DJ Wreck - We Don't Fuck Wit 2Pac Pt. 2

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DJ Wreck assembles a collection of tracks & freestyles by East Coast
artists who at one time dissed Tupac - feat. Tupac disses from Jay-Z,
Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim, DMX, Mobb Deep, P. Diddy, Fugees, Ja Rule...

1 - 2pac Intro
2 - A Dangerous MC (original version) - Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' 2pac)
3 - Long Kiss Goodnight - Notorious B.I.G. feat. P. Diddy (dissin' 2pac)
4 - Dead or Alive pt. 1 - Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money (dissin' 2pac)
5 - Brooklyn's Finest - Jay-Z feat. Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' Faith)
6 - Big Momma Thang (original version) - Lil' Kim (dissin' Faith & 2pac)
7 - Phenomenon - LL Cool J (dissin' 2pac)
8 - I Shot Ya (remix) - LL Cool J (dissin' 2pac)
9 - Drop A Gem On 'Em - Mobb Deep (dissin' 2pac)
10 - Kick In The Door - Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' 2pac & Nas)
11 - 4321 - DMX (dissin' 2pac)
12 - DMX Freestyle (dissin' 2pac & West Coast)
13 - Ja Rule Freestyle (dissin' 2pac)
14 - Dead or Alive pt. 2 - Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money (dissin' 2pac)
15 - Cowboys - Fugees (dissin' 2pac)
16 - The Score - Fugees feat. Diamond D (dissin' 2pac)
17 - LA, LA - CNN feat. Mobb Deep (dissin' West Coast)
18 - Who Shot Ya - Notorious B.I.G.
19 - BONUS: Against All Odds - 2pac (dissin' Mobb Deep, Dr. Dre, Puff Daddy, Nas, Stretch Armstrong & LL Cool J)

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That's a coward move!

If I knew who Dj Wreck was I would personally slap the shit out of him for putting out something like this! Pac has been dead for 10 years and you make a mixtape exploiting his beefs, and some of those people on there wasn't even out when pac was alive!And ja rule WHAT! He wants to be like pac bottom line is pac can't defend his-self unless he comes back from cuba.


seconded, i'd slap wreck twice 419

DJ WRECK here i come

In my view this cd's i will not comment on cause for one in my view and respect for 2pac and Afeni shakur i will WILL not download this in my insite i will only download the beef's thats up todate history of beef but not 2pac or biggie i will not download and i can't stand biggie but let the dead rest


If pac has been dead for 10 years then how is he in cuba ??????????????????

re:"If pac has been dead for 10 years then how is he in cuba ??"

haha basically there are ppl out there (like miself to some extent) that believe that pac is still alive. and supposedly there have been reported sightings of him in cuba so thatz where ppl think he's been chillin. *example* eminem rapped about this at the end of "Fubba U Cubba Cubba"(stupidazz title i know) the line was "...(blahblahblah)... Hip Hop Ain't Been The Same Since Tupac Moved To Cuba On Us" that song was on the anger management tour mixtape which is hawt i done copped that shit. but moving back to the mixtape WUTHEFUK! whodafuk would make a compilation of diss traxx aimed towards the greatest rapper of all time.that mo'fucka shuuld be bytch-slapped nuff sayd r.i.p. pac
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is 2pac alive

if u think 2pac still alive look on and look at the 2pac autopsy picture and see what you think then!

the bounca speaks..........

