty n i dont think he as thorough as he try 2 be n i think he soft as a muffin

real talk

all i gotta say is is there anymore room to breathe in those jeans haha fuck jim jones that nigga aint ballin thats why he tryin to fuck wit fif

Really feel the hate in this room

Why are yall hatin on jimmy and that nigga fif? you do know hatin on fif just makes him more popular. i believe jimmy knows what he is doin tryin to make money thats what they there for right. hatin on people cuz they get paper and u dont. doesnt make any sense to me. I got a question for yall who is the face of hip hop right now? 50 and u know why cuz yall hatin so much its makin him look good. hes popular cuz all the haters and e-thugs mad cuz the nigga doin what he came to do get money. simple as that if u stop the hate maybe hell fade away doubt it but just maybe.

props, the unit is back on

props, the unit is back on their shit.