DJ L-Gee & Snoop Dogg - From The Beach To The Boss

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1. Gangsta like me
2. Running your mouth
3. Straight ballin'
4. I got my own ft. swizz beatz
5. We some dogs
6. Life of da party
7. Let it out
8. Dpg fo' life
9. All i see ft. butch cassidy
10. Summertime ft. r kelly
11. Keep bouncin
12. Shine
13. Hi-definition
14. Cool
15. The donque song ft.
16. Pose ft. justin timberlake
17. Sexual eruption
18. Happy i met you
19. You got your nerve
20. Dont stop
21. Mind right
22. Make u scream
23. Had to call
24. Living the life
25. Dodgeball
26. I get high
27. Sets up ft. pharrell williams
28. Cant say goodbye ft. charlie wilson

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Would have been nice to have

Would have been nice to have had "Staxxx In My Jeans" off Ego Trippin'.

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My eyes are teal, and skin color is as white as they get(.25% Irish.) On the other hand, I have the upmost respect for African-Americans. I've got more black friends than white. I'll tell YOU right now, I'm on your side!!! I KNOW the remains of the oldest human being have brown skin. I also am mostly English, which means my ancestors are the one's that brought you all over here. Though, for all you & I know, I could have been one of those underground railroad cats. Anyways, I'll be the bigger man, and apologize right now, I AM SORRY!!! Me personally, am all about justice and equality. I've been subject to both black and white racism being born in Florida, and raised mainly, just outside of D.C. Everybody has their story...learn yours! YOU sound like the racist. I've been in the middle of this for as long as I know, and I know there are PLENTY of racists on BOTH sides. When it comes down to it, it's about you and YOUR God's relationship. Peace gawd. "Just got the message, you've been calling all week/ Been out here hustlin' on these streets, ain't had a chance to speak/ But you know, wit'chu and me it's all "G"/ We could never be enemiEEEE's, cause you been such a good friend to me/ Where would I be wit' out my dogs?/ No one to ride with when times get hard/ Cuz it ain't easy being who we are/ Driven by my ambitions, desire higher positions/ So I proceed to make G's, eternally in my mission/ It's to be more than just a rap musician/ The elevation of today's generation/ If could make 'em listen/ Prison ain't what we need, no longer stuck in greed/ Time to play and strategize, my family's gotta eat/ When we make somethin' out of nothing/ No pleasure in the suffering, neighborhood would be good/ If they could cut out all the busting/ The liquor and the weed, the cussing/ Sending love out to MY block/ The struggle never stops (unconditional love)" -Makaveli Da Don

i agree

2 many ppl claiming white ppl r the racists.. seriously tho, if u look at society today (not talking about plotics and junk, just everyday life), more ppl are racist to white ppl because they think white ppl r racist 2 them. im not white so dont verbally jump me

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Bill ( asshole) O'reilly just happend to be white. He is on the album cover with his head cut off because he ia natural born dickhead. People can be dickheads no matter what colour their skin is. So 'fuck you' indeed fuck you if you are not informed correctly.

So hows the mixtape man?

So hows the mixtape man?

the mixtape ok bro

the mixtape ok bro

seriously i think thats the

seriously i think thats the only thing that matters not this racist bullshit

what does his head head on

what does his head head on the cover have to do with race. He's an ass hole. Black. White. Whatever

@ fuck you what does race

@ fuck you what does race have to do with anything YOU made it racial. To all you who reacted in anger or got pissed off that exactly what mothafuckas like that want couple words set a bunch of you off then he just rides off after starting shit. I know you guys are smarter than that.

I love Bill O'reilly. he

I love Bill O'reilly. he speaks the truth and some people just can't handle the truth. bill needs to run for the president of the USKKKA..oh i mean usa..i don't live in the same land as jeremiah wright. prime example of what a black racist looks like. oh did i mention i love bill o'reilly. and we all need to end racism. it's really stupid when we all breath the same air and bleed "RED".

man as far as comments go

man as far as comments go this website is fuckin terrible, you all realize that right?

The blame should be on the cover designer

This mixtape cover was done in poor taste. True, there may not be a lot of love for Bill O'Reilly in the black community, but showing his cut off head on the cover is going too far. And while the first commenter didn't need to drop the n-bomb, it is true that if some CD cover or magazine cover showed Al Sharpton's or Oprah's head cut off, then the whole country would be in an uproar. It would be all in the news and forwarded in all kinds of emails. And I'm black by the way. AT THE SAME TIME - IT'S A CD COVER FOR A MIXTAPE, SO IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS.

head on apply directly to

head on apply directly to the forehead

fuckin' hilarious!

haha, that made me laugh pretty damn hard buddy, i fuckin' hate that commercial haha


Matt1234567890 wrote:
haha, that made me laugh pretty damn hard buddy, i fuckin' hate that commercial haha
BUT I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Maybe Snoop just doesn't

Maybe Snoop just doesn't exactly like neo-conservative republicans who don't know when to shut the fuck up.