Tapemasters Inc Presents Lil Wayne & The Game: Blood, Sweat & Tears (A Prequel To Blood Brothers)

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01. Lil' Wayne & Nu Jerzey Devil - Blood Brothers PSA 00:43
02. The Game & Lil' Wayne - Hard Times (Produced By Hasa 02:51
03. The Game & Lil' Wayne - Lyrical Homicide 02:22
04. Lil' Wayne & The Game - Dope In My Blood (Produced B 02:12
05. Lil' Wayne & Nu Jerzey Devil - Bandana On The Right 01:35
06. The Game - Cut Throat 01:02
07. Lil' Wayne - Barry Bonds 00:58
08. The Game - Like Money 00:36
09. Lil' Wayne - Get Money 00:44
10. The Game - A Bay Bay 00:50
11. Lil' Wayne - Pop Bottles 00:26
12. The Game - Colors 07 00:53
13. Lil' Wayne - Beat Without Bass 01:32
14. The Game - Still Me 02:45
15. Lil' Wayne - Pray To The Lord 03:37
16. The Game - Pain In My Life 01:05
17. Lil' Wayne - Dynamic 02:16
18. The Game - I'm Here 00:35
19. The Game - My Bitch 03:31
20. Lil' Wayne - Push 00:48
21. The Game - Last Night 00:31
22. The Game - California Soul 01:21
23. Lil' Wayne - Badside 02:01
24. Lil' Wayne - Looking At The Game 00:31
25. The Game - I'm From The Ghetto 01:58
26. The Game - Anybody Killa 00:59
27. The Game - War 02:03
28. The Game - Westcoast Voodoo 00:41
29. The Game - Won't Stop 03:31
30. The Game - Beautiful Life 04:05
31. The Game - Early Morning Moves 01:14
32. The Game - Power House 01:16
33. The Game - Throw Some D's 00:54
34. Lil' Wayne - Do What We Wanna Do 00:52
35. Lil' Wayne - Blowin Money 01:17
36. Lil' Wayne - C.O.L.O.U.R.S. 00:54
37. Lil' Wayne - Poppin Part 2 01:06
38. Lil' Wayne - Arms Race 00:24
39. Lil' Wayne - Acception 03:47
40. Lil' Wayne - One Night Stand 03:51

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They made a 40 track prequel

They made a 40 track prequel to a mixtape! I think thats some good work ethic, can't wait for "Blood Brothers", should be good, I especially like that "Lyrical Homicide" shit, they both KILL IT! "It Was All A Dream..."
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Lil Wayne a Blood?

Someone explain that
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"me and crew wear red like

"me and crew wear red like russia .. i shit these rappers out and sometimes i forget to flush ya.." - Wayne in almost every freestyle that lil wayne does .. he mentions that he is a blood .. why do u think the tear drops are on the rite ... and mine are on the left?
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I meant that how can he be

I meant that how can he be from new orleans and be a blood


They got blood chapters everywhere, man. There's bloods in fuckin' Kentucky. Course, I'm lookin' at that flag there, and there probably ain't no bloods in Europe, haha.
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Fuck You

I'm representing my country just like bloods wear colours to show where they from and u right ain't no bloods in europe got our own crews


aint no gangs n new orleans homeboi
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Ur a fuckin idiot. 504 is known for being a real violent city. Why u think America aint help New Orleans out when Katrina came? Cause it was a majority black city and they had a very hi crime rate. So know ur shit. So all u UK dudes be happy u live in a country that aint as bad as US cause it sucks here. They cant even help their own kind.
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Bloods Everywhere and so are haters

Where ever Lady go she keep it poppin 4sho I dont login to watch you niggas hate on Lil Wayne look I don't like the dude personally but he has been everywhere and he's part of the dipset and they a gang for all who didn't know and then there are bloods everywhere, and no the N.O dont play that gang shit but we do all have a click so fuck that we click up so u niggas stop being bitched up...Holla Not a Lil Wayne fan but he from the same grain...New Orleans you bitches.............