I think what the dj was trying to do was to put together a collection of all the dis tracks directed against tupac. as a tru hip-hop fan, i have no problem with this. the only thing im against is the name of the cd and that its the most controversial cd in ten years. mutha fuck what the dj is tryin to do, but i understand why he's doing it, atleast from my perspective.


i'm agreein w/ this one here...who the hell can diss pac??? his diss hit em up has been number one ever since came out..don't believe me??..well watch BET and search it online...DJ Wreck is fake as hell..and Fuk all of the rest..Jay Z, Nas, Ja Rule etc



don't know what you guys are

don't know what you guys are getting pissed off about, it's not like these are NEW diss tracks towards 2Pac, it's just the old shit put together into 1 mixtape


Let old shit died phuck dat cd's as far as old shit make a cd's about some classic shit poor righteous teacher etc etc not some shit degrading the man old shit died if it was a biggie vs tupac okay but all dat old shit brings drama we as far as i know got most of dat shit probably threw dat shit in the garbage guess thats my man pac as far as dat cd's i will not download it dats my viev and my opinion whoever dl it thats they business dl some ja-rule diss shit thats will b better
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Diss the DJ!!! And not a Legend!!!!!!


The album art says it is the "Most Controverisal CD in a Decade" so I guess he was aiming for this kind of response. One thing I personally dont get and maybe its just me is why he called it "We dont fuck with Pac" but its all disses towards him and only one track of Pac dissing back and its a "Bonus"..


HE just wreck his crediblity the most controversial cd's decade the most stupid cd's of decade we need some r&b's mixtapes up in here the twat is hot in the summer fellas so lets get the R&b's out and phuck this cd's we need a poll how many people downloadin this shit
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Boo Hoo...

Stop yo' damn whining. Bet you Pac fags didn't cry when he did Hit 'em up. What's the matter? You can't take ur own medicine? Pac ALIVE in Cuba!?!?!?!?!? If you think that big-mouth punk could have kept quiet this long - you Fuckin' CRAZY. R.I.P B.I.G
tha ding's picture

Pretty Stupid

Why would someone put a mixtape together full of disses to 2Pac? Kinda stupid. I like Pac so i dont think ill be dl this...
sinaloa's picture

Best of Tha Ding...

Who Won the G-Unit / D-Block Beef? hmm, well Submitted by tha ding on Fri, 05/12/2006 - 3:42am. tha ding: "Lloyd Banks is better lyrically then almost every rapper." Hey ding, With idiot suggestions like the one you made above, do you really think that ANYONE gives a FUCK what you think? Shut-tha-fuck-up.
tha ding's picture

fuck you

Why dont you shut the fuck up...u think your better than everyone and only YOUR opinion matter so fuck you! Your an asshole! U dont even post about the mixtapes, u just put people down...just get a life.
sinaloa's picture

Ur Own Words...

You the one bitchin' bout a mixtape you say you ain't even gonna get. Are you really that much of a Pac-Dick-Ryder? Besides, all I did was quote your own foolish words. Call me what you like - we got nothing in common.


HEY Ding & sinaloa chill dam dam dam u all letting this shit get to u i tell u what both of u all go to the video store rent a movie together and have fun and when u all get thru with BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN tell me whens the wedding
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To all the negativity

"I don't respond to ignorance I ignore em' why would I die for em' when I could live for em'" Papoose Kind of a contradiction but you get the point.

Towards All the Hostility

Everyone needs to calm down a bit. I have no idea why some people are taking sides here. B.I.G. was great and Tupac was great. Personally I would take Tupac over B.I.G. but the thing is I DONT HAVE TOO. Its the same with this G-Unit D-Block stuff. You can listen to both. Hip Hop is entertainment so it is meant for you to listen to everyone, just because you enjoy one side doesnt mean you cant listen to the other side. When all this hostility arises is when people like 'Pac and B.I.G. are killed or "hide out" or whatever you believe. And I dont understand why people argue online over who is better just believe what you want and if you someone is mind is made up you will not be able to change it.
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DJ WRECK here i come Submitted by djdilemma on Sun, 05/28/2006 - 1:12pm. djdilemma: "i can't stand biggie" ------------------------------------------------------ Can't stand Biggie?!?!?! U should show more respect to THE greatest MC of all time. Bringing up "Brokeback mountain"!?!?! Shit, I don't even know what the hell that is, but I have heard of a Prequel called Tupac Mountain that was filmed in Rikers Island 1995. Seriously, When you Pac fans gonna get it? This mixtape ain't for you so why be up on here talkin' shit? Just look above, FIRST 10 comments are posted by the Tupac fan club! I mean c'mon! You get ur 'lil Pac mixtapes every damn week. Soon as something comes along that goes against the grain you wanna censor it? Give me a fuckin' break. Pac himself would be disgusted at your communistic veiws. He gave as good as he got. Why don't you?

