DJ Mello - G-Unit: 2006 Big Business

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DJ Mello brings you inside the walls of G-Unit as he brings you this
G-Unit Business mixtape featuring the entire crew + then some. With
25 new tracks, freestyles, remixes and G-Unit anthems, this mixtape
features new cuts from Lloyd Banks, Prodigy & The Alchemist, MOP,
50 Cent, Mase, Spider Loc, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Scrappy, Havoc.

1 - Lloyd Banks Intro
2 - Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent - Cake
3 - Mobb Deep feat. Lloyd Banks - Stole Something
4 - Lloyd Banks - 70 Bars
5 - Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent - Creep
6 - Prodigy feat. 40 Glocc - When Your Dying (produced by The Alchemist)
7 - Tony Yayo - Gunz Is Razors
8 - Mobb Deep feat. Tony Yayo - Click Click
9 - Lil Scrappy feat. Lil Jon - Gangsta Gangsta (G-Unit South/BME)
10 - Mobb Deep - Poppin Bottles
11 - M.O.P feat. 50 Cent - War Time
12 - 50 Cent - Not Rich Still Lyin
13 - 50 Cent feat. Prodigy, Lloyd Banks, Spider Loc & Young Buck - Robbery
14 - 50 Cent feat. Tony Yayo, Mase, Young Buck, Mobb Deep M.O.P & Lloyd Banks -300 Shots
15 - Mase feat. 50 Cent, Young Buck & Spider Loc - It Don't Bother Me
16 - 50 Cent feat. Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, Spider Loc & Mase - I Dont Know
17 - Mobb Deep - Horror Flick
18 - Tony Yayo feat. Young Buck - Im A Gangsta
19 - Young Buck feat. 50 Cent - Celebrity Ho's
20 - Young Buck feat. Lloyd Banks - Oh Lord
21 - Lloyd Banks feat. Tony Yayo - My Hood
22 - Lloyd Banks feat. Prodigy - Get Down
23 - Prodigy - People Talkin
24 - Prodigy feat. Tony Yayo - Be Dead
25 - Tony Yayo - Wassup Freestyle

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its all good
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This got a throwback on it...Robbery....some of the other stuff i got to got some other joints on here too...70 bars of death...cake....
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why they wasting room on 50 Snitch no one cares about him
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g-units trying to make a

g-units trying to make a hostile take over with some true shit i mean that real shit that comes out of a niggas ass after a burrito
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i bet


This mixtape is totaly garbage from the start to the end ... who the fuck could be enough stupid to buy this shit...


why should someone buy it, you can have it for free. only stupid people are paying for music in this times.
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who would dl this

this tape is full of old shit which is garbage anyway


i dont even no why the niggs still putten out shit, hes garbege pure n simple, game is whare its at and dipset runs it
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the only reason why they are all the sudden makin mix tapes since game ripped g-unit a new one, they have more money now and tryin to finally make some money pretty much explains it