DJ White Owl - Beef Classics

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1. Hip Hop Central & Dj Whiteowl - Intro [0:18]
2. Notorious B.I.G - Im Gonna Kill U (Intro 2) [0:44]
3. Notorious B.I.G Feat P Diddy - Pray For My Downfall (Dissin Tupac) [4:20]
4. Tupac Interlude - Dissin - Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Mobb Deep & Jay-Z) [1:17]
5. Tupac - Bomb First (Dissin Notorious B.I.G P .Diddy Jay Z Mobb Deep Etc) [3:36]
6. Notorious B.I.G Ft P Diddy - Warning (Dissin Tupac) [5:14]
7. Tupac Ft The Outlaws - Hit Em Up (Dissin Notorious B.I.G P Diddy Junior Mafia Mobb Deep Chino Xl) [5:05]
8. Jay-Z - The Takeover (Dissin Nas & Mobb Deep) [5:08]
9. Nas - Ether (Dissin Jay-Z) [4:35]
10. Camron Feat Max B - You Gonna Hate Us (Dissin Jay-Z ) [6:03]
11. Jay-Z - Numbers Dont Lie (Dissin Jim Jones) [0:15]
12. Jay-Z - Brooklyn (Dissin Jim Jones & Dipset) [3:05]
13. Mc Shan Ft Marley Marl - The Bridge (Dissin Krs One) [6:32]
14. Krs-One - The Bridge Is Over (Dissin Mc Shan) [3:17]
15. Interlude - Hes Not Real (Dissin 50 Cent) [0:22]
16. Fat Joe - My 44 (Dissin 50 Cent) [1:49]
17. Fat Joe - My 44 (Dissin 50 Cent) [3:52]
18. Shyne - Where He At (Dissin 50 Cent) [4:42]
19. Ludacris - War With God (Dissin T.I.) [4:29]
20. Jadakiss - Im The Champ (Outro) [0:20]

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hell yea

Niiiicee....this is what im talkin about

I'm surprised they got the

I'm surprised they got the MC Shan vs vs KRS-One, even though it should have been Kill That Noise.

I just noticed that track

I just noticed that track #17 is titled wrong it's supposed to be "50 Cent (f/ G-Unit) - I Smell Pussy". Tape is fine though the right song is there.

They trippin

They shouldve had Jada's checkmate on here but instead they got fat joe faggot ass on here --- Just me and my guitar, yeah bitch I'm heavy metaling, you can get tha fuckin Led Zeppelin.- Wayne I call my dogs dogs cuz they ridin well, I call yall dogs cuz everyone one of you niggaz gotta tell.- Papoose
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not bad

this is good, it could've been a lot better though check my steez:

why would thy do a cover

why would thy do a cover like this? shits disrespectful.