sinaloa LISTEN I DON'T

sinaloa LISTEN I DON'T DISRESPECT THE HOMOS u r a human bein too i can't stand biggie dats right but i will not download a biggie diss cause of the respect maybe i should show respect for the homos of all time as far as gettin pac mixtapes been there done that why bringin up a dissin a whole cd's of a man that is dead includin biggie we should share the memories that they brought to hip-hop tupac & biggie.Maybe u should stop using your hands or u Ron Jeremy twins and stop usin your mouth to advance your gains lil man.take your ass to www.gaytorrents.??? if it don't exist go to godaddy.??? and get it :) ???(can't advertise websites) well anyway u go girl

Yeah...FUCK DJ Wreck

Yeah...FUCK DJ Wreck
sinaloa's picture


What? Nothing you say or do makes sense. Is that jibber-jabber is the best you got? To comparing that incoherent shit to my 'Tupac Mountain' comeback is like comparing Takeover to Ether. I can imagine the tears streaming down ur face as you randomly hit the keyboard, full of rage, coming back time and time again to weep about a tape you got no interest in... now that is pathetic. If you don't want the tape, go lick Pac's balls somewhere else. Look bitch, I'll even give you the link: The mistake you made is taking shit way too seriously. Pac loved the beef. Shit, He started it all with his jealousy. Diss tracks & Battles are all part of the game. You claim that you wouldn't play a Biggie diss out of respect either but you can be quouted as saying: "i can't stand biggie". If that's your idea of respect I hope somebody pays yo' momma the same level someday soon. Face it fellas, You green with envy because CNN's LA, LA & Mobb Deep's Drop a Gem are better tracks then anything Pac EVER did. That is Hip-Hop History right there but no, you say it should be censored? That makes you no better than Tom Cruise.

sinaloa on some gay ca-ca

listen here you grammy award JOHN HOLMES this is getting ridiculous how u like it when u 69 on your man slappin each other nuts i'm not going to talk about your momma cause for one i been there up in her,show some respect u wanna be jerry springer reject how it feel when your momma sold u for some crack a $3 bag & they don't even make dat dats how bad she wanna get rid of your Robert Taylor project azz.She had u when she was 12 years old she don't know who your crack head daddy is, check this out look at CRACK HEADS GO WILD in NEW YORK video and pick your daddy might be that wu tang crack head And HO"s dat u is u damn right i wouldnt play biggie diss-- respect bitch I got one for example i can't stand your momma but i bang her on principle u feel me now u get it and damn when i hit it i should had use a JIMMY cause look what came out u a phuckin mistake. BASICALLY this will be my last comment on you homo i'm hear for mixtapes not your gay a$%%
John S's picture


la,la gud...but New York, New York better :D
Allahu_ Akbar's picture

If I had Known.......

If I had known that my comment would start a wildfire of criticism about Pac & Biggie or Biggie and Pac... I would have never said what I said! It's not about who's the best, I respect both of those men. It's the way I feel about anyone using old music to exploit dead rappers including Biggie or Pac! Everyone is putting out-dated verses on new tracks from both of these rappers and there making money! They are putting old tracks on compilation mixtapes and making money! I'm willing to bet that Tupac's estate or Biggie's estate are not seeing a dime. Now I will admit that I download damn there all these mixtapes off of here. But if it's hot I will buy the original but if it's trash I won't! And I'm saying that to say this I believe in supporting quality and "We Don't Fuck With Tupac" does not qualify.
grandnoble's picture