Lil Wayne aint no slob cuzz hes a fucking actor nigga ima a loc

Fucking wayne aint no blood cuzz that nigga aint shit. Just like Spider Loc said to game cuzz "you aint claim blood no longer than Lil Wayne". On the left sides the crip side cuzz but, like Banks said "Every nigga with a tear drop aint kill something". That nigga's got the same shit ass Baby Loc. I fuck with the music cuzz/ but don't let this rap shit get you confused loc/ half of these rappers is actors excuse me while i laugh ha ha cuz they a fucking joke/ these niggas rap about blowing trees an can't even smoke/ plus record labels got they dick so far down these rappers throats if they sneezed cum would get em of and make there ass choke/no ho-mo get the metaphor about the game they aint ballnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! like they portray to be/ yall fans is looking through rose colored glasses believing every thing you see/ Most of these emcees green comes slower than a turtle wit no legs knamean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even rap all the time cuzz Every body don't believe the hype about these fake ass rappers cuzz i could rhyme all day about shit i don't do but im real with what i rhyme about but i like some of these rappers cuzz they got good rhyme schemes and other I just like there style what up Pap let me know what you think about that 1 cuzz I liked the way you gave me some input last time loc!!!!!!!!!!!!

waynes been "B'd up"

i use to live in gulfport mississippi,cash money and no limit ran shit back then......wayne was on tha hot boyz with juvi,turk and b.g........even back then he always bust'd red....but what i find is wack he says VL,which to any real mutha fuker out their nows is vice lord,but a blood is a blood,a vice lord is a vice lord.......wayne is still tha tightest out right now,even though he's confused......bigczee

word up

posted up on www.grimeylime.com we da best

The only bloods and crips i

The only bloods and crips i respect are in Cali. All those other sets and branch outs and off shoots from that are just wanna be's! Come on now keep it gully! Its like motherfuckers calling themselves "mafia" or "mob" just cause they are Italian and do dirt! If you dont answer to one of the families in NY, you aint the mafia! Its the same shit, if you dont answer tpo one of those og motherfuckers out in Cali, you aint a real blood or crip.
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you got Bloods worldwide.

you got Bloods worldwide. The Netherlands have Bloods and Crips.. most Wannabe

Weezy and Birdman are both

Weezy and Birdman are both vicelords get wit the program hommies

dont repect that

ok heres my thing i have nothing against what someone claims but checc this weezy and baby just started reppin that blood shit like a year maybe a year and a half ago. Wtf? them niggaz backwards as hell most niggaz come up bangin and kinda lay off that shit when they get big but these niggaz wanna start bangin after they rich and famous? what the hell? they been in the game how long? and they just wanna claim a gang? come on man thats why i dont respect wayne when he be talkin all that blood shit cuz they JUST started doin it if they had been reppin from day one i would respect that wit that said wayne is still one of my fave rappers but as a gang banger i just dont respect him to be honest

Geah, aiight

SOOOOO, is this sh*t any good or what?.....Not that it matters, cuz all these songs are recycled. But how is the mixing(IF there is any)? MUSIC IS MUSIC!!!.......Whaddup Connect! "Y'all n*ggas guppies, I'm a Great White Shark/ rapper slash actor, y'all boys play parts/ but I don't play sh*t, except for a b*tch/ and y'all constipated, y'all n*ggas ain't sh*t" -Gorilla ZOE "You n*ggas boof in the booth in a sense/ I'm the truth when ya troops just pretend/ I'm the ridah, let Snoop be the pimp/ C it in my eyes that it's time for me to rise/ put the music to the side to answer my momma cries/ I hear lies in every one of ya lines/ wit' no flow of mine, magnified times five/ you lost, I'm Ross/ we floss, you soft/ down south hot sauce/ you hear my sh*t played, all day I get brain/ ya baby momma head smokin' like mid-grade" -Rick Ross Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

SO what

its sad that these rich niggas making u po niggas glamorizin bullshit. i got homies dead n gon over gangbangn and wasn't no mixtape made.dont be sold a dream sell ya own.

