DJ 007 Presents Fabolous VS Jadakiss - Beast In The East

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01. Jadakiss Ft. Lil' Wayne - Why 2k7 (Exclusive)
02. Fabolous Ft. Jr. Reid - Real Gangstas
03. Jadakiss - Freestyle
04. Fabolous - Freestyle
05. DJ 007 Ft. Jadakiss, Fabolous & Akon - Back 2 The St
06. DJ 007 Ft. Fabolous, Jadakiss & Big Pun - Training D
07. DJ 007 Ft. Jadakiss & Fabolous - Training Day Part I
08. DJ 007 Ft. Jadakiss - Kiss of Death 2k7 (Exclusive)
09. Fabolous Ft. Jay-Z - Brooklyn
10. Young Jeezy Ft. Jadakiss - Go Getta (Remix)
11. Fabolous Ft. Young Jeezy & Jay-Z - Freestyle
12. DJ 007 Ft. Jadakiss - Fuck You 2k7 (Exclusive)
13. Fabolous - Get Ya Money
14. Jadakiss - Get Money Interlude
15. Ray Lavender Ft. Fabolous - Girl Got A Girlfriend (R
16. Joel Ortiz Ft. Jadakiss - Hip-Hop (Remix)
17. Fabolous - Shine
18. Jadakiss - Freestyle
19. Red Cafe Ft. Fabolous - Bling Blaow
20. Jadakiss & Akon - Do You feel Me
21. Fabolous Ft. Brandy - Fall Back (Classic)
22. Jadakiss - Blood Pressure (Classic)
23. Fabolous - Freestyle
24. Jadakiss & Papoose - Where It All Began
25. Fabolous Ft. Young Jeezy - Diamonds In My Damn Chain
26. DJ 007 Ft. Jadakiss - Till I Collapse (Exclusive)
27. Fabolous - Breathe
28. Jadakiss & Dmx - Here We Go
29. Lloyd Banks & Fabolous - Freestyle (Classic)
30. Jadakiss - Freestyle (Exclusive)
31. Fabolous Ft. Akon - Never Change
32. Jadakiss - We Back
33. Swizz Ft. Fabolous - Big Things Poppin
34. Beanie Sigel & Jadakiss - Problem
35. Fabolous - Freestyle
36. Jadakiss & Styles P - We Gonna Make It
37. Fabolous - G.A.N.G.S.T.A.
38. Jadakiss & Styles P - Keepin It Gangsta (Remix)
39. Fabolous - Keepin It Gangsta (Classic)
40. Jadakiss - World War III
41. Fabolous - Freestyle
42. Jadakiss - 40 Bars of Death
43. Fabolous - Bad guy
44. Jadakiss - Games People Play (Classic)
45. Fabolous Ft. T. Pain - Baby Dont Go (Exclusive)
46. You Decide - The Champ Is Here

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y do DJs keep doing this

y do DJs keep doing this blank Vs. blank mixtape shit when theres no beef? cuz then people always gotta say "THIS SHIT IS OVA JADA WILL MURDA FAB" n they gotta get all opinion-ish, and that leads to internet beef. you already know. "When it come to good bars, I'm Willy Wonka"

Yup Yup

Got dat right.....Jada will murda fab. ahaaaaaah!!! Nah, it's not good to compare anyone. Real Talk. "everybody is garbage, no exceptions" -Jadakiss Support the real artists. B-More signin' out.......1
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can u even compare those 2 honestly they have TOTALLY different styles fab got his own thing goin n jada do 2 so shyt at da end of da day they both good at what they do so im wit ol boi wit da first comment these dj's need 2 quit wit all this dude vs. this dude i mean if they gon do that compare da dudes that have similar rap styles n shyt YA DIG?!?!
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If yall would look closely and pay attention you would notice that this is not actually a BEEF CD!! If Fab and Jada had beef do you think they would be hookin up for collabos? There are 3 of em on this CD alone and I have some more on other CD's. This album is just a compilation of hits and exclusives by the two. This is like the third album like this with these two. There is NO beef tween them. 007 was just in a dry spell and needed something to keep his name in the streets and what better way to do it than to use Fab and Jada. Get real!

WE know

WE know that, 'RusselSimmons' was just sayin' on how SOME other tards MIGHT comment on how it is beef. Just jokin' around. Good point wit' the DJ though. "You can drink ya hatarade and eat ya pohata chips, n*ggas like y'all is caught in the Hatrix/ But I got a hitsquad that leave hater dead, wit' a f*ckin' hole in ya Mr.Pohata head" -Saigon Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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i was so dissappionted in

i was so dissappionted in fabs album it was ridicioulus it was alot of collabos wit r&b bullshit the same stuff he always does talkin about how hes in love etc. man he needs to do is go back 2 his gangsta shit like on losos way just sayin
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hellz yea layz

^^^^^^^^^yo i co-sign that, fuck that R+B shit. maybe if i had a bitch id appreciate it more ============= stop snitchin
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JADA Só Sabe Rir. Fabolous

JADA Só Sabe Rir. Fabolous canta sem abrir a boca. Shit é Jada x Fabolous pra saber quem é o pior ?