Stop Whining

Stop bitching damn. I downloaded it. Tupac is a legend but what the fuck. He created lots of beef. So people fucking beefed! And here it is! Get the fuck over it and stop your bitch-ass whining everybody.
sinaloa's picture


Tupac Shakur: "I don't have to talk about whether or not I got raped in jail." Yo' Dilemma, How the fuck did you make it outta first grade? You seem to know more about Gay Porn Stars than you do about grammer. Talking of people with Aids, I got a mixtape for you, it's called: We did fuck Tupac by the Riker Island prison population. Check out the 100% accurate quote above/weak denial and then tell me who the real fish is? Truth is, the only thing Pac was ever Hit'ing up is another dude's ass.


How many times do i have to see your momma on the maury show she been on there all season and she still havent find your daddy.You must be in your late 10's lil boy OH YEAH GO TO THIS SITE AND HELP YOUR MOMMA-CAN'T MAKE A CRACKHEAD INTO A HOUSEWIFE BUT SHE CAN BE A HOE
sinaloa's picture


Is that weak-ass diss really the best you can do? Pity you ain't a rapper because with cornball, no relevance insults like that you could have easily signed for Deathrow Records. Do you know what a PARASITE is? I can tell you slow, so i'll explain: 1.An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host. 2.One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return. Pretty much sums you and the punk-ass 2Pac fan club up - Don't it? I'll say it again - Nothing you say or do makes any sense. Just like when you said: "BASICALLY this will be my last comment" in the rant above. Even by replying to me, you display a total lack of self-control, akin to a Crack Addict. But what makes you an even bigger fool is calling anybody a Crackhead when Tupac's OWN MOTHER (Afeni shakur) was a well-known & self-confessed JUNKIE. Pot-Kettle-Black-Bitch. P.S - Don't bother callin' me a rapist either - Pac done did his time for that.


U A LIL HATER arent u why hate on 2pac fame havent your momma done enough starring in SUPERHEAD why don't u leave AFENI out of it man u such a idiot u should worry about your momma than other people mother go play and definitely show a lil effort when i'm with your moms and leave the house i know your ears are hurtin from me bangin on dat beeeeyyyyoootttcchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Blah, Blah, Blah... This is a mixtape for people that don't fuck with Pac, so it shouldn't come as a shock that i'm a Pac hater. So-tha-fuck-what? What I find shocking is the way you Pac-Homo's can't stand the heat. Ya'll actin' like fuckin' babies. It's a fact that Pac has released more albums dead then he did when he was alive, plus you ALWAYS getting your 2pac mixtapes more or less every damn week. So why YOU HATIN' when an alterative to Pac's music comes out? Can't you let the people who ain't riding a west coat dick have some fun? No doubt Pac was left-wing but damn, He would turn in his grave if he knew that his fan club had turned into a free-speech oppressing communist organisation. Oh yeah, Dick Jockey Dilemma or whateva yo' name is, The shrillness of your response lets me know that the battle was won. Shit, you so upset that you forgot to use full stops! Seeing as ya'll are cryin' like a bunch of new-born babies, This is for you: --------------------- I CRY by Tupac Shakur --------------------- Sometimes when I'm alone I Cry, Cause I am on my own. The tears I cry are bitter and warm. They flow with life but take no form I Cry because my heart is torn. I find it difficult to carry on. If I had an ear to confiding, I would cry among my treasured friend, but who do you know that stops that long, to help another carry on. The world moves fast and it would rather pass by. Then to stop and see what makes one cry, so painful and sad. And sometimes… I Cry and no one cares about why. --------------------------- 2Pac said it himself, keep weeping the bitter tears bitches - nobody cares.

