Big Sean - Finally Famous Vol 3 (Hosted By Don Cannon)

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01 Final Hour
02 Meant To Be
03 What U Doin_ (Bull$#!@ing)
04 Money And Sex Feat. Bun B
05 Five Bucks (5 On It) Feat. Chip Tha Ripper & Curren$y
06 Hgh Rise
07 Crazy
08 Home Town
09 Supa Dupa Lemonade
10 Fat Raps Remix Feat. Chuck Inglish, Asher Roth, Chip Tha Ripper, Dom Kennedy & Boldy James
11 My Closet Feat. Sayitainttone
12 Too Fake Feat. Chiddy
13 Fuck My Opponent Feat. Tyga
14 Made Feat. Drake
15 Ambiguous Feat. Mike Posner & Clinton Sparks
16 Love Song Feat. Suai
17 Memories
18 Bonus Track

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Famous??? I ain't never

Famous??? I ain't never heard of this motherfucker...Imma give this dude a listen to and get back to ya'll


Nigga were the f u c k u been this is hip hop future bet u a young money dick rider

Sounds nice as hell...But I

Sounds nice as hell...But I am listen to it on my head phones...It's probably like lot different in my car using the subs...But I'll put this on my ipod...The beats are pretty slick and his voice is kinda cool...I ain't really listen to the lyrics...Too much drama I'll take a closer listen to in the ride to somewhere...
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heard a lil of da boys music and its aight

but he need to switch up his flow a lil he sounds like a cross between Kanye circa Last Registration and Phife circa Midnight Mauraders. More chill out music than get crunk
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He's one of good music's artists. been out for awhile, and really isn't bad, but not very memorable to me. One of my best friends thinks hes amazing, so to each his own I guess.
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Dudes had some decent tracks and verses...

Ill check it out...
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If you haven't heard of Sean

If you haven't heard of Sean then you need to step your music game up. Been with G.O.O.D music for awhile. I know yall heard Ice Cream on Kanye's "cant Tell Me Nothing" mixtape, same dude.
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nice tape

good tape i give it 7/10, on the laid back tip ya know $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$
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Auto d/l

Coppin this just for that fat raps rmx. Chip, chuck, and boldy are three ill motherfuckers. Add asher roth to that and c'mon son. c'mon. What u Doin is dope so its probably hit or miss with the rest cause some of this niggas song just gay. Fuck ass mike posner needs to stop collabin witht rappers and go toss biebers salad
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Finally famousss in thisss

Finally famousss in thisss getttinnn moneeyyyyyyyy yeaaaa track 15 is kinda homo son no bullshit this nigga mike posner sounds wild homo* iiN ThE CuT RoLLiiN DooBies UPP *
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Straight Fire, Fuck You Dumb

Straight Fire, Fuck You Dumb Haters.......

does everyone elses d/l skip

does everyone elses d/l skip a little bit when u play the songs?? or is it just my comp?
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yah my shit skips a lil bit

this shit is decent at best, i just cant stand the monotone rapping every fuckin song he got the same flow same voice lmao switch up motha fucka!!!!! ~DIVIDE AND CONQUER~
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Haven't listened to the whole thing yet...shit straight so far tho...
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good shit!!!

nigga sounds hella nice! Was not about to download but then i second checked the tracklist and saw all the artist featured so I gave it a listen. Dude can rap and so currensy, bun b, chip tha ripper and tyga is fucking with him.

Bou time

i was ready to get it last week he was bullshittin like his song on ustream
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I like Big Sean

But 06 High Rise is the highlight of the tape. Was hoping for more shit like that.
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