Right Right

I got dead homies too smart guy but there's just one problem.....I AM NOT A RAPPER! I think you talkin' to the wrong guy B. I don't really understand what you tryin' to prove here. This must me another lame shot at my pic isn't it? You f*ck boys don't know when to stop. The ONLY reason I still have it up there is cuz of haters like YOU. It was a good ALBUM.....PERIOD! P.S. If you knew me you would know I don't "glamorize" anything.....and I'm definitely not "po." "You can drink ya hatarade and eat ya pohata chips, n*ggas like y'all is caught in the Hatrix/ But I got a hitsquad that leave hater dead, wit' a f*ckin' hole in ya Mr.Pohata head" -Saigon Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

niggas always got somethin

niggas always got somethin to say man, smoke a blunt, listen to the shit, and be fuckin happy my nigga, stop bein a bitch-alot internet ho...... seriously, be happy these niggas makin hits fo yall asses
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FUK ALL U Chattin SHi About BLOODZ N CRIPZ.....I Jus Wunna kno If Dis shi is GD! Fukin Tellin The Story of their lives! GOD DAMN MAYNE ~SHI~


wen is tha mixtape cimin out
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Dont believe da hype !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuck fifty !!!! that niggaz shit is str8 garrrrrrbage !!!!!!!!!!!!! that niggaz AZZZZZ!!! that niggaz album smell funky as shit !!!!!! an about that lil wayne comment ... jus a couple years years ago ... he was on sum wobbley wobbley wobbley drop it like it's hot shit !!! he's ass 2 ... support real niggaz.... DBLOCK ... DBLOCK ..... DBLOCK ..... "yall niggaz is on sum 4:30 in morning shit" "sleepin'" - styles P da pheneom.
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what is this?

Where is the real "blood brothers' mixtape? All the new game tracks are sample snippets and the other tracks are recycled lyrics. on The Game's myspace the full tracks are released including "Cut Throat" and "I'm here" and they're advertised as being on the mixtape as full versions. WTF! The cover even looks different too,it's not not this photoshop xxl magazine cutout bullshit. And it's supposed to be hosted by new jersey devil. LIVE FOR EVERYTHING DIE FOR NOTHING
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damn ur stupid haha

YUNG-G wrote:
Where is the real "blood brothers' mixtape? All the new game tracks are sample snippets and the other tracks are recycled lyrics. on The Game's myspace the full tracks are released including "Cut Throat" and "I'm here" and they're advertised as being on the mixtape as full versions. WTF! The cover even looks different too,it's not not this photoshop xxl magazine cutout bullshit. And it's supposed to be hosted by new jersey devil. LIVE FOR EVERYTHING DIE FOR NOTHING
man are u seriously that stupid?.....its not the real tape, it hasnt even been released yet..this is the prequel dumbass..hahahaha
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Shut the fuck up son

Wayne and Game both throw up the blood set. Get your shit right, B & C's are in more places then LA. Stupid fucks. You aint no loc either nigga, you a punk. Get money. Then you a loc. Just copped the porsche joint on greasy ass wheels nukkkkkkka.. WHAT

yo you guys spit over the

yo you guys spit over the internet... thats straight. fuckin faggot ass internet mc's.

Wayne and Birdman are both

Wayne and Birdman are both bloods, but birdman's the bitch, real talk. " I claim blood 'cuz my boy claims blood. " He says it himself in one of his tracks. What kinda bitch nigga claims 'cuz his boy claims?


so what if weezy aint no blood who really cares he aint gay neither is birdman who ever said he was a blood anyways dont matter there aint no bloods in the uk as far as i know lol