I'm goin to let dead dawgs

I'm goin to let dead dawgs rest but to your comments i let ignorance speaks for itself sinaloa i'll catch u at the vanilla ice fan club u don't understand hip-hop and pac is not from the westcoast he from the eastcoast lil bbbeeeyyyootch when Biggie made Me and my Bitch i guess he dedicated to u and your whole family.GOODBYE
paidthacosttobedaboss's picture

cold cold cold

there is some cold stuff on here bout 2 pac and whatnot. just let the rest or live in peace. why does history need bringing up. the only mc that can be on the same page as pac is nas. jay z laugh. mobb deep sell outs. this is cold. i ain't never downloading any thing against pac i have respect. and diss a dead man. poor mixtape poor dj. who downloaded this shame.
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dj wreck shuld be dead!

If I see dj wreck I'ma bitchslap him back to his moms uteris.
gexthefirst's picture

Taking back

I just found out that dj wreck made a mixtape with all tupac's disses to the rappers found on this disc :D
sinaloa's picture


No Die-lemma, you won't be 'catching' me at any Vanilla Ice fan club. The only thing you gonna be 'catching' is AIDS from yo' moms. Funny you should mention VANILLA ICE, because it's a FACT that it was HIS royalties that finaced DEATHROW RECORDS!!!!! You got a real knack for puttin' yo' foot in yo' mouth don't you? Next time you diss Van Winkle just remember that Ice, Ice Baby was the song that made DEATHROW RECORDS. Don't bite the hand that feeds you - Bitch! Besides, It's clearly YOU that's into the commerical shit. That's why you can get 2pac calenders, mugs, posters and wack-ass movies co-starring Janet Jackson. Shit, you even got a mini-me plastic Pac in the 'What U won't do' Video?!?! Now that is the epitomie of commericalism. Yeah, It's true that Pac was born & went to STAGE/BALLET/ACTING SCHOOL, hanging out with his rich-ass friends like Jada Pinkett Smith & dating Quincy Jones Daughter in N.Y, but we all seen what happened to him when he came back. Biggie gave the birdcall and he got his nuts shot off. BLAM!!!
tha ding's picture

Ya But

Unfortunately, now they are both dead. Sinaloa, dont get me wrong i may back Pac but im also a big fan of Biggie. I am from the East Coast.
sinaloa's picture


Both Dead? You don't say? Another pearl of wisdom from the ding. I've told you once already, that because of this: tha ding: "Lloyd Banks is better lyrically then almost every rapper." I don't Want, Respect or Care for ANYTHING you got to say. Shut-tha-fuck-up
tha ding's picture

Wow..your tough

lol now i know why nobody respects you. U get into arguments over stupid stuff with everybody. Thx for makin that quote famous hehe- asshole!
sinaloa's picture


I didn't make yo' monkey ass Famous. No ding, you made yourself INFAMOUS. This is what the dictionary says about it: 1.Having an exceedingly bad reputation. 2.Punishable by severe measures, such as death, long imprisonment, or loss of civil rights. 3.Convicted of a crime, such as treason, that carries such a punishment. Calling Banks "better lyrically then almost every rapper" is definatly Hip-Hop treason and should be a hangable offense. Fuck yeah, I get into arguments, you know why? It's because somebody has to stand-up for REAL Hip-Hop Just look above, 30 odd Pro-Tupac posts on a tape that ain't for Tupac fans. That is RABID. I think i'm totally in my right to say what i've said. After all, you Pac fans get ALL kind of tapes & albums but when one comes along you don't like, you wanna censor it. Two things that piss me off, Chumps like you who wanna keep sayin' Biggie & Tupac, Biggie & Tupac... Shut up. Ain't no fuckin' Pac EVER been on the B.I.G level. Biggie had more skillz when he was a Lil' kid freestylin' in Bed Stuy. The second as I already mentioned is Censorship. If you wanna act like that then go live in Cuba with the other commies. What all this crying from the 2Pac-Fan-Club boils down to is the same thing that got them both killed - Straight up JEALOUSY. Pac was JEALOUS that Biggie was the king. All DJ Wreck has done is expose ya'll JEALOUSY at tracks like LA, LA, I Shot Ya & Drop a Gem. You know they are better than ANY of the shit Pac released, that's why you wanna blacklist them. Shit, dude said above that Wreck put out a tape FULL of Pac dissin' other rappers - that is what I call being fair and balanced. But no, ya'll wanna issue him ur gay little internet death threats... Why don't you go praise Pac on the forum for the Makaveli - Rise & OverPower tape? Take a look yourself, 4 comments compared to the 35 in here. Bottom line is that just like Pac himself, you more interested in hate, bitterness and jealousy. You won't find one comment by me because I understand that the mixtape isn't for me. Shame that you cornball-fake-black-panther-pac-pussies are too dumb to see that. R.I.P B.I.G
Suppa_duppa_fly's picture

