Cutmaster C - You Got Punked Pt. 2

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01. Young Jeezy - Hip Hop Is Not Dead (Nas Diss) 04:21
02. Jaz - O Freestyle (Dissin' Jay-Z) 02:17
03. Lil Wayne - Freestyle (Gille Da Kid Answer) 03:45
04. Gille Da Kid - Frontin (Dissin' Lil Wayne) 04:29
05. Game - Freestyle (Dissin' G-Unit) 03:37
06. Game - Soundscan (Dissin' Lloyd Banks) 04:14
07. Lloyd Banks - Freestyle (Dissin' Game) 01:36
08. Peedi Peedi - Take Em To War (Dissin' The Diplomats) 02:03
09. Uncle Murda - Warning (Produced By Tuneheadz) 04:03
10. Jay-Z - Dig A Hole (Dissin' The Diplomats) 04:12
11. Jim Jones Feat. Dame Dash - Kingdome Come (Dissin' Jay-Z) 02:41
12. Main O - Take It Like A Man 03:27
13. Hell Rell - Freestyle (Dissin' Tru Lyfe) 02:47
14. 50 Cent - The Bomb (Dissin' Diddy) 03:08
15. Diddy - Im Richer (Dissin' 50 Cent) 02:15
16. Jay-Z - Brookyln High (Dissin' Jim Jones, Dame) 03:23
17. Jim Jones Feat. Juelz - Brooklyn High Answer 04:45
18. Game - My Turn (Dissin' G Unit) 04:08
19. Game - The Funeral (Dissing G-Unit) 06:11
20. Jay-Z - Lost Ones 03:46
21. Beyonce - Irreplacable 04:56
22. Uncle Murder - Cake 03:52

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Jeezy's Comments

I'm not hating on the guy, and disregarding anything to do with Nas, Jeezy just got OWNED by those women and sounds like a total idiot throughout the interview. Trying to twist her words, what a little b*tch. He can't take confrontation at all, which suprised me.

Jeezy proves he knows nothing about hip hop and embodies everything wrong with hip hop today. The only thing he mentions is street cred and being on the block like that is something to be proud of. That is not what hip hop is all about.

And the fact he brings up someone from London can't respect or know hip hop is straight ignorance.

Didn't really mind Jeezy before, but I lost total respect for the guy

TerraFirma's picture

yea yea

on the block aint nothin to be ashamed of nerd get off ur computer more often rather then listenin to rap, nothin like block money other than that i agree wit u that greasy rappers like jeezy aint shit but thats like most of them they start off good then they get more money than they can handle and start rappn bout bullshit

Learn to read

Did I say that making money on the block is something to be ashamed of? NO, so learn to read. Jeezy selling coke isn't something to be proud of, enough said. Nerd? Just because Im going to be making my money in the corporate world and will never have to resort to hustling on the street corner? Yea you make alot of sense

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wateva corperate faggit

if i wanted to know bout ur big money ideas id ask another white nerd u homo u dont need 2 hustle on block corners if u got clientele but u wouldnt kno shit mommas boy u probly get scared on the street so u hide at ur parents house ay bitch go kill urself punk


Way to show your ignorance and categorize me based on race when you know nothing about me. Typical online thug too, I won't even drop to your level. Peace

Dont get emotional like a woman, this is online man. Cmon. If you can't have a discussion without getting upset, don't get on the message board

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far below my level

no1s gettin upset bitch, anyway your prety cool being a cheeky punk on a message board ay but cant do shit in real life




i've read some dumb ass shit but TerraFirma you are the dumbest kid here.

look in the mirror kid. you don't hustle or do shit.pretend whatever the fuck you want in an online world but if you were so street you wouldnt be arguing on the fucking internet.

dumb ass kids these days...

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i bet ur a white faggit snitch

ur a bitch and always will be nothing u might as well kill yourself if all u can do is be a bitch sticking up 4 ur cyber friends u lame

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i bet ur a white faggit snitch

ur a bitch and always will be nothing u might as well kill yourself if all u can do is be a bitch sticking up 4 ur cyber friends u lame

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u dont kno me whitenerd so u must be talkin bout yourself lil faggit



Mainstream Hip Hop is Dead

When every emcee talks about the same sh*t on every song, yea that means its dead. (Money, drugs, bitches), no creativity. Blame can't be totally put on the artist cause they are just trying to make some money. Record companies should take most of the blame for this bs

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jeezy n ross

when you wanna wild out, in a club, if the music is good who gives a fuck. jeezy makes good music. He kills hip hop but so what? he isnt really doing hip hop he's doing gangsta rap which is all about bitches, coke and paper. At least he's consistent, him and rick ross - you're gonna tell me we would be better off without their music and rhymes? N***a pleease!

I understand that

They are great for the club scene, so it is what it is. But I cant even listen to DC's hip hop radio stations anymore, same songs about the same topics over and over again.

getcrunk's picture

true, but...

I couldnt agree more. Nice said! But i dont agree on blaming the labels... i mean, its not like they tell their artists what to write about, or...? What do labels know about this culture? Nada! I blame these guys who think they can be a rapstar by just spittin some crap just because some other dudes made it doing it!