thanx fo da old school mfizzel

yo this shit is hot now i got some mo diss tracks to put in ma dissin collection heyyyyy!!!!!!! keep up the good work cuz!!!!!!!! Sticky fingaz is the new Blade catch him this somer on Spike TV bitches!!!!!


ayo son how do u hate on some one so much that u out a cd out with only diss tracks up there ......... WHEN THERE DEAD! i shuold kuffy slap this bitch
Suppa_duppa_fly's picture

u need to understand that life goes on chicky

don't get it twisted,,,,,,i respect pac i don't have anythin with or against him i don't know that nigga he neva gave a fuck bout me plus he don't even know if i exist so i don't see why i should stop livin my life the way i'm livin it cause of a stranger that was killed 10 years ago.... plus i ain't even realate to him........ anyway whut a fuck do u want comin with all o' that like i don't like the nigga how can i like or dislike someone that i don't know ???????????? Sticky fingaz is the new Blade catch him this somer on Spike TV bitches!!!!!
Allahu_ Akbar's picture

Seriously ya'll need to

Seriously ya'll need to stop.
sinaloa's picture


Hey yo Allahu_ Akbar, I'll stop when I'M finished. I notice you been comin' at me like a self-important sneaky 'lil coward but you should stay outta beef that don't concern you... 1. You didn't "start" any "wildfire of criticism". You just happened to be the first loser to throw a baby tantrum. 2. Hell yeah, it ain't about who's better because that goes without sayin', It's about standin' up to the 2Pac bully-boys that wanna CENSOR this tape and shit on Hip-Hop history. 3. If you gonna rep NaS then damn son, make sure it's ILLMATIC 4. You Don't need to quote PAPOOSE at me. I got everything he ever made and may I say that it's a damn sight better then any commerical-ass 2pac music. Strange combo you got there, Papoose & Pac. One is a Lyrical genius the other can't even fill his bars. Example: "Dear momma can you saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave me, And fuck peace, cause the streets got our baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabies." Game done 360/240 bars? Pac can't even manage one without straining his words like he takin' a constipated shit. WEAK. 5. In ur first post you claim that Pac is ALIVE in Cuba, so why should I take anything you sayin' seriously. 6. You keep sayin' that you ain't gonna get the tape. So why keep coming back again and again, molesting with other peoples debates? You actin' like a hood-rat in a street fight screaming "Leave it, Leave it". I'll leave it when the Tupac fan club get's the fuck outta here. Fair is go fetch me some hog to eat before I get really wild up in here and draw a cartoon of god.
Allahu_ Akbar's picture

I'm Impressed...

I'm actually flattered that you sat down and studied my comments to use them against me! I don't really feel like outlining everything that you said, but it seems to me that you think everything you say is set in stone. We can go back and forth all day and you can clown pac all day. Go ahead act tough over the internet which is really pointless. You & I are in different parts of the country so I know it makes you feel safe when you make your gangsta comments. Also I can tell you have intellect, so some of those statements that you make you don't even believe yourself. But I do commend you for your insults I'm Impressed........... Oh Yeah I am.... Was better than IllmAtIc There's something else for you to get amped about...........1