We've heard it, and now we want something different!

The lack of creativity can only be put on the artist himself.

Theres too many cats trying to come up these days which result in a lot of bullshit rhymes and messages.

At least this is what i think!

Record Labels

Just my opinion since I am not in the record business, but I think record labels pretty much control what their artists' put out. You have to blame both parties, cause record companies are going after and signing artists for this particular type of music and shoving in it down our throats. I think most people don't realize how pathetic most songs are, just banging their head to the hook and beat.

Thanks for the upload jlaudiosw7


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Snowman just got melted!!!

I totally agree with the comment regarding Young Jeezy not knowing, understanding or living the hip hop lifestyle. He is just another ignorant ass that makes us black people fit another damn stereotype. In that interview he showed that he is only in the rap game to cop his paper and that's that. He does not respect the craft, lifestlye nor the history of hip hop. I was begininng to like his style b4 but not after hearin that interview now he just sounds like an ignorant coke head sellout. A straight up industry BITCH.(2Tones)

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"hip hop is dead" and pplz

"hip hop is dead"

and pplz like jeezy r tha culprits

hotChoklat's picture

yeah jeezy did but

Yeah hes an industry, but he aint a bitch...and he aint a sellout cos he only does himself. I agree jeezy the type of dude thats killin hip hop in a way but i can't lie: his flow, his rap, his style: that shit is enormous. So say goodnight to the bad guy.
This dude is the wrong target if you wanna find the reasons for hip-hop's death. Ask g-unit what they did.

Stop Hatin' On A Niggas Hustle!!!!

It's 2000 not 1980 so hip hop is gonna change, y'all need 2 stop hatin' on these new niggas hustle especially Jeezy. He 's one of the realest niggas, he actually did what half of the shit these bitch ass (Mobb Deep), snitchin rappers (G-Unit) say they did (U Kno What It Is). He follows real nigga rules & doesn't talk about what don't do & he spits MOTIVATION (4 everybody 2 get money no matter how u do it & that's 4 real niggas). Nas doesn't motivate me 2 get money maybe Jay-Z but not fuckin' Nas & that's what life is about now gettin' muthafuckin money (not spittin' lyrics on a corner, get money on the corner) Rappin is a career now (niggas put that on applications now cuz everybody doin), if niggas really feel it's dead get signed & put out a album of the bullshit u call hip hop (everybody like different shit)!! NIGGAs need 2 stop talkin' bout other NIGGAs like BITCHES & GET MUTHAFUCKIN' MONEY!!

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Hip-Hop is YOU!!! Not Dead

Hip-Hop is YOU!!! Not Dead
Rap is something you DO, Hip-Hop is something you LIVE
if you still don't know what's hip hop is well there it is....

Hip-hop is more than just music: It's a lifestyle and a culture. DJing, dance, MCing, and graffiti are the four main elements of hip-hop.

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No More Hung Jury the Verdict Is In

Ladies & Gents these are my closing arguments on this hot topic. Lets begin with a reality check. Lets try not to take any direct or indirect criticisms aimed at your favorite artists to heart. Do you honestly believe they are your closest friends, your riders, or your family? Damn they are just simply "entertainers", here to entertain us...that's it thats all. Just as Al Pacino is one of my favorite actors for his roles in Mafia and Gangster-style movies. We all know that Al is no real gangster, but who gives a damn he makes us all believers in his characters. We don't think any different of him for doin' that either...Therefore whether Jeezy ran the block, sold coke, or shot someone and Nas never did should not have any bearing on whether or not he is real. It's foolish...the artists are here to simply entertain us. Now with the reality check outta the way lets get into the subject of Hip Hop bein' Dead. I beleive that we need todays artists and tomorrows artist to bring diversity and genuine creativity day in day out to our hip hop culture (diversity & creativity are the right and left lungs of hip hop). Now it is correct to say that it is wrong to single one individual out for this problem however we know the style or the jimmy that many artists are ridin' right now so what we need to do is stop buyin' into one brand (that the industry is tryin' to tell us collectively) will be our breakfast, lunch and supper for the year. We as fans have the highest amount of power to swing this problem around just simply cuz we out number them and we are the consumers (meaning buyers) without our money none of it would be possible. So let's stop pointing fingers and assume our roles and responsibilties as hip hop's future. I REST MY CASE

What,s Beef

FINALLY...somebody has a comment that makes sense. Every other comment is either hatin on other rappers or hatin on some one who wants to share their opinion...which is why HIP HOP IS DEAD!!! While those who rap are busy hatin on each other...the industry is gettin rich on that same hate; while none of these so called ballin cats are even seeing close to what they're making. This is what has been killing the Hip Hop Community for years, it is simalar to drug and gang violence. Us in the community are busy fighting over something that we have no owenership. I respect artist like Jay-z and Nas because they have been around and paid their dues and look they can drop albums out of no where and SELL SELL SELL without selling their soul; in the meantime the money's they've made have been invested....we call that LONG MONEY. OH yeah....I read a comment that stated that everything Nas get on is weak...pfff, he must be down with chain hang low and chicken noodle soup.